Renoa & Gianluca Catra – The Clock District EP

January 3, 2016 in Singles

Renoa & Gianluca Catra The Clock District EP Familly GroovesWe end tonight in proper late-night deep house territory with this ace two-tracker from Family Grooves.

Night Driven is up first, with marries subdued, rolling beats to gorgeously warm bass and barely-there chanted vox, swelling into something a little more synthy as it builds to a climax. Flip it over and you’ll find Silicon Valley, which builds from a stop-start intro into a spaced-out 5am beauty that blends garage-y and techy sounds and tops them with a spoken “come on the dancefloor right now” vocal.

Superb stuff from the Croatian stable.

Out: This week (on general release)

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Barry Obzee – Minimo

October 7, 2015 in Singles

Barry Obzee Minimo Family GroovesThree on a tech-house tip for you tonight, starting with this latest from Croatia’s ever-checkable Family Grooves.

On the A, the Original mix of Minimo is quite a tuff, raw little chugger whose most distinctive characteristic is its use of some gloriously old-skool synth stabs. Flip it over, and Stanny Abram’s refix maintains the pace of the original, but smooths out the rough sonic edges considerably. Essentially, both could be classed as tech-house but the original leans more to the techno side of the equation, the remix more to the house side.

It’s shame the rave-y synths disappear, but still it’s Stanny’s rub, methinks, that’s likely to find its way into the sets of a wider variety of DJs’ sets.

Out: This week, on Beatport; everywhere else from 19 October

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Tirrenia Vibe – Super Model EP

September 22, 2015 in Singles

Tirrenia Vibe Super Model EP Family GroovesAfter all that leftfield, wonky bizniss from Lowroom and Submarine Vibes (below), let’s move into more dancefloor-centric territory with this latest from Croatia’s Family Grooves, which is the work of the Italian duo of Luigi D’Esposito and Gerardo Cinquegrana.

Super Model itself is a mid-paced, breakbeat-driven tech-houser that, as some of you may have already suspected, lifts vocal snips from RuPaul’s 90s hit of the same name. Something of an early 00s Loaded/Southern Fried feel to this one, but despite the vocal sample raising a smile it’s the B’s Rocking Number One that’s floating my boat more with its disco-style claps and hand percussion, nagging piano riff, organ chords, chunky-funky bassline and snatches of diva vocal wails.

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 5 October

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Mo’ Funk & Asta Nova – Get On Down EP

September 12, 2015 in Singles

Mo' Funk & Asta Nova Get On Down EP Family GroovesA neat deep/tech house two-tracker here from Croatia’s Family Grooves label.

On the A, Get On Down itself starts off with a rubbery disco bassline and snare hits, before adding cascading ivories, layers of atmospherics and snatches of spoken vocal. Flip it over, and Hypnotic Thrill is a deeper, more sultry, garage-tinged affair with cut-up female vocal snips and a nagging lil’ synth riff.

But are plenty playable but Hypnotic Thrill‘s the one I’d reach for first.

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 21 September

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Alen Milivojevic – Stratosphere

June 30, 2015 in Singles

Alen Milivojevic Stratosphere Family GroovesWe stay in southeastern Europe now with the latest from Croatia’s Familly Grooves stable.

There’s just the one mix of Stratosphere, and it has to be said it’s a slightly atypical release for the label – rather than the strutty, party-starting deep and tech house vibes they’re best known for, what we have here is an epic, slow-building prog/tech cut of the kind you might hear early doors in a Garnier set. S’good though, evolving constantly and with some ace deep, languid synth drops that help to keep the darkness in check.

Definitely one for those longer sets…

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 13 July

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Various – Groovers Vol 4

May 28, 2015 in Singles

Groovers Vol 4 Family GroovesWe stay in tech-house territory but up the dancefloor ante considerably with this four-track V/A offering from Croatia’s Family Grooves.

