Francesco Squillante – Turnover EP

October 21, 2015 in Singles

Francesco Squillante Turnover EP Innocent MusicInnocent Music come with their trademark deep techno/minimal vibes here.

Italian producer Francesco Squillante is the man at the controls, bringing us three original tracks. Turnover itself is up first, a heavyweight dub-inspired chugger. Centrocampo, which follows, is a little more upbeat, with a cheeky, house-y swing to the drums, head-frying synth FX that fly across the room and indecipherable snatches of spoken vocal. And then finally there’s Change, almost a cross between the two as the swung drums of the latter cut meet the heavy dubwise bass of the former (not the actual drums and bassline of those tracks, you understand… just stylistically similar ones).

All good, but Turnover is the standout for yours truly.

Out: This week

About: Find Innocent Music here, here and here.

Stephan:us – Something Like This EP

October 15, 2015 in Singles

Stephan:us Something Like This EP dub.sphereThree tracks of deep dub techno/minimal goodness here from Germany label dub.sphere.

Fourth is up first, an unhurried, slo-rollin’ kinda thing with lashings of fat, warm dub bass. The glitchier My Soul To Take leans a little more to the ‘minimal’ side of the equation, though the heavyweight, dubbed-out feel remains, while finally Something Like This itself is a just-slightly pacier cut rocking solid but muted 4/4s, vinyl crackle, fragments of spoken male vocal and lovely lingering deep house pads.

All good, but Fourth takes the gold.

Out: This week

About: Find dub.sphere on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Helly Larson – Star Alliance EP

October 10, 2015 in Singles

Helly Larson Star Alliance EP LucidflowWe kick off in very deep waters today with some typically fine fare from Lucidflow.

Three tracks make up the EP. Spiritual Life is up first, an unhurried little deep tech throbber topped with two competing vocal snips – a chorus’d, soulful one and a rastaman one saying “liberation”. Star Alliance itself is a little more upbeat and houseified, but still with a late-night, dubbed-out kinda feel, while finally Sunset is a deeply chilled groover built for sun-down and sun-up sessions.

Quality stuff that’ll appeal to deep house and deep techno lovers alike.

Out: This week

About: Find Lucidflow here, here and here.

Various – Best Of Innocent Music Vol 2

September 28, 2015 in Albums

Best Of Innocent Music Vol 2Regular readers will know I’m generally a fan of Innocent Music’s take on deep techno and minimal anyway, but with this second ‘best of’ comp the Slovenian label have excelled themselves.

There are 14 tracks in total, from a mix of names both familiar (Gaetano C, Rodrigo DP, Aney F, White Brothers) and less so – and not a duff cut in sight. Be warned, this album isn’t for the faint-hearted – listening to it in, ahem, an ‘altered’ frame of mind could seriously mess with your head and general sense of well-being! But if cavernous beats, distorted vox, twitchy snares, white noise, industrial FX, dystopian soundscapes and an overall air of brooding menace and paranoia sound like your idea of a good time, then step right on in, because if you like it deep, dark and techy you’re gonna love this…

Out: Now

About: You can find Innocent Music on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Nadja Lind – Nadja Lind & Friends Pt 2

September 6, 2015 in Singles

Nadja Lind & Friends Pt 2 LucidflowAnd speaking of female German providers of all things deep, techy and sumptuous, here’s Nadja Lind of Lucidflow/Klartraum fame with a five-track collaborations EP which, as the eagle-eyed among you may have spotted, follows a similarly themed EP released back in March 2014.

Saharan Night is up first, a slow-building, moody prog-tinged cut credited to Nadja and Brendan Moeller. Holographic Universe (with Deep Spelle) is a considerably darker, more driving techno slab, while G-Man collab Verboten is a sparse, cinematic affair with disembodied vocal fragments and shimmering synth squiggles sitting atop crisp, rolling beats. Omar Salgado lends his talents on Circo Loco, an uncompromisingly minimal throbber, while finally Ms Lind and UGLH team up for the housier Feeling, complete with familiar female “I feel it!” vocal sample.

Again… every bit as good as we’ve come to expect, nuff said!

Out: This week

About: This comes of course on Lucidflow, who you can find here, here and here.

Various – Boys At SBB Vol 10

September 6, 2015 in Singles

Boys At SBB Vol 10 Shoes Bags & BoysGermany’s ever-excellent Shoes Bags & Boys present a 10th installment in their Boys At… EP series here, and a very fine addition to the series it is too.

