Submantra & DJ Umbi – 707 EP

April 24, 2012 in Singles

You can’t fault DCS Trax on the value-for-money front with this latest release, its two tracks coming in a whopping six mixes.

First up is 707 itself. The original’s a late-night deep house groover with disembodied vocals floating atop a chunky synth bassline and crisp percussion, and with something of a blissed-out, Balearic feeling overall. The Sleeper Remix beefs up the beats and emphasises the track’s trippy, dreamy qualities, making this a perfect heads-down cut for afterhours floors, while Holland’s Mark Mywords takes us on a funkier, subaquatic kinda ride.

Lurking on the B, meanwhile, you’ll find Give Me Your Love. In its Original form, this is a midtempo, soulfully-inclined deep houser with a full-phat b-line, that’s equally well suited to dancefloor play or home listening. The Universal Solution Remix busies up the top-end in a more head-y, driftaway and at times slightly proggy take, while the Alex V Remix goes in the opposite direction, stripping back the beats to turn the track into a sparse-but-sumptuous bass-heavy eyes-wide-shut 4am groover.

A quality package all round, with Mark Mywords’ mix of 707 just taking the gold for me and Alex V’s take on Give Me Your Love a close second.

Out: Today

About: Run by Craig Stewart, DCS Trax is part of the Universe Media family and can be found online here and here (website/Soundcloud)


Ghostnotez – Bilk 123

December 7, 2011 in Singles

Better known perhaps for slightly more soulful vibes, here UK underground house label DCS Trax serve up something tasty on more of a deep/tech tip.

That said, while the midtempo, slightly trippy tech-house of the Original Mix and the predictably high quality rerub from Jay Tripwire, which harks back to the classic Chicago deep house sound of the late 80s, are both very good, the mix I’m actually feeling the most is Jevne’s. And that does instill a little more soul back into the groove, sounding not dissimilar in fact to Naked Music’s early output… just a little bit techier.
Still, whichever mix/style you plump for yourself, this is a very solid bet. Note that it’s billed as ‘Part 1’, as well, so more mixes are no doubt soon to follow.
Out: This week
About: As stated, this comes on the always-checkable UK imprint DCS Trax.

FREE deep house cut by The Sleeper

August 2, 2011 in Singles

Another freebie for ya… I will get round to some reviews again soon, I promise, it’s just that with all the shenanigans going on at this end I’m kinda playing catch-up with the downloads at the mo’.

But anyway, Craig Stewart’s DCS Trax is a label you should be familiar with by now if you’re a regular reader of this blog: a UK-based imprint that blurs the boundaries between deep and soulful house nicely. Here for your downloading pleasure today, we have a track taken from their latest EP which is in stores now… if you dig this, there are Harold Heath remixes on the EP itself, which you can buy at Traxsource.
But in the meantime, here’s the freebie goodness…
About: And if you want to know more about DCS Trax, you can find ’em online here… actually at the moment all you’ll see is a pretty swirly pattern but you can email from there if you need to.

Submantra – Calinda

May 16, 2011 in Singles

Submantra CalindaJust in case you thought TIWWD had had a stroke or something… after the HK release below let’s go straight back to the deeper end of the spectrum, with this latest from Craig Stewart’s DCS Trax imprint.

For this one, we’re talking proper dreamy soulful garage goodness in an NJ kinda style, like we used to y’know? Not much else to be said, this is the real deal! Seven mixes in total – it’s all about the Soul Minority Remix if you ask me, but the rest come from K-Bana, Matt Flores and Q-Musse, the latter’s very, very deep Instrumental picking up the TIWWD silver.
Out: This week
About: As stated this is on DCS Trax, based in the UK and run by Craig Stewart. Find ’em online here.