Doug English & Ross Regs – Credo

December 27, 2015 in Singles

Doug English & Ross Regs Credo Blue DyeMoving into slightly techier house pastures now (but with a disco twist) we have this offering from Germany’s Blue Dye, which is the work of two Detroit-based producers.

Three mixes of Credo to choose from. The original tops slamming tech-house beats with a disco-style vocoder/talkbox vocal (not sure which) and  some absolutely KILLER slap-bass action. Antony Toga’s remix ups the tempo a little and adds some great space disco stabs but sadly dispenses with the slap bass, while finally the PachangaStorm & Oliver Deuerling Remix is more overtly house-ified again, while also rocking a big horrorshow synth-bass breakdown that’s vaguely redolent of 80s electro (think Amityville or Inspector Gadget).

The Original’s the standout for me here but the other two are plenty playable as well.

Out: This week

About: Find Blue Dye herehere and here.

Various – Ibiza Sleaze 2015/Ibiza G 2015

August 31, 2015 in Albums

Sister labels Sleazy Deep and Sleazy G both released label comps last week, and there’s another one coming this week… so hopefully they’ll forgive me for doubling them up in one review.

Ibiza Sleaze 2015 Sleazy DeepLabel boss Rob Made is at the controls for the Sleazy Deep comp, with 15 tracks that take in nu-disco, indie-dance and deep/tech house in varying shades. One or two of the indie-dance cuts get a bit too pop-tastic for these ears, I have to say, but it’s not a problem because there are some cracking tunes elsewhere – Dino Grand & Roni Iron’s diva-vocalled, speed garage-nodding Your Love is an absolute beast, while Ripley & Murdock’s You, Ilya Garbuz’s Inside and Tamar Sabadini’s cheeky Warehouse are also well worth checking.

Ibiza G 2015 Sleazy GAs for the Sleazy G comp, I’ve gotta say I’m rather impressed. It’s always tricky when a label pins its colours so firmly to the mast of any one sub-genre; partly from a ‘label lifespan’ point of view and partly because you do run the risk of ending up with a back catalogue that all sounds exactly the bleedin’ same! It’s to Sleazy G’s credit, then, that while the essential G-house blueprint – strutty tech-house drums and rap samples galore – is essentially adhered to throughout the 24 tracks selected and mixed by Doug English and Ross Regs, the album never gets boring, taking in influences ranging from classic acid house and speed garage, to very contemporary bass-heavy house and just a hint of nu-disco.

Out: Now

About: Find Sleazy Deep on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website, while sub-label Sleazy G has a Facebook page all its own.