Various – In Dub 4

January 10, 2016 in Singles

In Dub 4 Cold BustedTIWWD’s favourite purveyors of chilled-out grooves and lo-fi funk bring us another of their (very) occasional dub compilations here.

There’s minimal info supplied, which means that while I can tell you some of the artists featured here are names Cold Busted fans will recognise for their usual downtempo work (Es-K and Vitamin D, for instance), it’s not entirely clear whether these are experiments in dub by the artists themselves, or remixes commissioned for this project. Not that it really matters, I suppose! More important is that generally speaking it works, where so many excursions into dub territory by non-reggae artists often don’t. Tracks range from lighter cuts like Illusion Of The Revolution by My Neighbour Is, which isn’t far from straight-up reggae, via ambient-dub-downtempo fusions from Ashkha (Lyrical Satirical) and SkySpitterInk (Self Lord) and skankin’ Zion Train/Dreadzone-esque digidub from Zac Love (The Rising Tide) to the weirded-out, polyrhythmic Sundaze by Es-K. But the album’s at its best when serving up some proper heavy manners with cuts like DJ Buzzword’s Dub Fi Mi Gyal, and Emapea’s Wicked Sound.

All told, In Dub 4 is unlikely to replace that favourite King Tubby or Scientist album as your go-to dub fix. But it certainly wouldn’t sound out of place played alongside, and that in itself is no mean feat.

Out: This week

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Marlena Shaw – Woman Of The Ghetto [Akshin Alizadeh Remix]

October 27, 2015 in Singles

Marlena Shaw Woman Of The Ghetto Remixes Cold BustedNo, I didn’t think it needed doing, either – some classic tracks just oughta be left alone! So I’m somewhat surprised – but very happy – to report that Azerbaijani producer Alizadeh has absolutely knocked this one out of the park.

In his hands, Woman Of The Ghetto becomes a lazy, laidback jazzual affair, all dusty beats, squalling sax, fluttering Moog, wukka-wukking geetar and of course that vocal, or at least the “I want you to get together” bit of it. And as I said, it’s a stone cold bomb, the combination of Marlena’s voice, headnoddin’ trip-hop beats and just a touch of jazz-funk noodle proving irresistible.

If you want to be a bit more subtle with it, there’s also an accompanying instrumental.

Out: This week, I think… they didn’t say, but that’s when the promo expired

About: This is brought to you by LA label Cold Busted, who’ve long been TIWWD’s favourite purveyors of lo-fi/trip-hop/stoner jazz-type shenanigans. Find ’em here, here and here.

Some albums, almost indecently quickly…

October 13, 2014 in Singles

As promised yesterday on Facebook, here’s a round-up of some of the most checkable albums from the past couple of weeks. Apologies to all the labels/artists concerned, because in an ideal world all of these would have got a full review, but… well, it’s not an ideal world, what can I tell you?

Gareth Bilaney Deep Noon DeepWitGareth Bilaney – Deep Noon
A double first, this: it’s the debut album by NYC-based Mr Bilaney, and it’s also the first-ever artist full-length on DeepWit. Expect smooth deep house grooves in fairly typical DeepWit style, augmented by a couple of excursions into more downtempo territory and, in C Side, one surprisingly effective foray into deep, liquid D&B.
More info:

Omelette Du Fromage Vol 2 Avec MoiVarious – Omelette De Fromage Vol 2
Don’t let the ‘cheese omelette’ title put you off here! This compilation from Romanian label Avec Moi is, I’m happy to confirm, pretty much entirely free of cheese… instead, it’s home to some very fine deep house and garage from a mixture of familiar names (James Dax, Tony S, Yagiz Bayrak) and newcomers. The organ sounds on Dax’s House Avec Moi are worth the £££ on their own…
More info:

The Story So Far Midnight Social RecordingsVarious – The Story So Far
Carlo Gambino’s Midnight Social Recordings present the best of, well, the story so far! You know to expect only the finest in deep and tech house from MSR and many of the cuts here have been previously reviewed on TIWWD as singles anyway, so I’ll just tell you that featured artists include Al Bradley, Dudley Strangeways, Low District, Didier Morris and of course, Carlo himself.
More info:

