Nithen – Depth Control EP

October 31, 2015 in Singles

Nithen Depth Control EP DeepA three-tracker here from Miami’s Deep stable that’ll please those who like their deep house on the prog-tinged side.

The oddly-titled CubiiCan kicks things off, a slow-burning gem that builds inexorably to an analogue-tastic synthy climax. Daze Control takes an unhurried, throbbing house groove and sprinkles it with more analogue synth sweeps, shakers and vocal micro-snips, while finally Depth Charger is the most overtly floor-friendly of the three and to these ears would sound most at home as a bridging track in the early part of an (eg) Digweed or Cattaneo set, ending as it does in a considerably tougher, chunkier and synthier place than it started out.

Daze Control is the standout for me here.

Out: This week

About: Find Deep, part of the Liquid Music stable, on Facebook or at their own website.

Rodrigo Vega – Move Groove Reborn

October 3, 2015 in Singles

Rodrigo Vega Move Groove Reborn DeepYet another two-tracker here, this one coming from the Miami stable known simply as Deep.

Move Groove is up first, a midtempo, chugging deep houser with just enough swing in the beats to keep things interesting, looping chorus’d scat vox, a funny little woodwind bit in the middle and a second looped, understated “get down tonight” vocal. It’s accompanied, as the more intuitive among you may have already surmised, by Reborn, which is just slighty tuffer and sparser, and which sports a similarly-styled vocal to the A though in this case I can’t quite work what exactly he’s saying.

Good stuff as ever from Deep… and this also happens to be the label’s 100th release, so congrats to Hector and the crew for reaching that landmark!

Out: This week

About: Find Deep here and here.

Reezak & Luke Hazell – Why Not China

July 10, 2015 in Singles

Reezak & Luke Hazell Why Not China DeepSome very deep grooves on this two-tracker from Miami’s Deep stable.

On the A-side, Why Not is a midpaced headnodder whose sparse beats, dub bassline and glitchy FX should go down well with lovers of deep house and deep techno alike, though it leans more towards the latter. Over on the B, meanwhile, the slightly pacier China has more pounding kicks and bigger bass, making this the more obvious bet for dancefloor play, and sports [what a quick Googling of the lyrics tells me is] an extended sample of a Leonard Cohen awards acceptance speech by way of a vocal.

Quality stuff as ever from the label that says what it does on the sleeve.

Out: This week

About: Find Deep on Facebook or at their own website.

PS If you’re interested, seeing as I’ve got the page open anyway, you can read and watch Cohen’s speech in full here.

Nithen – Turn Deep EP

May 17, 2015 in Singles

Nithen Turn Deep EP DeepThe clue’s in the title with this three-track EP from the label simply known as ‘Deep’.

Deep D Fined is up first, a slow-builder that gradually evolves into a dubby lil’ chugger with what sounds like a text-to-speech woman’s voice saying “extending far down from the top or surface; very intense or extreme” (geddit?) and occasional cheeky flecks of wukka-wukking guitar. Deep N Dirty comes next, a slo-mo affair that’s definitely built with the sofa rather than the dancefloor in mind, while completing the EP is Turn Left, another late-night cut, albeit one that’s underpinned by gentle kicks and that sports some Detroit-y strings and gorgeous lilting piano.

Deep D Fined takes the gold for me.

Out: This week

About: Find Deep, part of the Liquid stable, on Facebook or at their own website.

Various – Deop Vol 7: Winter 2015 Edition

December 31, 2014 in Singles

Deop Vol 7 Winter 2015 EditionIf there’s one thing there just aren’t enough of, it’s deep and tech house compilations that start with the sound of baa-ing sheep. I’ve always said that*.

Quite why the label simply known as Deep decided to call their compilation EP series Deop is anyone’s guess – ‘deep operations’, maybe? – but anyway, here’s volume seven, and it kicks off with Chester Code & Ash Traxx’s No Sheeps Allowed, which as well as the aforesaid ovine noises also runs to a neat line in warm bass, snatches of spoken vocal and simple warm, looping synths. It also sets the stall out pretty well for the rest of the EP, with ‘warm, deep and techy’ pretty much applying to all the tracks here. So rather than go into every track one-by-one, I’ll merely call your attention to some particular highlights: Ivan Svara’s broody, twitchy late-night gem No Dual, Matias Carafa’s moody, unhurried Darwin and the closing track by Yeyo, which is a synthified cover (yes, an actual cover, rather than a re-edit, homage track or sample-athon) of Akabu’s Ride The Storm.

With other tracks coming from Javier De Baraja, Nithen, Rodgrigo Vega and Transcient, this another very checkable V/A from Deep, particularly if you like your deep house on the more abstract, cerebral side.

Out: Today

About: Deep is part of the Liquid Music stable, and can be found here and here.

*I’ve never said that. Except just now, obviously. That doesn’t mean it’s not true, though. I’ve never said “The square roof of 17 is 4.12310562562”, either, but it is.

