Anthony Mea – Landscape

July 3, 2015 in Singles

Anthony Mea Landscape EP Haute Musique

Let’s end tonight with the latest from Anthony Mea, fresh from his D&B excursions on Spring Tube Liquid and back in the deep house groove on BiG AL’s Haute Musique imprint.

In its original form, Landcsapeis a sumptuous, soul-tinged late-nighter with pads that just don’t stop and a looping female “glad it’s taught ya” (?) vocal. Evgeny’s Midnight Dub shouldn’t really need too much explaining, but just in case is a sparser, mellower pass bordering on downtempo territory, while finally Pano Manara’s Tribute Mix is another deeper rub but featuring the vocal this time.

Very classy stuff indeed, but then for Haute Musique that’s pretty much par for the course. Ditto Mr Mea, come to that!

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 13 July

About: Find Haute Musique here and here.

Greenfish – Lovestruck

November 28, 2014 in Singles

Greenfish Lovestruck Haute MusiqueMore sultry, sumptuous deep house grooves here courtesy of Canada’s Haute Musique.

In its original form, Lovestruck is classic-style deep house with a distinctly Heard-esque sound palette, albeit with thoroughly contemporary-sounding, twitchy percussion. Evegeny’s Cinematic Mix doesn’t do much that different but somehow feels ‘bigger’, while Jero Nougues beefs up the kicks somewhat for a more obviously floor-friendly pass.

Not picking a fave here, all three mixes are great!

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 8 December.

About: Find Haute Musique here.