P.A.M.O – Friday Night EP

February 27, 2016 in Singles

P.A.M.O Friday Night EP Bounce House RecordingsBack in house pastures but picking up the pace a little, here we have a two-track, five-mix EP from some more old TIWWD faves who haven’t featured on here for a while, Bounce House.

Friday Night itself takes up four of the five tracks, coming in bumpin’, organ-flecked, garage-tinged Original, tuffer but still garage-flavoured MVZZIK Remix, stripped, sparse and lightly jazz-tinged Cjel If Remix and more sultry n’ funkified DK Watts Remix flavas. Completing the package is Groove Crash, which starts with crowd noise and off-kilter jazz drums, then slowly builds into a late-night slow-groover with sampled (MLK?) vox, dreamy synth washes and an overall feel that nods towards classic Chi-town deepness.

All good, but the Original and MVZZIK rubs stand out for yours truly.

Out: This week

About: You can find Bounce House Recordings on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Rob Clarke – Fall EP

February 1, 2015 in Singles

Rob Clarke Fall EP Beats Me MusicRob Clarke comes with a five-track EP on his own Beats Me Music imprint here.

Fall itself is up first, a melodic, late-night deep house jam with fluttering wah-wah guitars that are not a little reminiscent of Underground Man AKA Raymond Castoldi’s 1992 deep garage classic And God Made A Woman. Up next is Bassick, as remixed by DK Watts and Flo Van O, a slightly more upbeat and prog-tinged deep houser with a cinematic feel. From Scratch is more upbeat again, a chunky, bassy affair with, again, something of a spy movie vibe about it. Guided (presented here in Middle Rhythm’s Re-Rob form) takes us towards more funky/soulful territory, and features some ace M1 bleeps though the male “guiding light… guiding light… your love is my guiding light” vocal is applied just a little too generously for these ears. Finally, Vegas starts out with simple looping drums then gradually adds heavyweight bass, sampled movie dialogue featuring some guy talking about peyote, and technoid synth stabs.

Overall, the EP’s a little more experimental than the trad-style grooves we know Rob best for, but it’s definitely worth checking – for Fall and From Scratch especially.

Out: Yesterday (30 Jan)

About: You can find Beats Me Music on Soundcloud and Facebook

Wusel – Taking A Run EP

January 15, 2015 in Singles

Wusel Taking A Run EP Bounce HouseApart from their ‘best of part 2‘ album just before Xmas, it’s been ages since we had anything from Bounce House on here! So let’s rectify that right now with this fine EP from a producer who’s name’s almost the same as mine (although his real name’s actually Kevin Görg).

Nice chunky, floor-friendly deep house vibes are the general order of the day. Come On is a midpaced affair with a hypnotic main synth riff that reminds me a little of Reese & Santonio’s classic Rock To The Beat. Taking A Run itself is an epic, drifty, melodic number with lots of west coast-ish geetar, male “hey-hey-yeah” vox and some ker-razy parping Hammond action, and comes accompanied by a slightly more urgent and driving Cjei If Remix. What Would You Do operates at a lower tempo but otherwise has a similar overall vibe and sound palette to Taking A Run, this time with extra soulful male vox and gentle piano chords, while finally label boss DK Watts supplies a far beefier, bouncier refix.

I think the original of Taking A Run gets the gold medal from me here but it’s a very close race!

Out: This week

About: Find Bounce House here, here and here.

Various – The Very Best Of Bounce House Vol 2

December 22, 2014 in Albums

The Very Best Of Bounce House Vol 2From jackin’, percussive tech-house grooves courtesy of MadTech we move on to bumpin’ floor-friendly deep house shenanigans courtesy of Bounce House.

Now then… regular readers will know I’m a bit of a Bounce House fan generally, and with this being a ‘best of’, all the tracks here HAVE been out before. So I won’t wax too lyrical right now… suffice to say that if you like your deep house on the traditional side – warm, organic and funk-fuelled, as opposed to cool, clinical and Berlin-y – then if you aren’t already familiar with this fine ex-west coast, now Amsterdam-based imprint,this collection is your perfect opportunity to get acquainted.

Names like Al Bradley, Grant Dell and Rob Clarke, as well of course as label founders Short Bus Kids and the now-solo DK Watts, should be enough to tempt most knowledgeable deep house lovers, with Rob’s Whitney-sampling Sometimes a particular highlight. And on a personal note, it’s good to hear Blow & Hos again – that was the track that first alerted me to the genius of the Short Bus Kids nearly a whole decade ago, and it’s still sounding mighty fresh today!

Out: Now

About: Find Bounce House here, here and here.

DK Watts – The ‘Dam Good Life EP

February 20, 2014 in Singles

DK Watts Dam Good Life EP Bounce HouseFollowing on nicely from the trad house stylings of Saturday Vibe on the Danny O EP below comes this rather fine EP from my boy DK Watts (of Short Bus Kids fame).

Five tracks to choose from and I’m not going into them all one-by-one, but Ask Yah Something with its rich, reverberating chords and samples of strident, attitude-y female speech (Millie Jackson, maybe?) is one standout, the languid, bass-squelchin’ On A Journey another.

Generally speaking, though, dancefloor-friendly deep house “the way we used to do it” is pretty much what you get here – quality stuff as ever from Mr Watts.

Out: This week

About: This comes of course on DK’s own Bounce House Recordings, who you can find on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their very own internet homepage

Various – The Very Best Of Bounce House Vol 1

January 11, 2014 in Albums

Very Best Of Bounce House Vol 1As regular readers will know, this was aways gonna be something of a no-brainer for yours truly, having been a fan of San Francisco’s Bounce House Records for (scarily) nearly a decade now.