Blume is up first with Resplandor, quite a deep affair that’s got something of a Balearic vibe about it, and that comes complete with rumbling bassline, cascading pianos and a breathy female “that’s how I like it… say you like it too” vocal. Wyrus & Ivica Petak’s Innervisions, which follows, is a much more big n’ strutty number with slightly proggy overtones, while Edy C & Scheva’s Deep On Your Mind calls to mind the dark, tribal-tinged house peddled by Sondos and Fluential back in the early 00s. Finally, Plastik Perversion’s I Don’t Know Why is another moody cut with prog-ish fem vox, a very mid-90s bassline and shuffling, almost Afro-y percussion.

The first two stand out for me.

Out: This week

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Luca Aniston & Luigi Gargano – My Way

April 20, 2015 in Albums

Luca Aniston & Luigi Gargano My Way Familly GroovesOnly the second ever artist full-length from Croatia’s Family Grooves stable here.

The work of an Italian production duo, My Way covers a range of styles across the course of its eight tracks, including two piano interludes/DJ tools called No Love, No Peace Yes Music Intro and No Love, No Peace Yes Music Outro, but it’s fair to say that most tracks sit somewhere along the prog-tech continuum. Opener Artes features a full female vocal from the Jessie Ware/Jess Glynne school of thought, Dream On sports a killer moody bassline even if the male vocal’s a little poppy for these ears, Love Is Just A Game is quite a driving deep/tech chugger that’s got ‘set builder’ written all over it, My Way is a Bedrock-ish, shirts-off, darkened room kinda thang, Parti Discontinue operates in similar territory, while finally The End Is Nigh ends the album on a suitably floaty, drifty note.

Lovers of deeper prog vibes would be well advised to check for this one.

Out: Now on Beatport, everywhere else from next week.

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Fabian Jakopetz – An Amateur

April 10, 2015 in Singles

Fabian Jakopetz An Amateur Family GroovesHere’s a tune you’ll recognise straight away once you hear it, thanks to its distinctive vocal which, a bit of detective work tells me, is sampled from this Chris Rock movie speech.

Three rubs to choose from. The original is a fairly uptempo houser, with a slightly retro 90s feel to some of the sounds involved (notably the tinkling pianos and the wukka-wukking disco guitar flecks) but now-sounding all the same. Nick Plum brings us a somewhat sparser, techier refix, while completing the EP is Ozgur Uzar’s more rolling tech-house take.

Again, all good, but the Original takes the gold.

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 20 April

About: This is brought to you by Croatia’s Family Grooves, who can be found (as ever) here, here and here.

Cool People – Coco

March 12, 2015 in Singles

Cool People Coco Family GroovesMore fine deep, techy house bizniss on this three-tracker from Spanish duo Cool People.

Three mixes of Coco to choose from. The original’s all bass throb, synth pulses and breathy female vocal snips, and reminds these old ears a little bit of Mission Control (AKA Murk)’s classic Outta Limits. The Alex Marcu Remix rocks more tech/tribal-style percussion and gets busy with the filters, while the TKNO Remix treads, unsurprisingly, a more overtly techno-oriented path.

All three will find their fans and all three are playable for sure, but it’s the Original that stands out for yours truly.

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 23 March

About: This comes on Croatia’s Family Grooves, who as ever can be found here, here and here.

Derek Marin – The Shallow End EP

January 12, 2015 in Singles

Derek Marin The Shallow End EP Family GroovesCroatia’s Family Grooves continue their recent expansion into deeper territory with this cool lil’ tech-tinged throbber from Derek Marin.

In its Original form, The Shallow End EP is a lush concoction of crisp, no-nonsense beats, fuzzy rave bass, Detroit-y synth strings, atmospheric sound washes… and a cheeky lil’ vocal bite from The Clash’s Magnificent Dance. David Scuba’s remix isn’t hugely different TBH except that it rides slightly more urgent drums, while bonus cut Upclimbe is an instrumental affair with a vaguely proggy/Balearic feel.

Scuba’s mix is fine but if pushed I think the original nudges it for me.

Out: Today on Beatport, everywhere else from 26 Jan.

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