Saison – Come With Us EP

June 25, 2016 in Singles

Saison Come With Us EP Large MusicAn excellent three-track EP here from Chicago veterans Large Music. And while the name Saison will be new to most, the guys themselves are no newbies either… it’s a team-up between Leigh Darlow of The Layabouts, and Matthew Bandy of Deep House Souldiers*.

So, on to the music. Come With Us, which gets the ball rolling, is a languid deep house groover with jazzy piano chords, snatches of spoken female vocal that recall Akabu’s Ride The Storm and a main nagging Rhodes riff. Help Me is in a similar vein but with a more garage-y feel, while Walking The Night flips the script and takes us to the proggier, dreamier end of deep house, albeit still with a soulful vocal element.

Quality stuff all round, but it’s probably no surprise that Help Me is my fave.

Out: Tomorrow (26 June)

About: You can find Large Music on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

* From whose 2003 single This Is Why We Dance this blog takes its name. With Matt’s permission, of course, so cheers again for that Mr B!

Sunday night deepness

April 17, 2016 in Singles

Hello! You might remember me, I used to have a house blog. If you’re wondering where TIWWD has been this last month, all will be explained on Facebook (albeit possibly tomorrow). But anyway, long story short, am back on the reviews case now, kicking off tonight with a selection of SERIOUSLY deep goodness from the last seven days…

Johannes Different Things Deep ClicksJohannes – Difficult Things EP
Getting a full release this week is (was) this three-tracker from Czech newcomer Johannes, coming on Spanish label Deep Clicks. Difficult Things itself is an unhurried, dreamy and soul-tinged deep houser built with afterhours or post-club play in mind. Don’t Make Me Wait is a smoother, deep garage-y affair that nods to the Peech Boys, while finally Don’t You Wanna is another 4am deep house cut with warm, dubby bass and breathy female vocal snips. All three are quality but if pushed, Don’t Make Me Wait stands out.
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Filta Freqz Way 2 Go Soul Supplement RecordsFilta Freqz – Way 2 Go EP
Slightly more uptempo and floor-friendly deep house vibes here courtesy of Vegas’s finest, Soul Supplement Records. Just the two tracks on offer: Way 2 Go itself rocks tuff kicks, cut-up/filtered disco vox and a hefty dose of garage swing, while Take Note on the flip is similarly disco-fied but with rolling beats, parping sax and assorted fragments of male vocal (“come on,” “to the beat y’all… and ya don’t stop” and “who got it going on?” all appear at different times). The title track just nudges it for me.
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Gregory Dub Get Deeper EP Gents N' Dandy'sGregory Dub – Get Deeper EP
An outstanding five-track EP here from the ever-checkable Gents N’ Dandy’s. The smooth, Jersey-ish deep garage vibes of Home Is Home get the ball rolling, Floating continues in a similar vein, Come On hits that perfect “deep enough for the sofa, tuff enough for the floor” sweet spot, Dreamin’ takes us into proper blissed-out, 5am territory and then finally Relief plays us out on a lazy, downtempo note. And, as we’ve come to expect from Gn’D, it’s superbly classy stuff from start to finish. Go seek!
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Carlos Francisco Sun Chaser SP RecordingsCarlos Francisco – Sun Chaser
And speaking of supremely classy stuff, here’s a jazz-inflected offering from SP Recordings that’s definitely one “for the heads” as they say! Building from a simple percussive intro, Sun Chaser slowly develops into as wigged-out and groovesome a jazzual, garage-y Rhodes workout as you’ll hear all month, while an accompanying Afro Dream Mix is the same but with Afro/tribal beats (well duh). Which mix you opt for is a matter of personal percussive preference: either will have 90 per cent of the population going ‘What’s this, fucking Jazz Club?” – and the 10 per cent that matter in raptures!
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Miami 2016 Sampler Ready Mix RecordsVarious – Ready Mix WMC 2016
Yes, it seems a little late in the day for Miami samplers but this only got a full release this week. Regular readers of this blog (if there are any left after the recent hiatus!) will know I’m a big fan of Ready Mix Records’ take on deep house and this nine-track collection doesn’t change that one iota. Not doing the full track-by-track but suffice to say that there are nine tracks from eight artists, all new names to your truly but Ready Mix’s usual high quality standards apply, with Beat Factory’s bouncy I Feel Like, Eke’s funky-assed Romb and Armen Miran’s moody Marta particularly worth checking.
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Klartraum E Remixes Pt 1 LucidflowKlartraum – E Remixes Pt 1
Sunday night at TIWWD wouldn’t be Sunday night at TIWWD without some deep, dubby techno from Lucidflow to end on! So here we have five remixes of three tracks from last year’s E album by label bosses Klartraum. Bell Birds Dub gets the most love, with D. Diggler and Yapacc remixes as well as the original all featured; TBH the Original is still my fave but if you want it toughened up Diggler’s yer man while Yapacc gets a bit more abstract and soundscape-y. Elsewhere, Alan Oldham AKA Detroitrocketscience brings us a shuffly, minimal-leaning take on Bill Bill, while Oscar Barila and Jamin Hernandez’s rub of Drama Queen is lazy, sunkissed deep house of the highest calibre.
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Rogerio Martins – The Vibe EP

