Waifs & Strays – Fire In Me EP

May 8, 2016 in Singles

Waifs & Strays Fire In Me EP LovecrimesThe very first release on a brand new label here: say hello, everyone, to Lovecrimes, which has just been set up by Amos Nelson (better known as Waifs & Strays) and partner-in-crime ITchy Rich.

Nelson himself is at the controls for the label’s debut offering, serving up two original cuts. Fire In Me itself is a now-sounding bassy houser with a full female vocal that’s a bit poppy but steers just the right side of the line, while C’mon ploughs a similar musical furrow but with bigger bass and, by way of vocal, just a man’s voice saying “c’mon” over and over. Remix-wise, Death On The Balcony’s rub of the title track downpitches the vocal in places and has more of a trippy, 4am kinda feel overall, but the pick for me is the Instradub Mix, which ditches the vocal entirely and lets that menacing b-line come to the fore.

Out: 6 May

About: You can find Lovecrimes… er, no, you can’t actually. Or I can’t, so here’s Waifs & Strays on Soundcloud instead.

Various – Fullbarr Remixed Vol 1

October 7, 2012 in Albums

Fullbarr Remixed Fullbarr Digital

It’s great to see Fullbarr Digital getting the notice they deserve these days… it’s proof that even the most resolutely underground of labels can ‘break through’ if they stick to their guns. It’s doubly gratifying, of course, because Fullbarr is a label I’ve championed on here for a couple of years now… which is proof that TIWWD is the place to come if you wanna know what’s up!

Anyway, to the album, which sees 10 tracks from the FD back cat to date given all-new mixes from the likes of Huxley, Ed Davenport, Youandewan, Death On The Balcony, James Teej and Danton Eeprom. And if uber-deep house and deep, dubby techno sound like your idea of fun, then suffice to say there’s plenty to enjoy here.

Youandewan’s Dour Version of Glieser’s Kuiper Belt is one highlight, a seriously blunted trek into the inner space informed by the deepest realms of both dubstep and techno; Eeprom’s rub of Midnite Radio’s Lower Than will please the techno purists, while Henry Gilles’ mix of Jan Tenner’s Piece Of Cake is one of several very deep house gems.

All this, and they’re from Bradford as well – what’s not to love?

Out: This week

About: You can find Fullbarr Digital on Soundcloud, on Facebook and at their own blog.