Various – Spring Moods Vol 5

May 16, 2016 in Albums

Spring Moods Vol 5 DeepWit RecordingsAlways like to save some of that proper deep goodness for a Sunday night so we’ll close up with this latest in DeepWit’s annual Spring Moods sampler/compilaton series.

Nine tracks on offer, with the emphasis on up-and-coming talent rather than well-known names (though Igor Gonya does make an appearance). Not gonna do the full track-by-track but the dreamy, drifty flotation tank vibes of DJ Ndo-C’s opening Lost Images, with its spoken female psychobabble vocal, pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the album: unhurried, luxuriant late-night deep house grooves are the order of the day generally, though there’s enough variation within that to ensure things don’t get dull. ZaVen’s Bloom has a dubby feel, Hotmode’s Manners sprinkles a little Balearic disco sparkle, while SDJ’s Sky Atlas opts for a slightly more up n’ bouncy approach. Furdak’s 80s-tinged Chasing then closes the album on an ever-so-slightly more uptempo note.

Another essential collection from the Copenhagen crew.

Out: This week

About: You can find DeepWit Recordings herehere and here.

SDJ – Sea View EP

February 22, 2016 in Singles

SDJ Sea View DeepWit RecordingsTo play us out this Sunday night, some very fine deep grooves coming from those ever-reliable providers of the same, Denmark’s DeepWit Recordings.

Three tracks make up the EP. Mantra gets the ball rolling, a laidback, late-night gem that owes more than a little to the classic west coast deep, soulful house sounds of the early 00s, what with its warm, lingering pads and floaty female vocal snips. Sea View itself operates in quite similar territory but perhaps errs a little more to the deep rather than the soulful side of the equation, while finally Think Back is a little pacier in the beats department but is every bit as deep n’ dreamy as the other two, and sports a mighty fine bassline to boot.

Trying to think of any labels that do this kind of uber-deep tackle as well as DeepWit, and I’m seriously struggling* to think of any. Definitely a “heads only” kinda thang this EP, but if that’s you you’re gonna love it, trust.

Out: This week

About: Find DeepWit Recordings herehere and here.

* Best I could do: Greta Cottage Workshop when they’re not being a bit too leftfield/weird, Soulstar/Little Angel but in a more soul-oriented way, or Lucidflow but with a techno slant. And no doubt someone obvious who I’ve forgotten about temporarily and hence have now mortally offended.

Deep Spelle – InHouse EP

January 16, 2016 in Singles

Deep Spelle InHouse EP DeepWit RecordingsWe kick off tonight in (very) deep house territory, as Deep Spelle serves up the latest in DeepWit’s artist-focused InHouse series of EPs.

Five tracks make up the EP: three originals, plus Deep Spelle’s remixes of two tracks by other artists. Taking the originals first, Wet Road (feat Gee) starts out with deep tribal drums and heads even deeper, with a LARGE but muted dub bassline, pads that go on forever and cut-up snatches of sweet fem vox. Everyboy’s Smiling is a little livelier and more overtly floor-friendly, albeit it’d still be one for warm-up or end-of-night play, but the standout among Deep Spelle’s own cuts is The Way You Treat Me feat Jon Juster, a delicate, haunting, garage-leaning affair with mournful sax and a barely-there “I love the way you kiss me” female vocal… look up ‘gorgeous’ in an encyclopaedia and you’ll find a picture of this record!

Moving on to the remixes, the Deep Spelle Back To The 80s Remix of Sumsuch’s Chop Shop is the paciest cut on the EP – though still a laidback, late-night affair by most labels’ standards – and features that familiar “In the 70s, melodies were ruling the world. In the 80s, grooves are ruling the world” spoken vocal, while finally the Jeff Fontaine & Deep Spelle Remix of Proj3kt Dharma’s Forgotten By The Universe is a chuggy lil’ deep houser with a dreamy, drifty feel overall and a man and woman babbling about space by way of a vocal.

The Way You Treat Me takes the gold, but truth be told there’s not a duff cut in sight – this is a superb EP from one of the best deep house labels in the game, so go seek!