February 21, 2016 in Singles

Rogerio Martins The Vibe KMS RecordsAnother very fine deep house two-tracker here, this one coming on Kevin Saunderson’s KMS Records courtesy of Portuguese DJ, producer and radio host Martins.

The Vibe itself is up first, which sits right on the deep house/garage cusp with its chopped n’ looped Loleatta vox, organ stabs and squelchy, hip-swayin’ b-line. Flip it over for Cinco De Mayo, which is just a touch more driving and marries another full-phat b-line to more dreamy synth washes and Jersey-ish organs. And I’m not picking a favourite, because both are excellent.

That’ll be two in a row for the proper ‘eads then…

Out: This week

About: You can find KMS Records on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Brad Coleman – Deep Down

January 22, 2016 in Singles

Brad Coleman Deep Down Falk RecordingsSome fine deep house grooves on this two-tracker from the ever-checkable Falk Recordings.

On the A, Deep Down itself should work on deep and soulful floors alike, thanks to its Latin-infused rhythm, watery marimba/vibes-like sounds and looping “deep down” fem vox. Meanwhile over on the B, the more out-there Cosmic Radio Source sounds like nothing so much as the kind of wonky, off-kilter Jersey garage that characterised much of Madhouse’s early output.

Nice work as ever from the Bristol label.

Out: This week

About: Find Falk Recordings on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Kiko Navarro – Camon Yo! EP

September 13, 2015 in Singles

Kiko Navarro Camon Yo! EP Plastik PeopleQuality real-deal house shizzle as ever on this latest from Albuquerque’s Plastik People.

Camon Yo! itself comes in two mixes. The Rework mix is an urgently pulsing house groover with lots of party noise and some killer disco brass stabs., while the Goshawk (Rhythm Plate) Remix ploughs a deeper furrow, with filtered jazzy keyboard licks and the whoops and hollers far more subdued. The other original cut, Beats Dance, is again quite an uptempo affair centred around lively top-end percussion, a fat walking bassline and soaring disco strings. The standout of the whole EP to these ears, though,  is (label boss Mark) Cotterell’s Moody Mix – a jazz-tinged slice of organ-sporting deep garage par excellence.

Out: This week

About: Find Plastik People here, here and here.

Gareth Bilaney – Jazz Me Up

August 3, 2015 in Singles

Find DeepWit Recordings here, here and here.Let’s start tonight by carrying on in very deep territory where we left off last night, with this latest gorgeous slab from DeepWit.

Three mixes of Jazz Me Up to choose from. The original’s a midpaced, laidback deep houser and only quite lightly jazz-tinged – mainly in the use of brushed snare sounds. Remix-wise, Loz Goddard plumps for more prominent 4/4s, handclaps, sax and organ chords, giving the track a deep garage feel, while the George Horn Remix with its shaker-tastic percussion, looped, scatty female vocal sounds and retro synths is the one that’s most likely to find favour on the more soulful house floors.

