Leigh D Oliver – Glorious

January 7, 2013 in Singles

Leigh D Oliver Glorious Definite RidgeOkay, so after the relaunch of TIWWD at the new address and after a quiet week for releases last week, it’s time to get back in the reviewing saddle properly. First up tonight, then, is this two-tracker from Leigh D Oliver.

Glorious itself is a midtempo deep house jam with jazzy sprinkles, and perfectly playable. But for me it’s just pipped to the post by B-side Flick The Phase, which is a slightly chunkier groove with nods to vintage New Jersey garage in its use of chopped-up vox, its fat, squelchy analogue synth b-line and its overall swung feel.

Classy stuff from the Lancashire stable here!

Out: This week

About: You can find Definite Ridge on Soundcloud and Facebook as well as at their own website.

Luke Pompey – Mind Control EP PLUS FREE TRACK

November 27, 2011 in Singles

Luke Pompey delivers the latest for Definite Ridge here, and it’s a must-check if bleepy house/techno with that classic early 90s feel floats your boat.

Think somewhere between Space Face, early Warp, ACR’s classic MCR album and the more techno-inclined remixes of early Orb or System 7 and you’re somewhere along the right lines for lead cut Mind Control. Label boss Leigh Oliver AKA Olivaffair serves up a re-rub that takes us into deep house territory, with the addition of some wicked sax parpery, and then Dark Kustura also delivers a remix that’ll delight the Detroit heads.
Basically, this is a record that’ll make any old raver very happy… well it does me, anyway.
But wait, there’s more. To celebrate the release of the EP, Definite Ridge have kindly offered up this freebie track from Luke as well… it’s not on the EP so get DL’ing cos when it’s gone it’s gone!
Out: Last week, sorry, but I was away…
About: Definite Ridge are, without a doubt, THE finest house and techno label ever to have emerged from a small market town in the Pennines (Barnoldswick, to be precise)… they’re only a few releases old but pretty much everything they’ve done to date has been a cracker. Find out more at their website and Facebook page

Various – Dark Side Of The Studio

October 9, 2011 in Albums

Back in June, I told you about the first-ever release from Barnoldswick, Lancashire-based label Definite Ridge, Olivaffair’s Generations EP, calling it “a very strong debut indeed.” Well, now here are Leigh Oliver (AKA Olivaffair) and friends back again, this time with the label’s debut compilation.

And guess what? It’s a stormer. The bouncy tech-house of Chemical G’s What Words Can’t Say kicks things off in fine style, Gazzy Marvin’s Dial Up takes up the baton in bumpin’ dancefloor deep style, Marvin Parks’ The Itch is another quality funk-fuelled houser and… well, you get the idea.
This is an album it’s pretty much physically impossible to play and sit still in your seat, with all tracks aimed fair and square at the dancefloor; what’s more, though, while deep/tech house is the over-riding theme, there’s enough variety on offer – see for instance the more technoid roll of Ovr Kill’s Narrow Lanes, or the thoughtful, Trentemoller-esque meanderings of This Time, I Say by Sliptide – to prove this isn’t a label that’s likely to get stuck in one groove.

It’s early days, but on this evidence, Definite Ridge could become a serious force to reckon with. If you dig the likes of Salted Music, 90watts or Lost My Dog, you need to be checking these guys out – they’re packing more bounce to the ounce for sure. And in fact, you can do so right here…
Out: This week
About: You can find Definite Ridge on Facebook or at their own website.
PS: I notice the running order’s actually a little different there than it was on the promo. But hey.

Olivaffair – Generations EP

June 28, 2011 in Singles

The debut release from a new UK label – always worth shouting about in TIWWD’s eyes.

The Generations EP comprises three tracks in vinyl form, four if you buy the digital release. Bad Rendition is bumpin’ dancefloor deep house, Generations itself is more your late-night sofa surfer with spoken vocal samples, while Last Stand makes me think Olivaffair misspent at least some of his youth dancing in fields as the sun came up… best of all, all three feature the kind of fat analogue bass that’s graced great British dance music ever since the days of LFO and Tricky Disco. Digital buyers also get a Luke Pompey Remix of Last Stand, which ups the dancefloor ante with tuffer percussion while toning down the sunny Balearic vibe a little.
A very strong debut release indeed, show some love people!
Out: This week (30 June to be precise)
About: This comes atcha on the brand spankin’ new Definite Ridge Records, who are based in the somewhat unlikely location of Barnoldswick (a tiny little town now technically in Lancashire that was part of Yorkshire until 1974 and is still regarded as such by locals, geography and local govt fans). The label’s run by Olivaffair himself, AKA Leigh Oliver, and this is their very firstest release ever, but there’s more in the pipeline and they’ve got their new media presence pretty impressively locked down already cos here’s their website, Soundcloud and Facebook.