Andrew Greatorex – On & On EP

December 20, 2015 in Singles

Andrew Greatorex On & On EP Endemic DigitalMixes to suit a range of tastes on this latest from Endemic Digital.

In its original form, On & On is a mid-paced chugger with garage-y keys underpinned by rock-solid 4/4s and a simple throbbing b-line, and topped with a familiar spoken male vocal (“we found our place and shared our home/house in our heart, our cornerstone”). Basement 15 up the peaktime ante with a mix that owes more to garage from this side of the pond and keeps the full vocal, while Grant Bodent takes us into more heads-down, tribal-tinged 4am territory and puts the vox through the FX mangle. Completing the EP is bonus cut Get Together, an energetic tech-house workout with a “tonight could be… the night that we… get together” vocal that’s got Ibiza terrace written all over it.

Basement 15’s rub and the original share top honours for me.

Out: This week

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Henry St Social – Don’t Stop Rocking

July 30, 2015 in Singles

Henry St Social Don't Stop Rocking Endemic DigitalGetting a little tuffer n’ techier now with this two-tracker from Endemic Digital.

On the A, Don’t Stop Rocking itself starts out with no-nonsense 4/4s before adding a hefty throbbing bassline, rave-y keyboard stabs and chopped-up “don’t stop rocking the beat” rap vox, with a little wobble bass thrown for good measure. Flip it for Stitched Up, which is a BPM or two more sedate but has a seriously gnarly, rave-y bassline, more cut-up rap vox and some Detroit-y strings.

Two very solid cuts but for dancefloor purposes the title cut’s the one I’d reach for first – it’s got just that little bit more energy.

Out: This week

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Cad & Bounder – Believe The Truth

July 13, 2015 in Singles

Cad & Bounder Believe The Truth EndemicIt’s actually been a week or two since anything from the Endemic/Unrivaled/Krafted camp featured on this blog, which is practically unheard of! But the natural order of things is now restored, with this very fine deep house two-tracker coming on Endemic Digital.

Believe is up first, a sumptuous, soulfully-inclined deep houser with a nice fat bassline and a preacherman-style “house music saved me, house music restored my soul” vocal (it’s a lot longer than that but I’m not typing out the whole bloody lyric) that may well be sampled from something much older, though I couldn’t tell you what. Flip it over, and The Truth has another soulful, very Owens-esque male vocal, but in this case it sits atop much tuffer beats and some very rave-y piano stabs.

The Truth is fine but it’s Believe that’s floating my boat more.

Out: This week

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The big catch-up post

April 16, 2015 in Singles

Right, due to being away at the weekend and various other stuff I seem to have got stupidly behind, with half a dozen releases from last week that I promised reviews on still not seen to. So, in the interests of trying to get up to speed, I’m just gonna rattle through them all quickly here… with apologies to all concerned that these aren’t getting the more in-depth coverage they deserve.

Hollis Parker Looking Back EP So Sure MusicHollis Parker – Looking Back EP
A three-tracker here from So Sure Music and the UK producer who was responsible for their  “very classy debut” back in September. Infinity is a saxy, summery affair with sparingly applied spoken/rap vox, Parker’s Lament is another saxomophone-sporting cut with a lazy, beachy vibe about it while The Moment is slightly chunkier but operates in similar territory to the other two, with some gorgeous chorus’d scat vox to boot. If you like your deep house on the lounge-y, jazzy side, then you need to check for this EP at once… more info here.

Optimus & Sergio Pardo Beatrocker Old School DepartmentOptimuss & Sergio Pardo – Beatrocker
This one’s nice and quick cos there’s only the one mix. Coming on Kenny Ground’s Old School Department label, Beatrocker is a tech-tinged deep houser with a  fat, funky bassline, retro pianos, barely there vocal fragments and some cool disco stabs for good measure. There’s no great reinvention of the wheel going on, admittedly, but the Swiss have always been good at trad-style house music – see, for instance, the entire Purple Music catalogue – and this does nothing to diminish that reputation. More info here.

Jourdan Bourdes Ready & Able EP Endemic DigitalJourdan Bourdes – Ready & Able EP
A fine four-track EP here from Endemic Digital. Chicken Legs is a bass-y tech-house jam with a slightly wonky, Classic/Freaks kinda feel, Koh Phangan Jacks rocks a big warping b-line, vintage-style pianos and equally retro-tastic “jack your body” vox – not the Hurley one, though – and Nelson’s Legend is big n’ bouncy but with ethereal vox (a girl talking about her dreams) that save it from being just ANOther tech-house workout. Completing the package is Bourdes’ remix of Garret Leporto’s The Wayseer Manifesto, which pairs driving beats and mid-90s M1 organs with a spoken psychobabble vocal. More info here.

