Various – Black Key EP Vol 3

September 27, 2015 in Singles

Black Key EP Vol 3 Black Key RecordsOkay, last one for tonight and we end with a fine four-track V/A offering from Brighton’s Black Key Records.

Our old friend Dudley Strangeways is first up to the plate with Talk Back, a dubby, tech-tinged deep houser that’s tailor-made for the small-hours, eyes-down jackin’ zone. Girl Next Door from Iron Curtis & Leaves pres SMPL follows, a slice of deep, stripped-back, funk-fuelled tech-house that gets more trippy and wonkified as it goes on. Laak then gives us Longest Time, thankfully not a Billy Joel cover but instead a meandering, cinematic cut with piercing but muted synths and a vaguely disconcerting air overall, and then finally there’s Stroker from Terrence Pearce, which marries raw, scratchy drums with gently tinkling jazz ivories… if DJ Shadow ever made a record for DeepWit it might sound a little bit like this!

Interesting stuff all round, but to these ears Talk Back and Girl Next Door stand out.

Out: This week

About: You can find Black Key Records on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Various – Tom Tam Club Vol 3

September 14, 2015 in Albums

Tom Tam Club Vol 3 Holic TraxPlaying catch-up on a Monday evening yet again, with a couple of compilations from last week still to tell you about. We’ll start with this one, in which Holic Trax label boss Tomoki Tamura gathers together a third selection of upfront nuggets for your listening/spinning/dancing pleasure.

Eight tracks from as many artists, and it’s a pretty wide-ranging collection. We start with Rough Principles’s Pool Back, a melodic instrumental that nods to classic Chicago-style deepness. Habitual Nastiness from Mr Statik is a strange one, an off-kilter affair with what appear to be Theremin sounds and one of the oddest bits of sampled film dialogue* that you’ll hear this year. Point from Marco Faraone and Copenhagen from Ashworth take us into tech/minimal territory, Brunbjrn gives us wonky garage reminiscent of early Madhouse on M’About Ta, and Dubinsky’s Viol Groove is a chugging Balearic house thang. The EP then plays out on a deeper note with the dubby minimalism of Dudley Strangeways’ Brown Leaves and the languid, jazzy trip-hop/bruk beat of Baslow’s Closer.

Given the variety on offer you might not dig every single track equally here, but as a collection of forward-thinking underground music from across a wide genre spectrum, this is hard to fault.

Out: Now

About: You can find Holic Trax on Soundcloud, Facebook and Bandcamp.

* From 2012 Denzel Washington movie Flight, Google informs me.

tlJN & Dudley Strangeways – I Can’t Cope

September 5, 2015 in Singles

tlJN & Dudley Strangeways I Can't Cope Frole RecordsPicking up the pace a little now we have this garage-y three-tracker from Italy’s Frole Records.

The original mix of I Can’t Cope starts out in hazy, druggy deep house territory with looped vocal snips, before at around the two-minute mark the full female vocal and piano chords bring the light. Tuccillo’s remix takes us into tribal/tech territory without getting all up in your face about it, but the pick of the crop for yours truly is the final mix from the mighty Terrence Parker, which is every bit as uplifting, joyous and organ- and piano-laden as you’d expect.

I’m sure I probably do own some record somewhere where the Terrence Parker mix isn’t the best one, but I couldn’t tell you what it might be…

Out: This week

About: You can find Frole Records here, here and here.

Various – Leftback Vol 1

July 12, 2015 in Albums

Leftback Vol 1 Leftback RecordsFinally for tonight, we take a trip into deep/dub techno territory with this first full-length compilation from Michael McLardy and Dudley Strangeways’ Leftback imprint, which is available in both mixed and unmixed versions.

The album starts with the near-ambient Intro (credited simply to ‘Leftback’), all rain sounds, off-kilter tinkling ivories and spoken French vox. It’s a track that lulls us neatly into the tripped-out, headnoddin’ zone that most of the rest of the 15-track album occupies, from the sparse, hypnotic Apogee Dub by Derek (imagine listening to On-U Sound, underwater, while on mushrooms) to the stuttering Detroit rhythms of Ittetsu’s Perrelet, and from the rumbling, twitchy beats n’ FX of the label bosses’ Tumult to Matthew Burton’s footwork-tinged Locket Out. Strangeways & McLardy then head into out-and-out dub territory with Dissonance, before the ambient Outro takes us back to where we came in.

Some of the tracks here will work on the dancefloor, some won’t; as a late-night, headphones experience for herbal adventurers though, it’s hard to fault.

Out: This week

About: Leftback Records is usually only a vinyl-only imprint, but this is CD buyers’ chance to get onboard, with all these tracks due for vinyl release later in the year. You can find Leftback on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Todd Terry – Love Acid

April 9, 2014 in Singles

Todd Terry Love Acid Frole RecordsLike Kerri Chandler and DJ Sneak, Todd The God’s career seems to gotten something of a fillip out of the current resurgence of interest in classic house sounds. Which can only be a good thing!

Three mixes of Love Acid to choose from. Todd’s original is a bleepy, squelchy affair driven along by some seriously ruff-edged kicks and topped by sweet-sounding female snips, while French producer Julien Sandre gets the sirens out on his rave-tinged remix. It’s Dudley Strangeways who takes the gold in this reviewer’s eyes, though, as he turns in a mellower, late-night rub that’ll have lovers of proper deep house in raptures.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Italy’s Frole Records, who can be found on Facebook, on Soundcloud or at their own website.