All are good but it’s Loz Goddard’s rub that stands out to these ears.

Out: This week

About: Find DeepWit Recordings herehere and here.

Dee Brown – Body Jerk EP

July 16, 2015 in Singles

Dee Brown Body Jerk EP Freche FruchteA three-tracker here from Hull’s Freche Fruchte and Bradford gal Dee Brown that sits right on the deep house/garage cusp.

Body Jerk itself kicks things off. Rock-solid kicks n’ claps underpin atmospheric synths that slowly give way to filtered keyboard stabs and “aw!” vocal inserts (both male and female), with a treated female “make your body move” vocal coming in later on. Hey Mary is even more garage-leaning with its shuffling beats, clipped organ/synth stabs and chopped vocal snips, while Need To Feel You plays us out on a more eyes-wide-shut and drifty, 4am kinda note.

If (like me) you dig deep house and UKG alike you’re gonna fiend for this one, trust!

Out: This week

About: Find Freche Fruchte on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Jack Swaffer & Richey Profond – Double Dealing

May 12, 2015 in Singles

Jack Swaffer & Richey Profond Double Dealing Unrivaled MusicKeeping it nice and deep but moving into much housier pastures, next up tonight we have this two-tracker from Unrivaled Music.

On the A, Double Dealing is credited to both artists, and starts off with quite tuff kicks and atmospherics from the deep techno school of thought. These are soon joined, though, by some lovely rich chords and chopped-up microsnips of soulful/garage-y male vox, making for a track that should find favour from right across the house-techno spectrum, at least from those that like it proper deep! Flip it over and you’ll find Set The Sixty from Swaffer on his own, a much more straightforwardly garage-leaning jam with parping organs and cut-up M/F vox, and It’s Not About from Profond, a sparse but rolling tech-houser with slightly chipmunk’d rap snippets by way of a vocal.

Three quite different cuts, then, but all equally fine in their own ways.

Out: This week

About: Find Unrivaled Music herehere and here.

Tony S – Flight Of Ideas EP

March 8, 2015 in Singles

Tony S Flight Of Ideas EP Headset RecordingsA three-tracker here from a producer who should need no introduction to TIWWD readers, coming to you courtesy of San Francisco label Headset Recordings.

Flight Of Ideas itself is up first, which opens with simple beats and throbbing bassline, then adds tinkly pads, female vocal wails and some wibbly analogue-sounding synth action. After The Fact, which follows, is a slightly techier affair with two competing female vocal elements (one saying “tick-tock”, the other an extended “ye-eaah”) doing battle above Middle Eastern sounds, busy top-end percussion and hefty but muted bass, the end result being a hypnotic track made for locked-on 4am floors. The standout for yours truly, though – sorry Tony! – is the Terry Vernixx Remix of the title track, which is somewhat livelier than the original but nonetheless has a dubby, deep garage feel.

Out: This week

About: You can find Headset Recordings on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Marsupials & Marcus Raute – Everything Crashes EP

February 16, 2015 in Singles

Marsupials & Marcus Raute Everything Crashes EP Colour In MusicTo end with tonight we have this excellent two-track, four-mix EP from Portugal’s Colour In Music.

Everything is up first, which in its Original form tops lingering chords and brisk, crisp beats with a slightly manic-sounding looped “everything” vocal, the overall effect sitting somewhere between NJ garage and Detroitian house à la Terrence Parker and the Serious Grooves label. A remix from Workerz then smoothes out the rough edges but adds some fairly brash synth stabs of its own that recall vintage Italian house of the early 90s. The other original is Crash, a more langorous deep houser (again with garage-y overtones in the ‘aahs’ and ‘yeahs’ and jazzy organ chords/stabs) that comes accompanied by a more stripped n’ struttin’ Luvless Remix that adds some lovely fat, Detroit-y bass synth and brings the vox a little more to the fore.

An EP that’ll delight the older heads as much as the young ‘uns. Really hard to pick a fave so I’m not going to.

Out: Last week, but see below

About: You can find Colour In Music on Soundcloud and Facebook. They did have a website but it doesn’t seem to be very well at time of typing.