We start off in very deep, dubby house/techno territory, as label bosses Ariane Blank & Albena Flores’ Sisters and Time To Waste get remixed by Juan Lombardo and Mauro Basso, respectively. Blank’s own Brain Out Idea as remixed by Leo Lang is a tropical-rhythm’d deep houser that’d work in the warm-up or for late-night, post-club play equally well, while’s take on Tulia sits more firmly under the deep techno/minimal umbrella, as does Tim Englehart’s take on ChixUnighted’s Blue Rumours. As the EP draws to a close, we then veer into throbbing, prog-tinged pastures with Rishi K’s rub of ChixUnighted’s Peaceful World and Abu Bayar’s remix of En Da Lu by Stiva Carlberg, before ending on a smoother note with the Ben Ankes Remix of Like Me, again by Ms Carlberg.

Extremely classy stuff all round… then again from SBB we expect no less! It would appear to be the label’s 50th release as well, so congratulations to them on reaching that landmark, and here’s to much more to come…

Out: This week

About: Find Shoes Bags & Boys on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Delskiz – Soundscaper

August 27, 2015 in Singles

Delskiz Soundscaper EP Submarine VibesSome fine deep techno vibes to start with tonight courtesy of ever-checkable Bosnian label Submarine Vibes.

In its original form, Soundscaper is quite a melodic, prog-tinged affair… and very aptly named! Remix-wise, the Hibrid Remix is a chunkier, slightly darker pass than the original while the Ki.Mi. Remix takes us into dubbier pastures. Completing the package is (ahem) Split Panties, another uber-deep, dub-tinged affair with a hypnotic/amniotic/sub-aquatic kinda feel.

All good, but the Ki.Mi. Remix of the title track takes the gold.

Out: This week

About: Find Submarine Vibes on Soundcloud, on Facebook and at their own website.

Daniel Goriza – Strange Mood EP

August 7, 2015 in Singles

Daniel Goriza Strange Mood EP Raw RootsDropping down now into deep, dubby territory with this excellent three-tracker from Raw Roots.

Strange Mood itself is up first, a deep tech affair led by nice crunchy drums augmented by dubwise sound FX. The lower-tempo Proper Row heads into even dubbier pastures and indeed has something of an ‘early Orb’ feel in parts, while finally Meanwhile plays us out on a slightly more floor-friendly but still fairly languid note, with twitchy minimal rhythms, atmospheric FX galore and the occasional bell sound…

Out: Monday (10 August)

About: Find Bulgaria’s Raw Roots on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Emanuele Gulmini – Back In A While EP

August 2, 2015 in Singles

Emanuele Gulmini Back In A While EP dub.sphereMore dubbed-out techy goodness here courtesy of German label dub.sphere.

It’s another two-track affair. On the A, Back In A While itself tops a proper dub bassline and muted yet pounding 4/4s with spacey and industrial FX and a distorted male voice saying, I think, “he’s back”. Sick Substance, on the other side, rides a slightly more uptempo, floor-friendly rhythm but is just as deep n’ dubby otherwise, with its layered atmospherics making it a surprisingly ‘busy’ production for a track that doesn’t really, on the surface of it, do very much at all!

Another one that’s strictly for ‘da headz’ but said ‘headz’ will love it, trust.

Out: This week

About: You can find dub.sphere on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website. This is number 12 from the label so far.

Tommy Young – Spacewalk

August 2, 2015 in Singles

Tommy Young Spacewalk EDM UndergroundSome superb deep techno/minimal grooves here from EDM Underground – part of Greece’s Elektrik Dreams stable, and a label whose name you shouldn’t let put you off because this has about as much to do with Aoki/Deadmau5/Avicii etc as Buckingham Palace has to do with my garden shed. But I’m sure you knew that already.

There’s just the two tracks. Spacewalk itself is based around muted kicks and a three-note bassline that squelches and throbs throughout, with long, drawn-out synth sweeps and various atmospheric FX completing the picture. On the flip, Earth is even sparser with its white noise, rainstorm sounds and overall blissy, dubbed-out feel.

Less is more, they say… in this case, it’s everything you need cos these two tracks are just gorgeous, even if only dedicated headnodders need apply.

Out: This week

About: Find EDM Underground here, here and here.