Losing Rays – One Day

May 9, 2012 in Singles

We take a trip into pastures considerably more mellow now, with this second release from Russian prog label Incepto’s new Incepto Smooth offshoot.

There’s just the two mixes to choose from, the Morning Mix and the Seven24 & Soty Mix, and not being any great expert in matters downtempo it’s quite hard to describe the subtle differences between them… but suffice to say, if you’re looking for some blissed-out electronica for those comedown moments and chill-out, er, ‘tapes’ then either will do the job nicely.

Don’t know what more I can tell you, really, but this is very easy on the ear it has to be said.

Out: This week

About: Here’s where to find Incepto Music online.

Pykup – Nature

April 16, 2012 in Singles

And if you thought the Demarkus Lewis track was deeper than deep, then wait till you hear this!

If you dig that Greta Cottage Workshop kinda vibe, where the very, very deepest of house meets more experimental, downtempo vibes, then this one’s for you. Coming from French producer Pykup, what you have here are two tracks that are about as esoteric as it gets. Nature lives up to its name by putting the sound of birdsong atop the quietest snare roll you ever heard and gently tinkling ivories, while How’s Wally on the B rides a rhythm of fingerclicks, brushed snares and the gentlest of hand percussion as jazzy, ambient piano chords throb over and over in time with a single repeating bass note. It’s all a little outside the TIWWD comfort zone, almost… but it works.

An understated gem made for come-down sessions and chill-out tapes.

Out: This week

About: This comes on a brand new Welsh/German label, Cambrian Line. Here’s their website, and you can also find ’em on Soundcloud where you can get preview of their next, more overtly house-ified release from Darko Kustura.

tONKPROJECT feat Marie K – It’s Time To Introduce You

February 2, 2012 in Singles

A nice varied set of mixes on this latest from Romanian label Behaviors and he of the jammed Caps Lock key, tONKPROJECT.

The Radio Mix I guess is the ‘original’, a mellow, trippy affair in a laidback, downtempo kinda vein, featuring a breathy spoken female vocal with a touch of the ‘birth tapes’ about it and lilting, soothing piano notes. The Arthur Abidzhba Remix stays in a downtempo vein, but here things take a notable turn towards the glitchified n’ twisted… find the magic space between ‘easy’ and ‘uneasy’ listening and file this one there.
But for TIWWD’s purposes, it’s really the other two mixes that are of most interest. In the hands of Disclosure Project, It’s Time… becomes a sumptuous deep disco groove with live-sounding funk bass, soaring-yet-understated strings and crisp, unrushed 4/4s – nice – while finally on the Pion Remix, it’s reinvented yet again, this time as a dreamy, late-night deep house chugger that’d also work well in warm-up or bar sets.
Quality stuff, make no mistake.
Out: This week
About: You can find Behaviors on Facebook, Soundcloud and YouTube.

Vitamin D – Love May Come

January 24, 2012 in Singles

For someone who’s not usually a fan of dusty hip-hop and lo-fi sample epics, I seem to be reviewing a few on here lately, mostly courtesy of Cold Busted. And here’s another f’rinstance, a two-tracker from the label boss himself.

Love May Come is a scratch n’ paste affair, fusing 70s soul and Hawaiian (well, steel guitar and birdsong) flavas into a lazy, sun-drenched loper perfect for Sunday sessions and summer chillage. Over on the B, Work Week Creep is a moodier, breaksier affair. If Norman Jay played the former, then Shadow or Tobin might play the latter – not that I’d presume to second-guess any of those respected turntablists but you get the idea!
Good stuff, basically, and a nice change of tempo for TIWWD. Gotta be done sometimes.
Out: This week
About: As I’ve mentioned several times lately, Cold Busted are based in Denver, Colorado and can be found on that there Big World-Conquering Book Of Face

Diego Metzer – Influencias EP

January 10, 2012 in Singles

Yep, it’s another one from the Endemic Digital stable… I know, but they do keep on coming up with the goods! In this case, the goods being a two-tracker of uber-deep, drummy house from Argentina’s Diego Metzer.

Influencias itself is all insistent, rolling tribal percussion and Papua New Guinea-esque chants and wind instruments, plus some kind of horn – I’m guessing sax but it could feasibly be something else – making the odd back of stage walk-on appearance. One for slowly melding with the sofa to.

On the flip, Raices Devotas, credited to Diego Metzer pres Don Diego, starts out as an even more chilled-out affair, this time opening with mournful piano chords, before a solid 4/4 kick comes along to remind us that this is actually house music we’re listening to and you’re supposed to dance to it. Which you easily could, with this one… but it’d be just as at home on the aforesaid sofa as well.
Two solid bets for those that like it very, very deep.
Out: This week
About: Here’s a link you may have seen before on this blog.

ALBUM Mojo Rising – Seven Wonders

December 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Here’s an album from a label I don’t think have featured on here before, Denver’s Cold Busted.

Cold Busted specialise (from what I’ve heard to date, anyway) in leftfield electronica, dusty Shadow-esque lo-fi hip-hop and other such esoteric thrills, but to me this album is a bit more accessible than some of their stuff, and all the better for it. They’re calling it “a worldly and texture palette of funk, dub and electronic music”, which kinda works; think a more party-oriented Ninja Tune and you’re somewhere in the ballpark of the general vibe here.

