Detroit Swindle – The Punch Drunk EP

March 1, 2015 in Singles

Detroit Swindle Punch Drunk EP Heist RecordingsThe hotly tipped Dutch duo of Lars Dales and Maarten Smeets come with a fine three-tracker on their own Heist Recordings here.

All Right (We’ll Be) is up first, quite a pacey (by today’s standards) houser with strong disco/boogie leanings, coming complete with wukka-wukking geetar and a sweet female vocal straight outta the early 80s. Pursuit, which follows (ha ha), is a more lo-slung ‘n’ groovy affair with liquid-y bass and old skool piano flourishes, while bringing the EP to a close is Heads Down, an aptly named cut that nods both to vintage Chi-town and the more recent Sneak/Carter school of thought.

Three quality tracks that should appeal to the purists and more mainstream floors alike.

Out: This week

About: You can find Heist Recordings, who are based in Amsterdam, here, here and here.

Various – Collected Works

October 20, 2012 in Singles

Various Collected Works OFF Recordings

Speaking of labels you’ve got to hand it to… what I love about OFF Recordings is you never know quite what you’re gonna get. One OFF release can be soulful/garage-y, the next tuff and techy… as long as it’s good music they don’t care too much for pigeonholes, which is how it should be.

It’s no surprise, then, that this four-track sampler EP takes in a range of styles. The EP opens with HNQO feat Bip’s As I See, a deep/tech chugger with a fat, chunky b-line and a breathy spoken female vocal. Oddly reminiscent of Superstars Of Rock’s classic Orange Sunshine in places, you’ll recognise it from the “D to the O to the O to the D… E.P.M.U.S.I.C… go!” refrain – though as to what ‘Dood EP Music’ means, your guess is as good as mine.

Javi Bora, Le Vinyl and Melohman are up next with Destruction, a low-temperature techy groove with an “annihilation… destruction” vocal hook, female wails and a tuff, no-nonsense bottom end, which is followed by Mantra from Hector Couto and S.K.A.M, a more peaktime kinda cut that sits on the deep house/nu disco borders and works a voal sample lifted from Mainline (the Jason Load version, not the Black Ivory one – as also sampled by Love Revolution’s Give It To Me Baby back in the day).

Finally, Detroit Swindle’s The Standard Of Dialogue is another cut that owes a great deal to classic early 90s NYC – the “hehs” in particular recalling House Of Gypsies’ Samba, so much so that it MIGHT actually be a sample, though I’m not 100% sure – and that’s topped with a black power/conscious rap-type (second) vocal exhorting “motherfuckers” to “realise” and “reject mediocrity” and so on.

Ageing disco dolly that I am it’s Mantra that wins out for me, with Detroit Swindle coming a close second. But it’s all good, as they say.

Out: This week

About: You can find OFF Recordings in all the usual places, such as… leading social network Facebook! Cloud-based audio sharing service Soundcloud! And at their very own homepage on the World Wide Web! Isn’t the 21st century marvellous, eh?

Desos – Ghetto Love

June 19, 2012 in Singles

Desos Ghetto Love

As you may or may not be aware, 11 blokes from England will be playing a game of football against 11 blokes from Ukraine tonight, with a view to seeing which of them gets to play a game against 11 blokes from Spain next week and which of them gets to go home and be hated by their entire nation.

Now, I’m not the world’s biggest football fan by any means but it seems rude not to go to a pub and shout at a large screen to mark the event, particularly when the sun’s shining. So this will probably be your only blog review tonight… the record in question is a bit of a cracker though, it has to be said.

Regular readers will know that Desos (AKA Brian Løgstrup) has been one of TIWWD’s favourite producers of the past year or two, and he doesn’t disappoint here. It’s the original version of Ghetto Love that’s doing it best for me, a proper slab of uncompromising deepness with drifting, mournful sax sat atop sparse, crisp beats, lingering piano chords and an unassuming throbbing b-line. But the acid-tinged and slightly more driving Detroit Swindle KFC Rework ain’t too shoddy either.

As I said, more quality stuff from a producer you really need to be keeping an eye on.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Desos’s own Deso Records. Click the link for their website or find ’em on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Detroit Swindle – The Wrap Around EP

March 5, 2012 in Singles

Only the second single from Saints & Sonnets but with their debut release, Ethyl & Huxley’s 3 Feet High, having done so well last year, you know all eyes (and ears) are gonna be on this one. Thankfully, SAS002 doesn’t disappoint.

As well as being the label’s second release, this is also the very first ever release from Detroit Swindle, an Amsterdam duo who go by the names of Lars Dales & Maarten Smeets. The EP opens with The Wrap Around itself, a chugging, midtempo houser notable for its insistent bass riff and disembodied soulful male vox. Next up is Pain Tomorrow, which is deeper, slower and bassier… bordering on beatdown territory, in fact. Using a similar vocal approach to the EP’s title track, it’s got something of a ‘future garage’ feel to it and would make a perfect warm-up cut. And then finally, there’s a Pattern Select mix of Pain Tomorrow that beefs up the beats considerably for the tech-house floors.
A very strong EP all round, then.
Out: Wednesday (7 March)
About: Saints And Sonnets is run by Huxley and Jimmy Posters. Find ’em on Facebook and Soundcloud, or check out their podcasts and live shows at Pulse Radio. And thanks to the magic of Google, here’s an interview with Huxley all about the label at Deep Absurdum – a website I’ve only just stumbled across but that I’ll certainly be checking from now on…