Tarron Trekka – Tarron Trekka EP

June 29, 2014 in Singles

Tarron Trekka Tarron Trekka EP FINA RecordsAn interesting mix of styles on this new EP from FINA Records.

Tarron Trekka are the German duo of Daniel Müller-Sachs and Andreas Kriester, and they serve up four originals here. Alelle Fu is a midtempo tech-house cut with echos of both disco and 80s electro. Savant sees the duo venture in dusty, lo-fi jazz-house pastures, and they stay there for Straff Afo. But the standout for yours truly is Olsen Mosaik, a slice of proper dreamy, dubby late-night deep house goodness.

A must-check for fans of Compost, JCR etc.

Out: This week

About: You can find FINA Records on Soundcloud or at their own website.

Borrowed Identity – Bang Bang Boogie EP

April 21, 2014 in Singles

Borrowed Identity Bang Bang Boogie EP FINA RecordsA surprising lack of Sugarhill references on this fine four-track EP from Romanian producer Borrowed Identity.

Bang Bang Boogie itself is up first, which as I say DOESN’T sample Rapper’s Delight but does use the vocal from Class Action’s Weekend and throw in a tiny ‘beep beep!’ snip from Donna Summer’s Bad Girls for good measure! Said disco-sample melange is underpinned by a throbbing, acid-y bassline and classic house pianos and the whole thing is really rather splendid, albeit to these ears the vocal sits a little oddly against the beat in places.

Elsewhere on the EP, Mental State is a deep, instrumental acid jam topped with some AWB-ish brass, the vocoder-tastic Roboto Moves sits somewhere between acid and cosmic disco, and finally You’re Mine is classic-style funk/disco-fuelled dancefloor deep house, flecked with wukka-wukking guitars and topped with sweet female vocal snips that I’m sure I recognise but can’t quite put my finger on right now…

Strong stuff all round so not gonna pick a fave for this one.

Out: This week (digitally, though vinyl’s been knocking about for a couple of weeks, I’m told)

About: This comes on Fina Records, who you can mostly find on Soundcloud. They’re based in London and this is number 15 from them.

Leif – FINA002

April 9, 2011 in Singles

Only the second release from this new label, and it’s a four-track EP courtesy of Swedish producer Leif packed with deep, garage-y beats to soothe the soul.

Picking favourites or going into lengthy track-by-track analysis seems almost superflous… this is just the kind of deep, sumptuous tackle that would appeal equally to a Paul Trouble/Grant Nelson or a Smokescreen/DiY kinda crowd. It’s got the sounds of vintage Jersey put through a mid-90s UK filter, it’s got beautiful wails, warbles and coos from Welsh sonsgtrel Donna Lea (but only on So Long itself, in case you’re vocaphobic), it’s got old skool piano stabs, it’s got phat PHAT bass, and basically if you don’t investigate further immediately, you are a fool.

Do I make myself clear? Good.

Out: This week, digitally (the vinyl’s been out for a couple of weeks)

About: As you don’t want me to think you are fool, you will of course want to find out more about Fina Records right now!