Something Remixed Vol 2 Something DifferentVarious – Something Remixed Vol 2
The promised follow-up to the first installment (reviewed on this blog a couple of weeks back) sees more back catalogue gems from the Something Different stable getting the remix treatment. With almost too many scene players to list (David Duriez, Onur Ozman, Distant Relatives, Roland Nights, BiG AL, Justin Harris and more), I think you’ll find this one’s a little bit on the crucial side!
More info:

Even more quickly… if soulful, Afro-leaning grooves are your thing, then Ralf Gum‘s In My City on Gogo Music and the Peng Soul compilation on Peng Records should be right up your street, Cold Busted serve up dusty lo-fi funk, trip-hop and downtempo grooves on their second IWYMI label comp, and So Sound Recordings‘ excellent genre-defying Hotel Voyage compilation from a couple of years back has just been re-issued.

Marlena Shaw – Woman Of The Ghetto (Akshin Alizadeh Remix)

June 19, 2014 in Singles

Marlena Shaw Woman Of The Ghetto Cold BustedA complete change of pace now… LA-based Cold Busted are one of my fave labels for lo-fi funk, stoner-friendly downtempo vibes and such, but what with this being primarily a house blog and there only being so many hours in the day, they don’t get as much love on TIWWD as I might like. This, though, is their 100th release so it definitely deserves a shout!

To mark the centenary, they’ve drafted in Azerbaijan-based producer Alizadeh to serve up this (officially licensed and 100% legit) refix of Marlena Shaw’s soul classic Woman Of The Ghetto, as sampled by Blueboy and St Germain. Alizadeh’s take is a lazy, lo-slung, west coast-ish groove, with boom-bap beats, wah-wah guitar and sprightly piano licks topped by parping 80s sax. It’s available in vocal and instrumental versions, though as the former mostly just loops up the “I want you to get together… put your ha-ands together one time” (with not a “geng-gegga-geng” or a “remember me” to be heard) there’s not a lot in it as to which mix to plump for… either will slot into those bar/beach/BBQ sets perfectly.

You might be thinking that such a well-loved classic didn’t really need reworking, and you’d have a point. But Alizadeh’s done a fine job here all the same.

Out: This week

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My Neighbour Is – Hot Cakes, Cold Drinks & Scrambled Eggs

October 15, 2013 in Albums

My Neighbour Is Hot Cakes Cold BustedI said there were two very different albums to talk about tonight… and people over-using the word ‘very’ is a pet hate of mine. So when I say very different, I mean this is an artist album not a V/A compilation, operates in a different part of the musical spectrum and, as opposed to showcasing the label’s more serious side, sees them at their most party-tastic.

The label in question this time is LA’s Cold Busted, who haven’t featured on here for a while. They normally do a fine line in downtempo breaks, leftfield beats and dusty lo-fi funk, but here they’re definitely in block party mode as Masterpeas serves up a selection that draws heavily on classic samples for its undoubted floorfilling appeal. The Average White Band, Rock Creek Park, Frantique, Play That Funky Music, The JBs and many other perennial faves all make an appearance over the course of 13 funk-fuelled tracks whose structure owes a lot to the turntablist style of DJing, all fast cuts n’ chops and random snatches of spoken vocal.

It sounds a bit F(r)atboy cheesy on paper, what with all the familiar hooks n’ all, but it actually works surprisingly well… it’s just a pity it’s a bit late in the year to be firing up the barbecue! The Hammond-sporting, scat-vocalled Perfect Stranger is a personal fave.

Out: This week

About: Find Cold Busted here, here and here (Soundcloud, Facebook, web)

Ksoze – Wobble Jazz

June 18, 2012 in Singles

Ksoze Wobble Jazz

Sorry there were no blog reviews yesterday… spent most of the day climbing a download mountain and by the time I finished that, I’d kinda lost the will to do much else. But anyway here we are back once again…

And we’ll start with a nice easy one. Easy cos there’s only the two mixes; easy because it’s pretty ‘easy’ in the sense of being laidback, mellow, easy on the ear etc; and easy because, well, if you know the kind of dusty, downtempo vibes that Cold Busted trade in, then there’s not a lot that I can tell you about Wobble Jazz that the title doesn’t! Except that the remix comes from Vitamin D, but to be honest even that doesn’t do huge amounts different.