Rodrigo Vega – Dark Air EP

October 21, 2014 in Singles

Rodrigo Vega Dark Air EP DeepFigured this would be a good one to start with tonight cos it’s quite dark n’ techy, like the two bits reviewed yesterday, but in a much more funk-fuelled, house-ified kinda way…

So, on the A we have Dark Day, a chugging and (by today’s standards) fairly uptempo groove sporting a downpitched spoken male vocal about “feeling the vibe” and such, and some funny off-kilter little synth squiggles. Flip it over, and Life In The Air busts  shaker-tastic beats, some decidedly early 80s-sounding synths and a preacher-style vocal (“Ask, and it will be delivered/Dance, and it will be funky”).

Dark Day is my fave but Life… deserves props for being truly individual-sounding, so check for that one too.

Out: This week

About: This is brought to you by Miami label Deep, who you can find here and here.

Ill Cows – Friday

October 10, 2014 in Singles

Ill Cows Friday DeepToday seemed like an appropriate time to review this latest from the Deep stable!

The lead cut here’s actually called Friday Morning, and is a sparse, drifty midtempo affair that’s most notable for its distinctive use of bell/vibes sounds. The synth scribbles get a little chaotic for these ears in places, though, so I’d actually plump for the deeper, smoother Greenfish Remix… but the standout of the whole EP is 4 Days In Ireland, a fine slice of almost-instrumental techy, dubby deepness.

Course it’s no Rebecca Black but you can’t have everything! 🙂

Out: This week

About: You can find Deep, part of the Miami-based Liquid Music family, on Facebook or at their own website.

Various – Deop Vol 6: Summer 2014 Edition

September 10, 2014 in Albums

Deop Vol 6 Summer 2014 Edition Deep RecordsAnother cracking V/A collection here… this one, in a spectacular instance of bad planning on my part, also coming from a Liquid Music imprint. In this case, the label simply known as Deep.

So as you’d expect, deep and tech house vibes are again what’s on offer, covering a range of styles but generally erring more towards the ‘deep’ rather than the ‘tech’ side of the equation. There are 10 tracks from nine artists, so I’m not going into each and every one, but cuts I’d humbly suggest are particularly worthy of your attention include the subdued deep acid textures of Javier De Baraja’s Unfinished Story, Rodrigo Vega’s elegantly sparse Another Chance with its pulsing analogue synth bassline, Klod Rights’ bassy, druggy The Voodoo and RedDub’s, er, dubbed-out Find Me Again (feat a Mutaburka-esque vocal from Kambiz).

But as with the Ritmik album below, there’s very little in the way of filler here… just 1 hour, 11 minutes and three seconds of quality underground house music. Niceness.

Out: This week

About: You can find Deep here and here.

The great big monster Miami 2014 round-up

March 23, 2014 in Albums, Singles

With Miami WMC 2014 underway, it’s time for our annual samplers round-up. As ever, in the interests of fairness I’m including every sampler I’ve been sent – like a fool, some might say, seeing as there’s quite a ruddy few of them. But anyway, here they are (in alphabetical order of label)

AquasoundThe Oddity Vol 4: The WMC 20Fourteen Compilation
A six-track offering to kick us off, coming from Miami-based Aquasound. As is the label’s wont, most tracks operate in the hinterland between deep, tech and progressive, with Paolo Soro’s uplifting, energetic Yeah and Elio Aur’s Happy Clappers-sampling Believe two standouts from a tracklist that also features cuts from Ariel M, Fingers Clear, Gianno Firmaio and Javier De Baraja. Out: Now

ArtefactArtefact WMC 2014 Sampler
Macedonia’s Artefact Records bring us seven tracks ranging from the trad-style garage of Alek Soltirov’s It’s That Bad to the drummy tech-house of Borce Panov’s Zatilnik, via five more from Ffunk, Goran Tech, Miroch, No Government and Pavle Vasiljevic. The emphasis is mostly on tech-house, look out for some didgeridoo action on Vasilvejic’s Down Under too. Out: Doesn’t actually say…

ChronovisionChronovision Ibiza Miami Sampler 2014
Tech-house is generally the order of the day on this six-track offering from Chronovision Ibiza, too – mostly of the deeper, more minimal-leaning variety. The EP features tracks from Jack Steinel, Anek, Baxter Bros, Iban Mendoz, Leo Perez and Valentin Huedo, with Anek’s From The Heart and Huedo’s Deadly Dance standouts for yours truly. Out: Thursday (27 March)

DeepProfundo Vol 2: The Miami 20Fourteen Compilation
A seven-track sampler here from one of TIWWD’s fave labels du jour, Aquasound’s sister label Deep. Features contributions from Ariel M, Belogurov & DaKooka, Javier De Baraja, Leo La Rosa, Nithen, Rodrigo Vega and Yeyo, and while those might be mostly new names, rest assured the quality’s high throughout, with Yeyo’s late-night, drifty Acid House and Ariel M’s organ-throbbing Enough among the highlights. Out: Now

