Fadel – Found

August 27, 2013 in Singles

Fadel Found Tiny Lamp MusicLast one for tonight, and we continue with tonight’s theme of instrumental, warm-up friendly grooves with this offering from Tiny Lamp, a Canadian label who are making their TIWWD debut.

In its Original form, Found is a meandering deep/tech houser with jungle-y overtones… in the sense of tribal rhythms and atmospheric jungle sounds, not in the drum & bass sense. The Ellroy 12inch Remix has even more of a moody, tribal feel, but the real reason this is here is Thomas Courribet’s Late Night Remix, wherein Found becomes a sumptuous deep house head-nodder driven by a phat, sashaying bassline.

As with the Lonya & Roi Okev release below, then, it’s all about picking the right mix with this one!

Out: This week on general release, though I believe it’s been out on Beatport for a fortnight.

About: Tiny Lamp can be found on Facebook and Soundcloud, and is a a new venture (this is TLM006) from the Ready Mix Records crew, based in Montreal.

Nohijo & Yunome – Strong Enough EP

May 11, 2013 in Singles

Nohijo & Yunome Strong Enough EP Something DifferentSomething Different take a trip into slightly techier pastures than normal with this two-track, four-mix EP from Nohijo & Yunome.

Strong Enough itself is a mid-paced, dreamy groover, but with hard, slamming kicks underpinning its long, evolving pads and vocal snips, while Counting Biscuits is a more sparse, afterhours-style thumper. Remix-wise, Ellroy summers Strong Enough right up by replacing the fierce 4/4s with more shuffling percussion, but the standout of the whole EP for me is Clark Pudell’s remix of Counting Biscuits. Low-slung and dubbed out with a fat-as-funk b-line, it’s worth the price of admission on its own.

Out: This week

About: Find Something Different on Soundcloud and Facebook.