Savvas – Between Time

September 5, 2015 in Singles

Savvas Between Time Deep Site RecordingsA four-track EP here from Deep Site Recordings with mixes that’d work in deep and progressive sets alike.

The original version of Between Time has a dreamy, almost Balearic feel but is lent some extra dancefloor oomph thanks to its rave-y bassline. Loz Goddard adds crowd noise and warping, wobbly strings on his slightly more upbeat (in mood if not necessarily in tempo) remix, while Ilias Katelanos’s take is more of a straight-up, less prog-leaning deep house jam. Completing the EP, you then get a trippy, dubbed-out rub from Forteba, complete with added “deep down inside, you need love” soulful male vocals.

Katelanos takes the gold for me, with Forteba not far behind.

Out: This week

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Edmond Binoge – Deep Shades Of Sound EP

June 28, 2015 in Singles

Edmond Binoge Deep Shades Of Sound EP Deep Site RecordingsMoving into deeper house pastures now with this two-track, three-mix EP from Macedoia’s Edmond Binoge.

Question is up first, a chunky deep house dancefloor groover with bubblin’ aquatic sounds at the top end, dubby overtones at the bottom and cut-up vox and stabby keys in the middle. The Deep Shades Of Sound Mix of the same is a techier, twitchier pass, while completing the EP is Tunnel, a slightly more laidback, trad-style deep houser with snatches of jazzy female scat vox.

All very fine stuff but I think the original of Question just nudges the gold for me.

Out: This is week

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Ray Saul – Linear Fun EP

June 20, 2015 in Singles

Ray Saul Linear Fun EP Deep Site RecordingsMore quality deep house shizzle on this three-tracker from Deep Site Recordings.

Linear Fun itself is a minimal/tech-leaning cut, with intricate twitchy beats and a throbbing but understated bassline underpinning its warm pads, synth sparkles and snatches of chopped-up male vox. Another Beginning is a more sultry, sumptuous affair that’s warm and velvety enough to wrap yourself up in on the sofa, yet has enough going on in the beats department to work as warm-up/afterhours dancefloor material too. And then finally there’s Any Day Now, the liveliest cut of the three with clappy beats, female vocal microsnips, hefty bass, occasional ivories and two competing male vocal fragments (one singing “some day” and the other saying “underground”).

Fine stuff as ever from the Deep Site crew, with Another Beginning leading the pack to these ears.

Out: This week

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Ra-Soul – Deep Site Sessions

November 15, 2014 in Albums

Ra-Soul Deep Site Sessions Deep Site RecordingsCroatia’s ever-excellent Deep Site label pull off something of a coup for their 30th release, drafting in US deep house veteran DJ Ra-Soul to mix what is, I believe, their first label comp.

With tracks and remixes from the likes of Deephope, Tony S, Anthony Mea, Terry Vernixx, Marc Cotterell and Deep Spelle… and given the number of Deep Site releases that have previously received glowing reviews on this very blog… and given that Ra-Soul’s at the helm… you shouldn’t really need me to break down every single track to know what to expect. So I won’t. Instead I’ll just say that you get both a 54-minute mixed version by Ra-Soul plus 15 tracks in all their full-length unmixed glory (at least I think you get both, the hype sheet isn’t very clear), taking in various shades of deep house from the near-ambient, to the jazzy and soulful, to the more bouncy and tech-tinged, but with the mix overall having a slow-building, dreamy kinda feel.

Oh, and that Deephope’s remix of Felipe L’s When Night Sounds is one of the best things to happen to ears in a long while. And that you should buy this album immediately.

Out: This week

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Santiago Santamaria – All Around EP

July 6, 2014 in Singles

Santiago Santamaria All Around EP Deep Site RecordingsArgentina’s Santiago Santamaria has featured on TIWWD on several occasions, with releases on UM Records, Savoir Faire and Plastik People. Now he adds Deep Site Recordings to his CV with this two-track/four-mix EP.

All Around itself is, in its original form, a late-night deep house instrumental, with enough energy in the beats to keep bodies moving but enough space in the production and enough musicality in the synth washes, gently fluttering flute and barely-there female sighs to keep the sofa surfers happy too. Jero Nougues then gives us a remix that tuffens up the beats somewhat and adds some ker-razy parpin’ jazz sax, making this rub the more obvious choice for dancefloor play. It’s a similar story with G’s House: the original’s a lush, late-night affair reminiscent of vintage Strobe material, while the Tom Noir Remix takes the track’s gorgeous, sumptuous chords and sticks more driving beats underneath.

In both cases it’s the original rubs that do it best for me, but the more energetic refixes are certainly useful to have, making this yet another winner from the Croatian stable.