But don’t let either the lack of mix variety or my shoddy, half-arsed review put you off… if it’s lazy, Sunday afternoon grooves you’re after, this is gonna delight.

Out: Wednesday (June 20)

About: This comes, as I just suggested, on Denver’s Cold Busted. Find ’em at their blog, on Facebook or on Soundcloud.

Vitamin D – Love May Come

January 24, 2012 in Singles

For someone who’s not usually a fan of dusty hip-hop and lo-fi sample epics, I seem to be reviewing a few on here lately, mostly courtesy of Cold Busted. And here’s another f’rinstance, a two-tracker from the label boss himself.

Love May Come is a scratch n’ paste affair, fusing 70s soul and Hawaiian (well, steel guitar and birdsong) flavas into a lazy, sun-drenched loper perfect for Sunday sessions and summer chillage. Over on the B, Work Week Creep is a moodier, breaksier affair. If Norman Jay played the former, then Shadow or Tobin might play the latter – not that I’d presume to second-guess any of those respected turntablists but you get the idea!
Good stuff, basically, and a nice change of tempo for TIWWD. Gotta be done sometimes.
Out: This week
About: As I’ve mentioned several times lately, Cold Busted are based in Denver, Colorado and can be found on that there Big World-Conquering Book Of Face

Mister T – Gentle Music

January 15, 2012 in Albums

Because it was before Xmas it seems like ages now, but it was actually a mere 24 days ago that I reviewed the album Seven Wonders by Mojo Rising, saying that not a lot of such downtempo, dusty kinda vibes make it onto TIWWD. Well, here we are 24 days later and here’s another album of mellow, funk-fuelled goodness from the same stable, Denver’s Cold Busted.

Mister T hails from Athens, Greece and Gentle Music is his debut full-length. Within its grooves you’ll find raw retro funk (Everything Is Wah, Rastas Funky Well), quirky electronic lounge vibes (Cocktails, Memories) and lo-fi near-instrumental hip/trip-hop (Hip Soul, Lazy Sound, Back To Bristol), ending with the scratchy, vibraphone-laden Living Room. I can think of no better way of describing it further, than to say that I’m writing this on a Sunday afternoon and that’s probably the perfect time to hear this album, as well.
Perfect lazy, laidback vibes for sofa-surfers and lounge lizards everywhere, then. And the second winner on the bounce from Cold Busted.
Out: This week
About: If you dig your downtempo funk/trip-hop/lo-fi grooves then Cold Busted have plenty more where this one came from. Check out their radio show as well.

ALBUM Mojo Rising – Seven Wonders

December 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Here’s an album from a label I don’t think have featured on here before, Denver’s Cold Busted.

Cold Busted specialise (from what I’ve heard to date, anyway) in leftfield electronica, dusty Shadow-esque lo-fi hip-hop and other such esoteric thrills, but to me this album is a bit more accessible than some of their stuff, and all the better for it. They’re calling it “a worldly and texture palette of funk, dub and electronic music”, which kinda works; think a more party-oriented Ninja Tune and you’re somewhere in the ballpark of the general vibe here.

Opener Stonehenge samples both The Specials (A Message To You Rudy, to be precise) and James Brown, The Lighthouse is a lounge-tastic shuffler with a xylophone (!) to the fore, The Tomb is a thoughtful, slightly melancholic downtempo trip, Catacombs is a slab of hip hop-inflected downtempo funk, Hanging Gardens is a bit like The Orb doing Italo and… well, there’s more but you get the idea.

Quirky, experimental genre-mashing’s all very well, but it often just isn’t that much FUN. Seven Wonders, on the other hand, is. There’s a reason not a lot of downtempo/experimental albums make it onto TIWWD… the fact this one has should tell you all you need to know.
Oh yeah… and loving that cover, too!

Out: This week
About: Find out more about Cold Busted by hitting up their Facebook page, radio station or blog.