Out: This week

About: As ever, you can find DeepWit Recordings herehere and here.

Jason Mitchell – Yet Not I

December 11, 2015 in Singles

Jason Mitchell Yet Not I DeepWit RecordingsMore deep, garage-y house vibes on this latest from Denmark’s DeepWit Recordings.

Yet Not I itself, in its Original form, is a percussion- and keys-driven workout that should work equally well in the warm-up or in the wee small hours, with the vocal – a man’s voice repeating the title – limited to the track’s mid-section. The La Rose Remix is a deeper, warmer, floatier pass with the vocal applied even more sparingly and pitched up. The other original cut is Shimmy, a funk-infused deep house dancefloor stomper with soaring synth-strings and organs to die for, while Sagia provides a heavier, dubbier refix for later play.

All four are excellent but if pushed it’s the sparser, more Jersey-ish originals that get my vote.

Out: This week

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Gareth Bilaney – Jazz Me Up

August 3, 2015 in Singles

Find DeepWit Recordings here, here and here.Let’s start tonight by carrying on in very deep territory where we left off last night, with this latest gorgeous slab from DeepWit.

Three mixes of Jazz Me Up to choose from. The original’s a midpaced, laidback deep houser and only quite lightly jazz-tinged – mainly in the use of brushed snare sounds. Remix-wise, Loz Goddard plumps for more prominent 4/4s, handclaps, sax and organ chords, giving the track a deep garage feel, while the George Horn Remix with its shaker-tastic percussion, looped, scatty female vocal sounds and retro synths is the one that’s most likely to find favour on the more soulful house floors.

All are good but it’s Loz Goddard’s rub that stands out to these ears.

Out: This week

About: Find DeepWit Recordings herehere and here.

Jero Nougues – No Going Back

July 12, 2015 in Singles

Jero Nougues No Going Back DeepWitSome nice dreamy deep house vibes to kick us off tonight from Argentinian wunderkind Jero Nougues.

Four mixes of No Going Back to choose from. In its original form it’s a spangly, drifty deep houser built for warm-up or very late play. Audio Units’ remix is a little more driving in the beats department and hence a more obvious bet for floor play, Ivan Garci strips away some of the layered atmospherics on his slightly tuffer pass and finally the Venntaur Remix takes us into chunkier, prog-leaning territory and adds a hint of acid.

Garci and Audio Units will have to share top honours with this one.

Out: This week

About: This is brought to you by Denmark’s ever-dependable DeepWit, who you can find here, here and here.

Fuzoku – Temporary Asylum

June 3, 2015 in Singles

Fuzoku Temporary Asylum DeepWitLet’s kick off tonight with some typically fine deep house grooves from Denmark’s DeepWit and the Berlin-based duo Fuzoku.

Temporary Asylum itself, in its Original form, is a laidback, classic-style deep houser, built with late nights in mind and sporting sampled, spoken vox that I think are talking about the Snowden/NSA scandal, though I could be wrong. Distant Relatives JHB supply the remix, taking us into even more laidback/late-night territory and bringing the vocal further to the fore. You also get two mixes of Route 60. The original is a slightly more upbeat and floor-friendly cut than Temporary Asylum, but similarly features barely there sampled, spoken vox, while probably the most dancefloor-oriented cut of the whole EP is the remix from label boss Alvaro Hylander.

Not picking a fave here cos, in the words of the late Errol Brown, everyone’s a winner…

Out: This week on Bandcamp and Beatport; everywhere else from 6 July

About: Find DeepWit here, here and here.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject… didn’t quite manage to  get round to it last week but Alvaro’s just put out a five-track EP called In House, the first in a series of ‘best ofs’ from DeepWit-associated artists, so check for that one too.

Various – Autumn Air Vol 3

October 24, 2014 in Singles

Autumn Air Vol 3 DeepWit RecordingsWe kick off tonight with some very deep house grooves, coming courtesy of those ever-reliable providers of the same, Denmark’s DeepWit Recordings.