Murvin Sound Keep On Movin' EP Criminal HypeMurvin Sound – Keep On Movin’ EP
Welsh label Criminal Hype are the masterminds behind this three-track offering from French producer Murvin Sound. The title track is a lively dancefloor cut with a familiar “I’ve got to keep on, you’ve got to keep on” female vocal that loops throughout and a speed garage bassline. My Pump operates in similar territory, but is a little less brash and sports a downpitched Technotronic vocal sample, while finally Romancing maintains the energy levels but nonetheless heads a little deeper, snatching the gold in the process. More info here.

Saytek Challenging Behaviour EP Republic ArtistsSaytek – Challenging Behaviour EP
Now let’s take a detour into techier pastures with this three-tracker from everyone’s favourite live dance music workaholic Saytek, which is only the third release from new London label Republic Artists Records. Another Acid Track is the standout for me, a track that’ll delight those whose raving CV starts in the 80s – or those who are gutted they missed it all! Elsewhere, Bubbling Under is glitchier and aimed more at the technoheads, while finally Challenging Behaviour itself is deep, hypnotic and long on 303 bass, atmospheric synths/FX and trippy vocal snips. More info here.

Adam's Groove EP Ranura RecordsVarious – Adam’s Groove EP
A V/A four-tracker here that’s only the second release from another Welsh label, Ranura Records. GRECO (NYC) is up first with Hart Plaza, which starts out deep n’ dreamy but gets tuffer and more tribal as it goes on. Wales’s own Harrison BDP gives us 12″, a floor-friendly deep houser with strong UKG influences, John Randle’s I’m Here With You is a peaktime chugger that could’ve come out at any point in the past 20 years (in a good way), while Matt McLarrie’s Ghetto Me Out Of Here rocks an array of familiar sounds from squelchy rave bass to James Brown horns, and tops the lot with a spoken male vocal about “pledging allegiance to all the ghettos in the world”. For such a young label, this is a very strong set indeed – more info here.

Brame & Hamo The Parish Rumors EP Heist RecordingsBrame & Hamo – The Parish Rumors EP
Finally for tonight we have the latest offering from Detroit Swindle’s Heist Recordings label, which is the work of an Irish duo from Co Sligo. Parish Rumors itself is a lively, rolling deep houser with disco/boogie leanings, Ghetto For You is a more languid, low-slung groove with a jazz-style female vocal, and then last but not least comes Hotshot, a deeper, more sultry affair with, again, a laidback and jazzy kinda feel. Good stuff as ever from Heist – more info here.

Gee Moore – Gee Myself And I

November 30, 2014 in Singles

Gee Moore Gee Myself And I Endemic DigitalA full-length offering here from Gee Moore, known to the world as the founder/owner/resident DJ at Bora Bora in Ibiza, and to myself as a general ‘good egg’ type. His first full-length, if I’m not mistaken…

The hype sheet describes it as “an album with elements of deep house, tech house, indie, electronic and some hippy psychedelic vibes”. Which is a fair enough description, though it’s equally fair to say that it’s tech house that predominates. The trippy, bass-warping, acid-fried bubbler that is My Best Friend Is In My Head is one standout, Organanic is like listening to US garage on serious psychedelics, U Go I Stay flirts with indie-dance/nu-disco, while for those ‘lost in strobes and dry ice’ moments in front of big speakers, I’d humbly point you in the direction of Evolution Revolution.

An impressively varied album, then, from a man who’s done more to push the cause of house music than most. Respect.

Out: This week

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Alan Prosser – Chicago Rock

November 19, 2014 in Singles

Alan Prosser Chicago Rock Endemic DigitalHello! You might remember me… long ago I used to have a house music blog on the t’interweb. Since then I’ve been, erm, venturing to exotic lands, laughing in the face of danger and having adventures untold*… but now I’m back.

