Various – Unrivaled Music’s 100th Release

January 8, 2013 in Albums

Unrivaled Music's 100th ReleaseWell then… here’s one you can’t fault in the value for money stakes, as to celebrate their 100th release, Unrivaled drop a label comp featuring a whopping 50 tracks. That’s 50, not 30 as I said yesterday, and all for just £12.99 which is hard to argue with, really.

I’m clearly not going into every track individually, or I’d be posting this tomorrow. But overall, what’s interesting to note is the contrast between this and the sampler we looked at recently from parent/sister label Endemic Digital. Where that one showed Endemic’s broad musical palette, this set serves to underline Unrivaled’s position as the ‘strictly deep house’ label in the Endemic camp. The 50 tracks consist of “21 new tracks, 9 licensed and 20 re-releases”, so while some of what’s here may be familiar to TIWWD readers (such as label boss Wez Saunders’ rave-tinged The B Side, which I for one was very glad to hear again), much of it will be new as well.

And with contributions from TIWWD faves like James Silk, Tony S, Danny eM, Pao Calderon and Dave James, plus a host of newer names (of whom Francesco De Argentis impresses perhaps the most, with his fairly self-explanatory Back To The Old School), you’re not going to go far wrong really, are you? An unmissable collection.

Out: This week

About: You can find Endemic/Unrivaled/Sounds Of Juan on Facebook and on Soundcloud.

Danny eM – One Of Those Nights EP

October 20, 2012 in Singles

Danny eM One Of Those Nghts EP Form-and Function

And sticking with labels that are very familiar to TIWWD readers, here come Form-and Function with this three-tracker from Danny eM.

One Of Those Nights itself is a slow-building groover with layered, chorused vox, tinkling synths and a vaguely blissed-out, euphoric, surging kinda feel – a track that could fit into deep, tech or prog sets. Pieces is a more abstract tech/prog affair with otherworldly synths and heavily treated (female) vox, while the standout for me is She Was, a meandering and floaty late-night cut that’s nonetheless underpinned by solid kicks, and as such will be equally at home at the afterhours or on the sofa.

If your tastes err towards the epic/abstract/soundscape-y end of the spectrum then any of the three tracks here should suit; if you’re more a ‘straight-up deep’ kinda guy/gal then just head straight for She Was. Alles klaar?

Out: This week

About: Form-and Function can be found on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Raffa L – I Want You

September 26, 2012 in Singles

Raffa L I Want You Unrivaled Music

Blimey… I know Unrivaled Music get a lot of love on this blog but they’ve excelled themselves here!

There are six mixes of I Want You on offer. In its Original form, it’s a chugging deep/tech house groover with a slightly Robert Owens-esque, treated male vocal, 90s organ sounds used quite subtly and some seriously buzzy rave bass. And then as for remixes… you’re spoiled for choice, really. There’s the (UK) garage-y refix from Liam Geddes. There’s Danny eM’s head-fried, wibbly pass. There’s a tuffer, techier rub from Dan Styles.

And then there’s not one but two outstanding mixes from Dexter Ford. His Up Mix really lets that rave bass shine through and teams it somewhat surprisingly with nu-disco synths, with great results. But his Down Mix… that’s as satisfying a journey into inner (head) space as you’re gonna take all week, a dubby affair with the production aesthetics of deep techno, the sexy slink of deep house and STILL with that buzz bassline in full effect.

The latter pass, as you can probably tell, takes top honours for me, with Geddes’ rub a close second. But this is outstanding stuff all round, truth be told – go seek.

Out: This week

About: You can find Unrivaled via the Endemic Digital Facebook page.

Little 15 – The Bronx

September 2, 2012 in Singles

Little 15 The Bronx Endemic Digital

Some more very fine deep house grooves here, this time courtesy of Endemic Digital.

Recognisable by its sampled preacherman vox and “Bronx in the house shouts”, The Bronx is quite tuff n’ techy in its Original form but still quantifiably ‘deep’ rather than ‘tech’ house I’d say, if you’re someone who likes to make such distinctions! Peter O’s remix takes us on an uber-deep late nite ride, Danny eM’s rub is a stripped n’ stompin’ pass for big speakers in big dark rooms and then finally James Silk’s Dirty Jersey Remix is… the bollocks, basically.

Endemic have been getting some deep house chart love of late… this won’t harm their cause any at all.

Out: This week

About: You can find Endemic on Facebook.