DeeperfectDeeperfect Miami 2014
This sampler from Italy’s Deeperfect is unusual in that in comes in mixed form… at least that’s what it says on the cover. They were actually kind enough to promo the unmixed version but Hollen is the man at the controls, and he includes two of his own tracks as well as contributions from Markomas, Raffaele Rizzi, Stefano Kosa, Tomy Wahl, Tony Dee, D-Deck, Dj Micky Da Funk & Costantino Nappi and (deep breath) Oscar Aguilera, Guille Placencia & George Privatti. Expect the finest in tuff, driving tech-house and muscular, funk-fuelled techno. Out: Now

DefectedDefected presents Most Rated Miami 2014
You surely know the score with this series… Defected round-up some of their biggest recent tunes alongside some forthcoming goodies. Features tracks from MK, Audiowhores, Coyu, Noir, Romanthony, Tiger Stripes, Claude Monnet, Route 94, Kruse & Nuernberg, Subb-An and more, and comes in mixed and unmixed versions. Out: Now

King Street BPKing Street Miami 2014 (Beatport Edition)
As is their habit, King Street have split their Miami sampler into two editions, available on Beatport and Traxsource respectively. As is also their habit, the Beatport Edition is where you’ll find tuffer-edged house aimed at the bigger floors, with five tracks coming from Electrobios & B.O.N.G, Dude Skywalker, Anton X, Le Vinyl & Mani Rivera and Kort feat. Emma Black. Out: Now

King Street TSKing Street Miami 2014 (Traxsource Edition)
Meanwhile in the pink corner, the Traxsource Edition of King Street‘s sampler features five tracks that explore slightly deeper and/or more soulfuul territory. Contributions come from 2 Good Souls, Jazzman Wax, Namy feat. Josh Milan, and Nat Wendell, the latter’s ace Know Where It’s At coming in both Original and Late Night Dub flavas. Out: Now

Seamless DeepSeamless Deep Miami 2014
Gotta be honest and say this is one of my favourites of this year’s Miami crop! John Moss’s struttin’, funk-driven Damn Thing and the back-to-95 garage grooves of Max Corderoy’s Stay Up are the cuts that do the most to make it so, but elsewhere on this Seamless Deep EP you’ll also find fine quality tracks from Dare Me, Graham Sahara & MinusBlue, Jordan O’Regan, Lorenzo Boreham, Trevor O’Neil and the brilliantly-named Stoned Chicken. Out: Now

Sleazy DeepMiami G
Sleazy Deep’s dedicated ‘G-house’ offshoot Sleazy G hits hard here with an album-length Miami offering featuring no fewer than 17 cuts from the likes of Amine Edge & DANCE, Vanilla Ace, Tapesh & Dayne S, DISTRKT and many more, including of course label boss Rob Made. Check Nature Sun’s Gangsta Shit for some archetypal G-house action, or see Re Dupre & Rod B’s Crash The Party for some cheeky Bowie-sampling thrills. Out: 7 April

Smiley FingersSmiley Goes To Miami
Another pretty hefty offering here from long-time TIWWD faves Smiley Fingers, clocking in at 11 tracks in total. Label faves Larry Cadge, Burnski, Hollen and Rick Sanders snuggle up alongside Sarp Yilmaz, Adam Helder, Curly Project, Emanual Satie, Sami Wentz and Scottish industrial/EBM legends Fini Tribe (as remixed by Pete Gooding) on a veritable smorgasbord of deep and tech house delights. Out: Now

StereoStereo Miami 2014
You’ve got to admire a label that’s stuck to its guns – or should that be drums? – for as long as DJ Chus’s Stereo Productions. Just the four tracks on this sampler, coming from Adrian Hour, Horatio, Patrick M and Uner and no, Uner’s dreamier El Navagente aside they don’t vary much from the label’s usual ‘percussive, tribal-tinged terrace workout’ blueprint. But the good ship Stereo’s survived 13 years on the house industry’s turbulent seas, which means I think they’ve earned the right to flip the script or not as they see fit! Out: Now

YellowjaxWMC 2014 Miami Sampler
Last but not least, we end with this sampler from New York techno stalwarts Yellowjax, featuring five cuts of pumping tech-house and clubby techno from Afrozoid & Rods, James Hopkins, Joe Mesmar, Matt S and Stefano Pini. Afrozoid & Rods’ I Can’t Sleep is where househeads will want to, er, ‘head’ first. Out: Tomorrow (24 March)

Ariel M – Love Story

March 11, 2014 in Singles

Ariel M Love Story DeepSome fine contemporary-style deep house grooves on this latest from Florida’s Deep imprint.

Do What’s Right opens proceedings, a very Berlin-ish, bassy affair with a downpitched “do it right” vocal. Don’t You Worry, Love Me operates in similar territory but rides a slightly skippier rhythm, while Falling In Your Arms is a more classic-style cut with an old skool bass synth hook and jazz-inflected fem vox. Best of all though is Feeling Love, a slightly more energetic number with some fine 90s M1 sounds.

Out: Today

About: Find Deep on Facebook or at their own website.