So, first up in tonight’s reviews line-up is this EP from Alan Prosser which takes in a pleasing range of house styles, mix-wise. The original’s pretty much yer standard-issue instrumental deep/tech chugger, augmented by a rather sprightly piano topline. The Dan Ferritto Remix is deeper, darker and techier with added whispered male vox, while Ross Cobe heads down a not-dissimilar but slightly twitchier/more minimal route on his rub. The standouts for yours truly, though, are the Phutek Remix with its 90s-style diva vox and – best of all, I think – Rose Tinted’s no-prisoners acid pass.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Endemic Digital, who you can find on Soundcloud and Facebook (as always).

*Not strictly true

Drexl – Drexl

October 9, 2014 in Singles

Drexl Drexl EP Endemic DigitalA week on TIWWD wouldn’t really be a week on TIWWD without at least one offering from the Endemic camp, would it?! So tonight let’s look at this two-track, self-titled EP from US producer Drexl.

The Zoo is a perfectly playable tech-houser, riding a stutter-y, jerky rhythm and coming laden, as the title suggests, with all kinds of animal/jungle noises, as well as a ruff-edged, farty b-line. But the treat here is The Preacher, with its treated spoken vocal going on about “Now my brothers and sisters, that drum is the devil right there… and don’t get me started on that bass!” At which point in comes another nice hefty bassline, of course, while the narrator goes on to inform us that “House… is the devil. Y’all motherfuckers need Jesus!”.

A truly distinctive cut that’s sure to give the dancefloor an energy injection, while simultaneously putting a smile on dancers’ faces

Out: This week

About: You can find Endemic Digital, as you know, here and here, while – seeing as I just had to look him up – here’s Drexl’s own Soundcloud and Facebook pages too.

Thomas Marks – South Norwood Jams EP

July 20, 2014 in Singles

Thomas Marks South Norwood Jams EP Endemic DigitalWas gonna say, “Ah, South Norwood, I know it well”… and then I remembered that it’s actually Norbury, just up the road, that I know well, whereas neighbouring South Norwood I’ve only been to once or twice. Always was getting those two muddled up!

Thankfully for Mr Marks, though, a personal connection to the area wasn’t the reason this EP was getting reviewed. No, this is getting reviewed simply because it holds as fine a five tracks of bumpin’ UK deep house and garage as you could ask for. If you’re old enough to remember UK garage before it became ‘UK garage’ – back in the days when Paul Trouble, Grant Nelson and Tuff Jam ruled supreme – then Baby Is Moving On, Changing and Don’t Hide will all have you grinning from ear to ear, while Future Funk and The Jam have a more current, deep house vibe about them.

Changing would be my pick if pushed, but it’s a close-run thing. Excellent work, Mr Marks.

Out: This week

About: This comes to you courtesy of our old friends Endemic Digital.

Jack Swaffar & Richey Profond – Cut Some Rug EP

July 12, 2014 in Singles

Jack Swaffer & Richey Profond Cut Some Rug EP Endemic DigitalContemporary deep/tech bizniss with a classic twist on this latest Endemic Digital offering.

White Keys blends very current, bass-y house sounds with a lil’ vintage Jersey flava (check out those raw-sounding organs!), while Cut Some Rug itself wears its 90s influences even more proudly on its sleeve, owing a heavy debt to the ‘dark garage’ put out by labels like Tribal America and Twisted circa 95-96 what with its tuff drums, more of those raw organs and chopped-up fem vox.

All of which means this couldn’t be much more up this reviewer’s street if it moved into the empty house next door. Which I’d actually advise against – I believe there’s a problem with the roof.

Out: This week

About: Find Endemic on Soundcloud and Facebook.

PS Some discrepancy between the wording on the cover and the wording on the hype sheet and ID3 tags, so this might actually be called Cut Some Rugg…

Tom Davies – That Beat EP

July 3, 2014 in Singles

Tom Davies That Beat EP Endemic DigitalWe finish tonight on a more energetic note with this two-tracker from Endemic Digital.

Young Liverpool-based producer and GetDown Liverpool resident Tom Davies gives us two original cuts. That Beat itself is a lively, rather jolly-sounding affair that marries tuff-ish tech-house beats to deeper chords and a rumbling funk-fuelled b-line, topping the lot with distorted vocal snips applied in a fashion that’s as rhythmic as it is musical, if you see what I mean. Flip it over and you’ll find Degree, a more straight-up house cut with big, pounding bass, tuff beats and a chopped-up female vocal.

The latter nudges it for me but both tracks are strong – a great label debut from Mr Davies.

Out: This week

About: You know where to find Endemic Digital so here’s where to find Tom on Soundcloud as well.