PS: Bonus fascinating fact of the day: I once gave Todd Terry an England football shirt. This is actually true.

Various – Deep Edition Vol 1

May 19, 2013 in Albums

Deep Edition Vol 1Another label comp… from another label that’s got ‘deep’ in its very name, and that crops up on TIWWD really quite regularly! So as with the DeepWit album below you should already have a pretty good idea what to expect here.

So again, what can I tell you that you don’t already know? Well, I can tell you that compared to the DeepWit set it’s a little less late night n’ contemplative, a little more beat-driven and floor-oriented. I can tell you that the artists featured include the likes of Hohle, RJ Fletcher, T. Lavonte and Desos, not to mention of course label boss Martijn. I can tell you that the latter does the honours when it comes to the mixed version of the album, though it’s also available with all tracks in their full-length unmixed glory. I can tell you you that Dudley Strangeways and Zade Cross supply a couple of goodies that haven’t been out before. I can tell you that Ruben F’s I Can’t Change does a remarkably good impression of the original house anthem Move Your Body.

Or I could simply tell you that, again, this is a sterling compilation from one of TIWWD’s current fave labels.

Out: This week, on Beatport; everywhere else from 27 May.

About: Find Deep Edition here, here and here (Soundcloud, Facebook, web)

Martijn – Italia 90 EP

April 9, 2013 in Singles

Martijn Italia 90 EP Deep Edition RecordingsA three-track, four-mix EP here from Martijn, coming on his own Deep Edition Recordings.

The title cut is a deep chugger with intricately layered percussion, rock-solid kicks and a throbbing main synth hook, topped with a snatch of that very famous “owa-owa-owa” vocal sample used by everyone from Krush to The Orb that I’ve never actually known where it’s from (shame on me I know but hey, I’m not the Pope). Dudley Strangeways’ remix of the same takes us into dubbier territory while elsewhere on the EP, Strada 23 is a slinky little headnodder with garage-y overtones, and Sestriere is a sheer late-night delight.

It’s the Strangeways mix of Italia 90 itself that nudges it for me, but all four tracks are as good as we’ve come to expect from the northeast’s finest!

Out: Thursday on Beatport, everywhere else from 25 April

About: You can find Deep Edition on Soundcloud or at their own website.

Dudley Strangeways & Michael McLardy – Timed Out EP

December 30, 2012 in Singles

Dudley Strangeways & Michael McLardy Timed Out EP Deep Edition

More classic-style deep house vibes to kick us off today, as two familiar names team up for a three-track EP on Deep Edition.

Timed Out itself is in its Original form sees all manner of liquid-y, bubbling synth sounds and atmospheric samples layered over fairly uptempo beats and topped with snatches of people talking about Detroit, while the Sossa Remix tones down the multiple layers and has a slightly more cinematic feel. But the absolute killer here for me is bonus cut Can’t Sleep, as sumptuous a late-night groove with garage-y overtones as you’re likely to hear all week.

Top-drawer bizniss, as is Martijn’s label’s wont.

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 31 December.

About: You can find Deep Edition on Facebook and Soundcloud, or at their own website.

Carlo Gambino – Low For Me EP

November 12, 2012 in Singles

Carlo Gambino Low For Me EP Midnight Social Recordings

If the two releases on Spring Tube and MUM below are a little too retrofied for your tastes, then this slightly more contemporary-sounding four-tracker from Carlo Gambino on his own Midnight Social Recordings may suit you better.

I say ‘four-tracker’ but to be more precise there are two tracks in four mixes. Low For Me in its Original form is a chunky, midtempo deep house groove with a slight techy edge and, as is so popular right now, snippets of soulful male vocal, as well as a female spoken vocal that intones the title throughout. A remix from Dudley Strangeways then takes the track to a more head-warped, 4am kinda place altogether.

Say What?, meanwhile, is an even more languid affair in its Original form, sporting piercing high-end synth drones and a big, chunky bassline, while again, the Nick Devon Remix is a trippy, head-noddin’ pass aimed straight at the afterhours floors. Both rubs also use a heavily-treated vocal sample from a very well-known R&B track… I won’t spoil it by saying what track but the artist rhymes with ‘Ronell Rones’!

Out: This week

About: You can find Midnight Social Recordings on Facebook.

Various – The Residence EP

September 15, 2012 in Singles

The Residence EP Midnight Social Recordings

Our second V/A ep today comes from Leeds-based Midnight Social, and showcases the production talents of some of the world’s hard-working resident DJs.

Leading the charge is Dudley Strangeways (also featured on the Something Different EP, of course), who gives us Side C, a slab of deep n’ moody house bizniss with a hint of classic UK garage circa 1995. Next, Lee Pennington’s Billy’s Coming Out is a sparse, stripped chugger with raw technoid kicks, while Matteo Baudoni – an Italian DJ now resident in Seattle – serves up We Love Dance, a more driving cut counterpointing a terrace-friendly, percussion-led groove with deep organ sounds and barely-there vocal snips. Bringing the EP to a close is Drag That Ish from David Moran, a druggy slice of 3am wonk with what sound like garage organs drawn through a mangle, and with a heavily treated spoken vocal that probably ISN’T saying “techno pussy” but sounds like it is to me!

It’s Dudley’s cut that stands out for me, with Mr Moran taking the silver, but there’s plenty to explore here so dive in.

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 15 Oct.

About: You can find Carlo Gambino’s Midnight Social Recordings on Facebook.