Kiano & Below Bangkok open the EP with the aptly named Lounging, a gentle, downtempo affair made to soothe battle-weary souls. Johannes’s I Wanna Move is quite a lively deep houser with some very cool understated organs and garage-y skip in its step, while Perfect World by Amir is late-night sofa surfer par excellence. La Rose drag us back to the dancefloor with Deep Overdose, while the EP ends with Agus Monteverde’s Sap, a soulful deep house groover that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Harley & Muscle set.

It’s all good, to coin a phrase, but Perfect World and I Wanna Move are the killers.

Out: This week

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Some albums, almost indecently quickly…

October 13, 2014 in Singles

As promised yesterday on Facebook, here’s a round-up of some of the most checkable albums from the past couple of weeks. Apologies to all the labels/artists concerned, because in an ideal world all of these would have got a full review, but… well, it’s not an ideal world, what can I tell you?

Gareth Bilaney Deep Noon DeepWitGareth Bilaney – Deep Noon
A double first, this: it’s the debut album by NYC-based Mr Bilaney, and it’s also the first-ever artist full-length on DeepWit. Expect smooth deep house grooves in fairly typical DeepWit style, augmented by a couple of excursions into more downtempo territory and, in C Side, one surprisingly effective foray into deep, liquid D&B.
More info:

Omelette Du Fromage Vol 2 Avec MoiVarious – Omelette De Fromage Vol 2
Don’t let the ‘cheese omelette’ title put you off here! This compilation from Romanian label Avec Moi is, I’m happy to confirm, pretty much entirely free of cheese… instead, it’s home to some very fine deep house and garage from a mixture of familiar names (James Dax, Tony S, Yagiz Bayrak) and newcomers. The organ sounds on Dax’s House Avec Moi are worth the £££ on their own…
More info:

The Story So Far Midnight Social RecordingsVarious – The Story So Far
Carlo Gambino’s Midnight Social Recordings present the best of, well, the story so far! You know to expect only the finest in deep and tech house from MSR and many of the cuts here have been previously reviewed on TIWWD as singles anyway, so I’ll just tell you that featured artists include Al Bradley, Dudley Strangeways, Low District, Didier Morris and of course, Carlo himself.
More info:

Something Remixed Vol 2 Something DifferentVarious – Something Remixed Vol 2
The promised follow-up to the first installment (reviewed on this blog a couple of weeks back) sees more back catalogue gems from the Something Different stable getting the remix treatment. With almost too many scene players to list (David Duriez, Onur Ozman, Distant Relatives, Roland Nights, BiG AL, Justin Harris and more), I think you’ll find this one’s a little bit on the crucial side!
More info:

Even more quickly… if soulful, Afro-leaning grooves are your thing, then Ralf Gum‘s In My City on Gogo Music and the Peng Soul compilation on Peng Records should be right up your street, Cold Busted serve up dusty lo-fi funk, trip-hop and downtempo grooves on their second IWYMI label comp, and So Sound Recordings‘ excellent genre-defying Hotel Voyage compilation from a couple of years back has just been re-issued.

Various – Best Of DeepWit Vol 1

May 19, 2013 in Albums

Best Of DeepWit Vol 1Got a few long-players to tell you about tonight, starting with this ‘best of’ collection from Denmark’s DeepWit Recordings. But as this is a ‘best of’ comp, and as it’s quite rare a DeepWit release doesn’t get a glowing review on This Is Why We Dance, I’m gonna keep the review for this one nice and short.

So here goes: if deep house that’s laidback, melodic and atmospheric without ever becoming soporific sounds like your idea of a good way of spending 71 minutes and 47 seconds, then step right this way. Because with cuts from the likes of Deep Spelle, Cadatta, Pablo Fierro, Max Volkholz and of course DeepWit label boss Alvaro Hylander, this is freaking superb, quite frankly.

Out: 27 May (so yeah, this is an earlier review than normal. But that’s for very important, and secret reasons. And not cos I misread the date as 17 May at all).

About: Find DeepWit on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.