Opener Stonehenge samples both The Specials (A Message To You Rudy, to be precise) and James Brown, The Lighthouse is a lounge-tastic shuffler with a xylophone (!) to the fore, The Tomb is a thoughtful, slightly melancholic downtempo trip, Catacombs is a slab of hip hop-inflected downtempo funk, Hanging Gardens is a bit like The Orb doing Italo and… well, there’s more but you get the idea.

Quirky, experimental genre-mashing’s all very well, but it often just isn’t that much FUN. Seven Wonders, on the other hand, is. There’s a reason not a lot of downtempo/experimental albums make it onto TIWWD… the fact this one has should tell you all you need to know.
Oh yeah… and loving that cover, too!

Out: This week
About: Find out more about Cold Busted by hitting up their Facebook page, radio station or blog.

Proj3kt Dharma – Forgotten By The Universe

December 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

And from the bouncy, ravey, big-silly-grinny vibes of Munich Disco Tech, let’s jump right to the opposite end of the spectrum with this latest from Denmark’s Deepwit Recordings… if you like it deeper than deep then this is for you.

The original of Forgotten… is slo-mo house taken to the Nth degree, with a three-note organ riff, an echo-drenched, breathy female vocal and the most fragile of high-end percussive sounds drawn out over four-and-a-half luxuriant, lazy, head-nodding minutes. This chilled beauty then gets reworked into a dubbed-out post-club deep house groove by Jeff Fontaine & Deep Spelle on their Lost In Space Remix; into a Balearic/Italo-flavoured smoocher by tONKPROJECT on his From Another Galaxy Remix, which reminds me of those glorious Irma and Antima dubs from the early-mid 90s; and into a quirky warm-up number with techy tinges by Addex.
Just gorgeous. Now sit back and relax…
Out: This week
About: Find out more about Deepwit at their website, from their blog, on Facebook or on Soundcloud. You can currently HEAR THIS at the latter.

FREE TRACK from Owen Howells & Stanky

December 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

More free goodness for you, this time from Owen Howells & Stanky. Caffeine Persuasion is a forward-thinking slab of experimental/abstract techno with a dub influence, tailormade for late nights, sofas and jazz cigarettes…

It’s being put out there to help raise awareness of their recently-formed Shades Of Grey collective/label – not to be confused with Shades Of Gray the artist who we had a freebie from last week! And when I say ‘out there’, I mean here, obviously… enjoy!

Various – Late Night Chronicles

October 18, 2011 in Singles

A four-track EP from Soiree Records concentrating, as you’ve probably guessed, on mellower vibes on a post-club kinda tip. As it’s from Detroit, I guess we should use the word ‘beatdown’ as well.

CloudMasterWeed gives us Sunny (remixed by Mattimo-Perine), a very deep and quite slow number with bruk-style percussion, pulsating pads, nicely understated minor-key jazz pianos and what I could swear is a sample of Presuming Ed’s chanting from Withnail & I! Blackjack’s Triaxial is more firmly in deep house territory but just as dreamy and drifty, while Professor Inc’s Quindrant Dub is for those who like it a little techier and more experimental. And more minimal, cos it’s barely even there at times!
But the star of the show here for me is Peppermint Kisses by Drivetrain, AKA Derrick Thompson, who I hadn’t heard anything from I don’t think since the excellent One Wish Wonder album on Little Angel in 2005. It’s a simply sumptous slice of sultry, soulful and uber-deep house… with some rather filthlicious spoken vox if you listen carefully.
All told, a highly recommended purchase for sofa surfers and lounge lizards everywhere.
Out: This week
About: This comes on Soiree International. Based in the Motor City as I said, the label is run by Derrick Thomson himself and was also home to Drivetrain’s OTHER 2005 album, which I’ve only just found out about, The Deepest Harmony Of Drivetrain. Hey, every day’s a school day…

Ostracon – Unauthorized Modifications

September 12, 2011 in Singles

Right then, something a tad different today as we venture into the realms of downtempo/chill-out/ambient music. I don’t claim to be any expert in such fields but I do quite like this album and I rather rashly promised I’d review it, so I’ll try to do it justice!

I guess as good a place to start as any is the fact that all of its six tracks are called things like Particle Agent, Dwarf Plutocracy and Photon Coercion… though that might lead you to expect weirdy techno à la Planet Mu/Warp/Peacefrog etc, which this isn’t. Instead, the influence of the likes of The Orb and System 7 is writ large in this album’s grooves… but I’d say it owes as much in other places to the space rock of Hawkwind and Gong, the free jazz experiments of Caravan, the avant-garde soundscapes of Harold Budd, Philip Glass etc and the synthtronic soundtrack adventures of John Carpenter. All of whom, it may surprise you to learn, do grace my record collection to some extent or other*.
Or to put it another way… hear this at a festival, and you can pretty much guarantee there’ll be a stall selling chai nearby, and probably some sort of ‘sonic art installation’. In fact it sounds a bit like a sonic art installation itself at times… just one that for once isn’t, y’know, rubbish.
Definitely a good bet for those of you who like to sit up late smoking funny cigarettes, then.
Out: Now
About: This is brought to you by Unearthed Music, a Minneapolis based label dedicated to ‘organic electronic music’. Find ’em online
(website) or on Facebook.
*especially Hawkwind but we needn’t delve too deeply into my cupboard full of dodgy hippy skeletons, need we?