Out: This week

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Rishi K – Unity Gain EP/Smoke & Mirrors EP

June 2, 2014 in Singles

Rishi K Smoke & Mirrors EP Deep Site RecordingsRishi K Unity Gain EP Ready Mix RecordsRishi K needs to stop making records! Not forever, you understand: it’s just that the San Francisco producer’s so gosh-darn prolific it’s a real struggle just to keep up with the lad…

Take last week, which saw not one but two EPs landing in stores. In the blue corner, we have the Unity Gain EP, coming on Ready Mix Records with its two tracks served up in a total of eight mixes, including one from label boss Big AL. With rubs of Unity Gain and Holes running the gamut from dubby to techy to discofied, it’s hard to imagine any deep house DJ not deriving satisfaction from this package. In the red corner, meanwhile, there’s the Smoke & Mirrors EP, brought to you by Croatia’s always on-point Deep Site Recordings and featuring remixes of the title cut by Harold Heath and Matt Prehn, with blissed-out, floataway vibes the general order of the day.

He’s good at this deep house lark is Rishi K. Let’s hope he doesn’t stop making records any time soon…

Out: Last week

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McNair & Clarke – Bread Ring EP

May 2, 2014 in Singles

McNair & Clarke Bread Ring EP Deep Site RecordingsWe kick off tonight with some bass-y, tech-tinged deep house grooves from Deep Site Recordings.

Bread Ring itself is a quite epic, densely-layered affair powered by a fairly sedate but nonetheless hip-swaying bassline, dubby chords and floaty, treated female vocal snips. The Deep Spelle Remix heads into even deeper, later-night territory and features a little micro-loop of female voice that doesn’t half sound like a Smokin’ Beats Dreams sample, though it probably isn’t. The Addex Remix has sparser production and added snips of soulful male vox, and is probably the rub that will get the most love on the young hipster floors, while completing the package is The Grill, a slightly tuffer, chuggy affair with huge, reverberating FX reminiscent of Lucidflow/Fullbarr-style deep techno.

Quality stuff as ever from this always-checkable Croatian imprint.

Out: This week

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Mane Savanovic – Turn Back Time EP

January 25, 2014 in Singles

Mane Savanovic Turn Back Time EP Deep Site RecordingsGonna keep it on a deep house tip tonight, starting with this latest from Croatia’s Deep Site Recordings. Mane Savanovic is a new name to me, but Deep Site can pretty much always be relied on to deliver the goods and when you factor in Al Bradley and Rishi K on remix duties, this starts to look like something of a no-brainer!

Sounds like one, too. In its original form, Turn Back Time is a late-night, dreamy affair with sweet-as-sugar, vaguely UKG-ish fem vox and densely layered synths that zoom across the room from one speaker to another. Al Bradley’s 3am Deep Dub does what Al’s 3am Deep Dubs always do, transforming the cut into a heads-down afterhours workout, while Rishi’s melodic pass could take it to proggier floors and Zuko’s rub (another new name) ventures into glitchier, techier territory.

Despite the remix talent on display though, it’s the original that works best for me here. Just lovely.

Out: This week

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Big AL – Aurora EP

November 11, 2013 in Singles

Big AL Aurora EP Deep Site RecordingsSeems like only yesterday I was bigging up Ready Mix’s ADE sampler… that’s cos it was only yesterday… but now here comes the Ready Mix main man Big AL again. Only today he’s doing the do for Croatia’s Deep Site Recordings.

And ‘deep’ is certainly the word with this one! In its Original form, Aurora is an unhurried instrumental workout with a floaty, ‘deep prog’ kinda feel. S’good, but the remixes are even better, with Nosak keeping things warm and musical, Echofusion heading in a minimal direction and Jamesen serving up a dubby, late-night refix.

Liking all the mixes, to be fair, but I’d say Jamesen’s rub just pips it, with Echofusion’s a close second. A red-eyed gem…

Out: Tomorrow (12 Nov)

About: You can find Deep Site Recordings on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Felipe L – When Night Sounds

August 18, 2013 in Singles

Felipe L When Night Sounds Deep Site RecordingsOkay, last one for today so let’s drop a little deeper…

Four mixes of When Night Sounds to choose from. The original rolls along at a fairly upbeat pace, driven by a funky-assed b-line and topped by some gorgeous multitracked female vox. It’s the remixes that are doing it for me, though. Karmine Rosciano keeps the tempo ‘up’ but tames the pounding drums somewhat, letting the vocal and the added disco synths shine through. Nando Muro drops it down several notches to deliver a more sultry, late-night kinda pass, while the Deephope Remix operates in similar territory, but with reverb applied to the vox and some lovely garage-y pad work.

I think Deephope’s mix just edges it for me, but Nando Muro’s comes a close second and to be fair, Karmine Rosciano’s not far behind either!

Out: This week

About: This comes on Deep Site Recordings, another Croation label who you can find here, here and here (Soundcloud, Facebook, web).