Still, the release of this 12-track ‘best of’ set right now – to mark the label’s tenth birthday – does highlight how deep house has changed over said decade. Firstly, compared to tracks being released now, much of what’s here sounds pretty fast – dammit, a few even nudge over the 125bpm mark! And secondly: there are several actual full female vocals. Remember them?

As such, it’s perhaps an album that will appeal more to househeads ‘of a certain age’ than to today’s club kids with their v-necks and their ketamine. Or maybe not; maybe it’ll reintroduce a more soulful, funk-fuelled variety of deep house to a younger audience, who can say? I won’t be grumbling either way. If I did have any niggles, it’d be that Short Bus Kids’ Blow & Hos isn’t included, definitely my all-time fave Bounce House track, but then maybe they’re saving that for Vol 2, which we’re promised is coming soon.

In the meantime, let the likes of Matt Prehn, Funk Mediterraneao, Kinky Movement, DK Watts and of course the SBK’s themselves put some classic west coast bump back in your life. You know you want to…

Out: Monday (13 Jan)

About: You can find Bounce House on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

DK Watts – I Won’t Let You EP

October 27, 2013 in Singles

DK Watts I Won't Let You EP Beats Me MusicOur last record of the day (and indeed the week) is this two-track, four-mix EP from staunch TIWWD supporter DK Watts, he of Short Bus Kids/Bounce House fame. Today though he’s doing the do not for Bounce House, but for the UK’s own Beats Me Music.

In its original form, I Won’t Let You is a dreamy, late-night deep house groove with long, lingering pads, echo-y female vocal snips and gently meandering keys; label boss Rob Clarke’s BMM Mix then ups the pace and beefs up the kicks a little, making for a more obviously floor-friendly pass. Over on the B, Everyone is a more driving affair with a 3am, heads-down kinda feel to its relentless rolling percussion, which comes topped with ‘everybody… all right!’ vocal snips, resonating piano chords and snatches of jazzy sax. Middle Rhythm, AKA UK producer Tom Pearson who’s featured on here just once before, then comes out of  nowhere with a Middle Rhythm Re-Rub of the same that absolutely kills it, a proper jazz-fuelled slammer that harks back to the deeper side of the UKG canon.

The first three tracks are merely very good; Middle Rhythm’s mix is essential.

Out: This week

About: Find Beats Me Music on Facebook.

DK Watts – The Year After EP

September 5, 2013 in Singles

DK Watts The Year After EP Bounce HouseFire Island may have put the beat-beat-beat in your bones-bones-bones back in the day but Mr Watts here has been putting the bump-bump-bump in your rump-rump-rump for quite a few years now as well, first as one of the Short Bus Kids and latterly all on his lonesome. And look! Here he is at it again.

With four original tracks to choose from, all the Bounce House elements you know and love are here – hip-house vox, fat n’ funky basslines and crisp beats being the general order of the day. Sure, Real House goes a lil’ bit more ‘deep and soulful’, while Be Gone flirts with nu-disco, but essentially this is archetypal Bounce House fare, made to shift booties on the proper deep house floors (rather than the posey haircut hangouts).

Part Of You and the aforesaid Be Gone stand out for me but it’s all good… as it tends to be, of course.

Out: This week

About: You can find Bounce House Recordings on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their very own internet homepage.

Dawn Rebel DJs – Breakin’ Thru EP

January 9, 2013 in Singles

Dawn Rebel DJs Breakin' Thru EP Bounce House RecordingsSome fine deep and tech house bizniss here from Bounce House Recordings.

Dawn Rebel DJs are Robin Savage and Reuben Pearce, hail from Brighton and, here, present two original tracks: Breakin’ Thru itself and Private Dancer. The former is a tuff, techy and blippy workout, before label boss DK Watts takes us on a much, much smoother ride with his remix, complete with jazz piano chords and everything. Nice.

Private Dancer, meanwhile, is a ‘trap’ rework of the Tina Turner classic, because Bounce House is all down with the kids n dat innit yagetmi blud? Nah, not really. Instead it’s another uptempo dancefloor tech-houser, with a positively RUDE bassline, that to these ears harks back a little to the chunky Brit-house of the mid-90s (that’s not a diss, BTW). Click Therapy label boss Lee Guthrie then serves up a remix that stays in techy territory but is deeper and groovier all the same, though I think top honours are still gonna have to go to DK.

Out: This week

About: You can find Bounce House on Facebook, on Soundcloud or at their own website.

Rob Clarke – Sometimes EP

November 11, 2012 in Singles

Rob Clarke Sometimes EP Bounce House

There’s no stopping the Beats Me Music boss right now, as he follows last week’s Organica EP with a five-tracker on the mighty Bounce House.

The EP’s made up of three mixes of Sometimes itself, plus two bonus cuts. Sometimes is a fairly stripped-down deep house groove in its original form, the sparse production allowing the chiming synths and the hefty sample from Whitney’s classic Love Will Save The Day to really ring out.  Label boss DK Watts supplies a remix that’s a little more chugging and throbby, while a 3am Classic Dub sees Al Bradley in typically fine and very deep, afterhours-friendly form. Elsewhere on the EP, Repeater is a techier, synthier and slightly spooky, ominous kinda joint while Solar is more organic and warm-up friendly.

TIWWD has long believed Beats Me Music deserves a wider audience, and Rob putting out nuggets like this on respected labels like Bounce House certainly won’t harm their cause any!

Out: This week

About: You can find Bounce House Recordings on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.