Peter O – In Our Time EP

May 1, 2012 in Singles

Is it a while since we had anything from Electric Sheep Recordings on here? Seems like it has been… not sure how that’s happened but anyway, here’s their latest. And it’s rather good.

A Brighton-based artist who (it says here) has been DJing since the late 80s but only recently started making steps into production, Peter O serves up for your pleasure two fully instrumental originals. Space is an almost textbook late-night deep house groove, all pads and hi-hats and a luvverly warm bassline, while In Our Time is slightly more downtempo, atmospheric and filmic.

You then also get two remixes of the latter cut. Dorothy’s Ghost go full-on downtempo and experimental and I have to say their remix leaves these ears a little cold, but Pretty Criminals’ Time Is Acid Remix is worth checking, though its not the retro jack-fest you might be expecting, rather branching out into leftfield techno pastures.

It’s Space that stands out for me but this is a strong EP all round.

Out: This week

About: Find Electric Sheep online here.

Lorenzo Panico – Deja Vu

October 20, 2011 in Singles

Back on a tech-house tip here, with a cut from Italian producer Lorenzo Panico that comes in four very different mixes.

The Memz Vocal Version is a game of two halves (Brian). The first half features a spoken vocal from cockney geezer Memz, who ponders the nature of deja vu, and particularly how it relates to the ecstasy experience, atop dramatic theatrical organs and pretty much nothing else… then, after a couple of minutes, techy, clicky percussion, handclaps and a twiddling analogue synth come along to play us out for the remaining three. It’s something of an oddity, truth be told, but not without its charms for sure.

The Piano Groove is more yer standard techy jacker, with looping female vocal snips and of course the eponymous joanna, though the latter is buried quite deep in the mix. The Instrumental starts out all deep n’ sultry, then gets in-your-face with some insistent looping, squelching synths… and then finally, the Dub is essentially a nine-minute beats tool but with all kinds of experimental squiggles n’ such going on over the top.

All told, I’m not gonna lie and say I’m totally in love with this one – I mean it’s fine, I’m just not in love with it, if you see what I mean. But if you like things a little more out-there and experimental, then you just might be.

Out: This week

About: This one comes courtesy of Electric Sheep Recordings

Mr Cenzo – City Streets EP

September 24, 2011 in Singles

A neat little three-tracker here from Electric Sheep, covering a range of styles. Lead track Out Of The City starts out all deep n’ moody, but soon develops into a jaunty, jazzy and off-kilter slice of future garage goodness – and just wait for that organ drop three minutes in! Limited Dreams is more yer post-club driftaway affair, sparsely beautiful and with enough of a techy edge to stop it being mere ambient ear-candy, while closer Moving Clouds marries tech-house and nu-disco influences for a cut that’ll warm up a range of floors nicely.

Not much else to say really but, y’know, it’s good. Or rather, Moving Clouds and Limited Dreams are good; Out Of The City is a stone-cold killer.
Out: This week
About: Electric Sheep Recordings have to be admired for bringing us quality house and techno from across the spectrum; for me they’re one of those labels where, you might not like everything they release, but you’ll always want to check them out. You can do so at their website, on Facebook, on MySpace or on Soundcloud.

Luv Jam – Mind Music

January 10, 2011 in Singles

Luv Jam Mind MusicMusic for the mind indeed, as We Love… resident Mind Jam drops a five-track EP packed with some seriously deep goodness.

Of the five tracks it’s Alyn, Bryan and Just For You that will probably be of most interest, being three ultra-deep housers with a decidedly futuristic/space age feel – a perfect aural backdrop for those journeys into deep space from the comfort of your sofa! Rounding out the EP are Keyth and Mykel, two more downtempo cuts, the former in slo-mo house kinda vein and the latter a more experimental/arty piece that’s heavy on the raw analogue synth sounds.
All round, some fine electronic music that will be of particular interest to all the sound-sculptors out there.
Out: This week
About: This is the latest from the ever-prolific and always-checkable Electric Sheep Recordings.