Boogie Vice – Bel Air

September 6, 2014 in Singles

Boogie Vice Bel Air EraseA fun, party-hearty affair to start with tonight…

In its original form, Bel Air fuses nu-boogie and 80s electro/hip-hop elements and tops the lot with the Will Smith rap from the Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air theme tune. Flip it over and you’ll find a remix by The Beatangers which takes the track into strutty disco-house territory.

Yes, this record is as daft as they come, and it’d be foolish to pretend otherwise. You can’t help but smile when you hear it though…

Out: This week

About: This comes to you courtesy of Wasabi’s Erase Records, who you can find on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Dynamode – Jin Joint

August 5, 2011 in Singles

Another one from a label that’s something of a TIWWD stalwart… Greece’s Erase Records.

In keeping with a lot of Erase’s recent output this works the familiar tech-house + jazz formula… this time though, Scottish duo Dynamode have eschewed the usual cheesy swing in favour of a lovely little minor key piano lick. As long as you’re not too tired of those oompah-loompah beats just yet, it’s a really rather likeable cut, coming complete with a more stripped-down and serious-minded remix from Italy’s Andrea Loche & Corrado Zonnedda.

Out: This week

About: Find Erase online here… or check out Dynamode on Soundcloud

Outcode – Cabaret 1962

July 10, 2011 in Singles

More tech-house vibes here as Columbian producer Outcode comes to Erase.

It’s a three-track affair. The title cut is yer fairly standard tech-house chugger, with – yes – some jazz-era flourishes in the middle. Antonietta is a similarly tracky cut, this time working an insistent riff played on some kind of breathy South American pipes (you know the ones I mean), while finally Shake It goes down a more funkified route, with disco-style treated vox entreating you to, well, “shake it” to its driving, chuggy rhythms.

All told, there’s nothing majorly groundbreaking going on but all three tracks will be solid bets for keeping booties moving on the dancefloor.
Out: This week
About: Visit Erase’s Soundcloud page to HEAR THIS or hit up their website for links to their various other social media.

Enzo Siffredi is taking over the world

January 9, 2011 in Singles

…so don’t say I didn’t warn you! Here, we have not one but THREE releases, all out round about now and all testifying to this UK-based producer’s general top-of-his-gameness right now.

Enzo Siffredi I Don't CareFirst up, there’s the I Don’t Care remixes, out for a couple of weeks now on Erase. This sees Mr Siffredi scattering his trademark swing/gypsy jazz magic dust over a slightly more upbeat backing than normal, on a cut that should see silly dancefloor antics galore. The remixes in question come from The Chosen Two (techier, less of the trumpets and clarinets) and (my pick) the ever-checkable A/D/S/R.

Out: Since 29 Dec
About: Find out more by visiting the Erase website.

Next up, there’s One For The Ladies, which comes atcha on Wired Records.
This is more of the same, really, another rolling little swing-infused dancefloor jaunt. Just the one mix so there really isn’t huge amounts to say about this one, other than that it’ll do the damage for sure.
Out: This week, exclusively through Beatport.
About: There are about five different labels called Wired that I can find via a Google or Discogs search… none of which are this one. So sorry, no link this time.
Dance music entrepreneur types: how hard is is to a) check on Discogs whether your potential artist/label name has already been used by half a dozen people and b) provide a URL in your promo materials? Just a thought…

Anyway, that grumble aside, finally there’s the G-Swing Remixes 12, which features two mixes, the Payme House Dub and the Basement Freaks Remix. The former is, well, yet MORE of the same really: house + swing + bags of energy = silly grins on the dancefloor. But as if to prove Siffredi isn’t a one-trick pony, the Basement Freaks Remix sees G-Swing reworked into something more in-your-face, young-sounding… dare I say it, even a little bassline/electro-ish around the edges?
Which is a good thing, because while Siffredi is most definitely one to watch right now, he needs to not put QUITE all his eggs in the one Beiderbeckian basket, methinks – some script-flipping must surely be in order soon. For now, though, his signature style is working for me just fine…
Out: This week
About: This one also comes atcha on Erase.
Oh and before we go, here’s Siffredi’s own MySpace and Soundcloud page.