Sezer Uysal pres Spennu – What’s Your Underground EP

June 11, 2013 in Singles

Sezer Uysal pres Spennu What's Your Underground Savoir Faire MusiqueA two-track, four-mix affair here coming on Savoir Faire Musique.

In its Original form, What’s Your Underground yourself is a deep, slow, techy throbber with spoken (and heavily treated) “underground dance music… what is your underground?” vocals and spacey stabs n’ FX galore. Niceness! Echofusion’s Deep Disco Mix thereof isn’t particularly disco-y but it does go seriously deep, so much so that it’s probably best filed under ‘heads only’ – though that’s certainly not a complaint round these parts!

As for This Was A, in its original form it’s a deep/tech affair that pulses away topped with downtuned soulful vox…  all very now and very playable, but for me it’s the man Echofusion who deserves the ice lolly here, serving up another uber-deep pass with a dubbed-out, smoked-out kinda feel.

Quality shizzle “for those that know”, as we used to say back in the day.

Out: This week

About: You can find Savoir Faire Musique on Soundcloud and Facebook, and here’s Echofusion’s own Soundcloud page as well seeing as I seem to be his new biggest fan or something.


Savvas – Soultown EP

December 16, 2012 in Singles

Savvas Soultown EP Savoir Faire Musique

Two tracks in four mixes make up this latest essential EP from the ever on-point Savoir Faire Musique.

As is par for the course with SFM, deep house from the soulful/garage-y side of the street is the order of the day. Soultown itself in its original form is a lush, midtempo groover with an atmospheric, cinematic kinda feel, while Soul Minority provide a remix that’s a little bit dreamier still, and that makes more use of the male vocal. What You Need is another atmospheric, midtempo affair with chorused M&F vox reciting the title over lots of long, evolving synths sounds, while Echofusion’s mix with its sax parps, “ooh yeah” vocal inserts and warm bass drops takes us into the late-night driftaway zone, yet is somehow more obviously floor-friendly at the same time.

In fact, the latter mix would be my pick of the whole EP, with the original of Soultown a close second, but it’s all good.

Out: This week

About: You can find Savoir Faire Musique on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Distant People feat Nicole Mitchell – Gimme Heat

February 19, 2012 in Singles

Seems like years since I reviewed anything from Distant People, but now they’re back, back, BACK! in TIWWD’s life with a big vocal houser that’ll delight lovers of more traditional house sounds. Think of 90s/early 00s screamers like Kathy Brown’s Turn Me Out, Liberty City’s If You Really Love Someone or Goodfellas’ Soul Heaven, and you’re somewhere in the ballpark.

The five mixes include a funkified pass from JD73, a more sultry rub from Steven Stone, a techier mix from Sole Essential and, best of all to these ears, a stripped-down throbber in the form of Echofusion’s Detroit Deep House Mix. But given the strength of Ms Mitchell’s vocal, you can’t really go wrong with this one, whichever mix you opt for.

Class in a glass, basically.

Out: This week

**UPDATE: Hang on… since writing this review earlier on today, I notice I’ve got ANOTHER promo of this, same tracks but that one says it’s not out till 28 Feb on Traxsource and 13 March everywhere else. So you might have to wait till then…

About: This comes on Craig Stewart and Martina Lancaster’s Universe Media imprint.