Various – Ain’t No Wall High Enough

March 23, 2015 in Albums

Ain't No Wall High Enough Brique RougeKey players in the early days of tech-house back in the late 90s/early 00s, David Duriez’s Brique Rouge imprint relaunched back in the summer. Since then, they’ve pursued a ‘quality over quantity’ agenda so their release schedule hasn’t exactly been hectic, but here as they reach the 100th release milestone we see them stepping up a gear with the release of this 12-track sampler, available digitally or on three separate coloured 12-inches.

Brique Rouge always catered for both the house and the techno sides of the tech-house camp and so it is here… as such, one or two of the more pounding techno cuts are a little too much for these ears. But no matter, for there are many housier delights on offer too, from a mix of familiar names and newcomers. Highlights for me include the Raw District Remix of D’Julz’s Fast Forward with its instant earworm of a three-note bass-synth riff and looping, distorted male vocal, Kike Henriquez’s Activation Things with its vintage Chi-town style drums, Duriez & Manuel-M’s somewhat Ultra Flava-ish Unreasonable Feelings and Ange Siddhar & Illan Nicciani’s The Show with its sampled movie dialogue (from Night Catches Us if I’m not mistaken, thanks Google!), fat hip-swayin’ bassline and killer organ chords. But as ever with a comp like this, you’d be well advised to dive in and explore for yourself…

Out: Now (only last week but playing catch-up tonight, fairly predictably for a Monday)

About: Find Brique Rouge here, here and here.

Various – Something Remixed Vol 1

September 29, 2014 in Albums

Something Remixed Vol 1 Something DifferentSo far tonight we’ve looked at a compilation celebrating 20 years of a club, and another marking 12 years of a record label. But to end on, here’s an album from Something Different with its eyes firmly fixed on the future. That said, obviously it’s a remix album so all these tracks have been out before… just not in this exact form.

But the important thing about this collection is how it demonstrates what a multi-faceted, many-headed beast ‘deep house’ (or ‘deep and tech house’, if you prefer) has become in 2014. From the bouncy squelch of Kike Henriquez’ remix of David Duriez’ The Trouble I’ve Been Known For, via the stoned, dubbed-out grooves of Junior Gee’s The Smoke (as remixed by David Labeij), to the Detroit-nodding stylings of Deneha’s take on Skeleton Army’s Haircut 200 and Jus’ Nowhere’s garage-y mix of Kaua’s Dancing Swirl, it’s an album that shows that, 30 years on, house music still isn’t running out of directions to head in.

Look out also for Vol 2 –  coming soon.

Out: This week

About: You can find Something Different on Soundcloud and Facebook.

David Duriez – The Trouble I’ve Been Known For EP

September 14, 2014 in Singles

David Duriez The Trouble I've Been Known For Something DifferentHis own Brique Rouge imprint may be up and running again but that hasn’t stopped French deep house legend David Duriez finding time to put together this three-track EP for Something Different.

A Driver is up first, which is aptly named as its quite a tuff, dark affair with lashings of bubblin’ acieeeeed. Feel The House Muzik follows, which rocks the same Jungle Brothers rap/vocal sample that 2 Bad Mice put to good use on Hold It Down back in the day, placing it atop a nice chunky bass-led backdrop and chucking in a synth top-line best described as ‘cheeky’. And then finally we come to The Trouble I’ve Been Known For itself, which is reminiscent to these ears of Armand’s Funk Phenomenon with its filtered “you don’t want to fuck with us” vocal, tribal-tinged percussion, constant parping b-line and, as the track progresses, old skool-sounding filtered synth stabs.

Three excellent tracks that’ll work on specialist floors and in big rooms alike, with Feel The House Muzik just nudging it for me.

Out: This week

About: Find Something Different here and here.

Various – Something For Ibiza 2014

July 20, 2014 in Albums

Something For Ibiza 2014 Something DifferentLastly for tonight, we have this 12-track compilation from Something Different.

Deep and tech house in various shades is the general order of the day, as you’d expect, served with a lil’ disco garnish here and here (see, for instance, Amtrad Billionnaire’s opening Dance With Me). Standouts for yours truly include David Duriez’s chuggy The Trouble I’ve Been Known For with its hip-house-ish looped vocal, Justin Harris’s sleazy, lo-slung and, yes, discofied Disco Anonymous, the uber-deep garage of 10 Lego Boy’s Dayz Behind and the acid-tinged tech vibes of Skeleton Army’s Return Of The Funky Zulu, which samples the Moody Boys classic of almost the same name. But dive in and find favourites of your own – with label faves like Distant Relatives JHB, Kaua and Junior Gee also representing, you’re unlikely to come away disappointed!

Out: This week

About: Find Something Different on Soundcloud and Facebook.

David Duriez & Manuel-M – 9 Minutes Of Pure Madness

May 10, 2014 in Singles

David Duriez Manuel-M 9 Minutes Classic Music CompanyAs I posted on Facebook a few days ago, David Duriez’s much-loved Brique Rouge imprint is coming back after several years out of the game… indeed I just grabbed their first new release today. But that’s not till late June… in the meantime, we have this two-tracker from M. Duriez and fellow French producer Manuel-M, brought to you courtesy of Carter and Solomon’s Classic Music Company.

On the A, the Original Disco Mix of 9 Minute… starts out as a fairly uptempo groove characterised by flangey/whooshy sounds, busy percussion and a nagging two-note main synth hook… the ‘madness’ kicks in at around the four-minute mark, when out come the 303s. They don’t stay around forever, though… so my pick here would be the B-side’s Original Acid Mix, which is a PROPER head-fried acid workout and no mistake guv’nor!

Out: This week

About: You can find Classic here, here and here.

F.E.M – Wash My Duck

July 2, 2013 in Singles

F.E.M Wash My Duck Deep MovementsThree quite different mixes on offer of this latest from Deep Movements.

The original is a percussive tech-house chugger with proggy synth builds and a strange quacking sound that’s a bit like… well, yes. David Duriez’s remix is a little more heads-down and techy and really brings the duck noises to the fore, while Manuel M’s is a notch housier with added pianos.

I think the Duriez rub edges it for me, though all three will be plenty playable on the tech/prog floors. Really though this was gonna get a plug whatever, just for the title and cover!

Out: Saturday (July 6)

About: You can find Deep Movements, who are French don’t you know, on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at leur site web propre. Oh, and F.E.M is the French abbreviation for the electromagnetic force… and is called Simon in real life.