Vodzux – I Wonder Why

March 13, 2016 in Singles

Vodzux Wonder Why EP Plastik PeopleFinally for tonight, we have a three-track EP that blends deep house, jazz-funk and soul influences to perfection.

The title track is a lazy, laidback groover with a looping “if I could only prove (something)” vocal, sampled crowd noise and tinkling jazz ivories to die for. Anyone Like U opens with a chunk of sampled 70s soul vox, then breaks out into the kind of languid funk that’ll appeal to fans of (eg) Groove Armada, Lemon Jelly or Zero 7, topping it with another soulful vocal (a man’s voice crooning “with my baby”) and more of those killer jazz keys. And then finally there’s Princess, which operates at a similar midtempo pace to the other two but has more of an early 80s boogie/soul kinda feel.

Perfect deep, lazy grooves for Sunday chillin’ or poolside loungin’.

Out: Thursday (18 March)

About: This is brought to you by Marc Cotterell’s Plastik People over in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Find them on Soundcloud and Facebook.

SDJ – Sea View EP

February 22, 2016 in Singles

SDJ Sea View DeepWit RecordingsTo play us out this Sunday night, some very fine deep grooves coming from those ever-reliable providers of the same, Denmark’s DeepWit Recordings.

Three tracks make up the EP. Mantra gets the ball rolling, a laidback, late-night gem that owes more than a little to the classic west coast deep, soulful house sounds of the early 00s, what with its warm, lingering pads and floaty female vocal snips. Sea View itself operates in quite similar territory but perhaps errs a little more to the deep rather than the soulful side of the equation, while finally Think Back is a little pacier in the beats department but is every bit as deep n’ dreamy as the other two, and sports a mighty fine bassline to boot.

Trying to think of any labels that do this kind of uber-deep tackle as well as DeepWit, and I’m seriously struggling* to think of any. Definitely a “heads only” kinda thang this EP, but if that’s you you’re gonna love it, trust.

Out: This week

About: Find DeepWit Recordings herehere and here.

* Best I could do: Greta Cottage Workshop when they’re not being a bit too leftfield/weird, Soulstar/Little Angel but in a more soul-oriented way, or Lucidflow but with a techno slant. And no doubt someone obvious who I’ve forgotten about temporarily and hence have now mortally offended.

Addex – Citizen Break EP

January 24, 2016 in Singles

Addex Citizen Break EP Limitation MusicI generally like to sign off on a Sunday night with something seriously deep and mellow*. And if deep and mellow’s what you’re looking for, you’ll certainly find it on this three-tracker from Romania’s Limitation Music.

Citizen Break itself is up first, a smooth, late-night concoction of gentle, understated 4/4s, long sweeping pads, wistful guitar flecks and a bassline that’s one-part dub to one-part classic Chi-town deep. That’s followed by Exhale, Relax which opts for slightly heavier kicks and a more out-and-out dubwise b-line, pairing them with haunting female vocal fragments and delicate synth washes. And then finally there’s Rotation Mode with its shuffling, near-bruk beats, another dubby b-line, subaquatic sounds and more of those fragile, crystalline synths/FX.

“House music for floatation tanks,” some may sneer. If so, then excuse me while I go grab my trunks.

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 1 Feb.

About: You can find Limitation Music herehere and here.

*This doesn’t always work/happen, admittedly.

Deep Spelle – InHouse EP

January 16, 2016 in Singles

Deep Spelle InHouse EP DeepWit RecordingsWe kick off tonight in (very) deep house territory, as Deep Spelle serves up the latest in DeepWit’s artist-focused InHouse series of EPs.

Five tracks make up the EP: three originals, plus Deep Spelle’s remixes of two tracks by other artists. Taking the originals first, Wet Road (feat Gee) starts out with deep tribal drums and heads even deeper, with a LARGE but muted dub bassline, pads that go on forever and cut-up snatches of sweet fem vox. Everyboy’s Smiling is a little livelier and more overtly floor-friendly, albeit it’d still be one for warm-up or end-of-night play, but the standout among Deep Spelle’s own cuts is The Way You Treat Me feat Jon Juster, a delicate, haunting, garage-leaning affair with mournful sax and a barely-there “I love the way you kiss me” female vocal… look up ‘gorgeous’ in an encyclopaedia and you’ll find a picture of this record!

Moving on to the remixes, the Deep Spelle Back To The 80s Remix of Sumsuch’s Chop Shop is the paciest cut on the EP – though still a laidback, late-night affair by most labels’ standards – and features that familiar “In the 70s, melodies were ruling the world. In the 80s, grooves are ruling the world” spoken vocal, while finally the Jeff Fontaine & Deep Spelle Remix of Proj3kt Dharma’s Forgotten By The Universe is a chuggy lil’ deep houser with a dreamy, drifty feel overall and a man and woman babbling about space by way of a vocal.

The Way You Treat Me takes the gold, but truth be told there’s not a duff cut in sight – this is a superb EP from one of the best deep house labels in the game, so go seek!

Out: This week

About: As ever, you can find DeepWit Recordings herehere and here.

Some MORE albums, quickly…

November 11, 2015 in Albums

I’m on a roll with this ‘potted album reviews’ malarkey so here’s some that are dropping THIS week…

Microscapes Vol II Buena Onda RecordsVarious – Microscapes Vol II
A VA comp here from a label who’ve never featured on TIWWD before – France’s Buena Onda Records. Don’t know much about them, but based on this evidence I’d like to find out more! Across Microscapes Vol II‘s 12 tracks you’ll find various flavas of house music, starting out seriously deep (Ekstendia’s Luana is a killer) then progressing into more uptempo (but still pretty deep, in the overall scheme of things) tech/prog territory as the album progresses, all coming from eight artists in total of whom only a couple of names (Knip, Gurwan) are even vaguely familiar. File under ‘unexpected pleasures’.

Golden Lounge 3 Clubstar RecordsVarious – Golden Lounge Vol 3
Here, long-running German label Clubstar present 29 tracks of nosebleed techno and 240bpm nu-gabba… nah, not really. Well, the 29 tracks bit is right… beyond that, expect neo-soul, bruk beat, ultra-chilled house, drifty Balearica, lo-fi hip-hop and other assorted horizontal grooves, coming from a mixture of big names (Jose Padilla, Andy Caldwell, The Rurals, DJ Pippi) and, er, some not quite so big names. The whole thing’s compiled and mixed by label boss Henri Kohn, with CD1 a bit more beat-oriented and CD2 taking us deeper into the sofa-surfin’ zone.

Nu Breeds 10 Spring TubeVarious – Nu Breeds 10
It seems like a little while since Spring Tube had any TIWWD love so let’s rectify that now with a quick peek at the latest in their long-running series of VA compilations. As is par for the Nu Breeds course, you won’t find any big names here… what you WILL find is plenty of smooth, classy electronic tuneage. Spring Tube’s natural musical stomping ground is that area where deep and progressive house collide, and that’s amply reflected in this set, with Moonwatch3r’s Dreams and Nio March’s Delight Me particularly worthy of your attention.

Greg Sawyer – Whenever EP

October 31, 2015 in Singles

Greg Sawyer Whenever EP Falk RecsMoving into housier pastures, here we have an EP from a man whose name is probably better known in industry circles than to the general public. For by day, Greg Sawyer is Mr Press & Publicity for Defected Records; by night, however, when he’s not DJing at Glitterbox or running his Tenth Circle imprint he turns into a producer of uber-deep house goodness… in this instance, for Bristol-based Falk Recordings.

“Gorgeous blissed-out vibes” is how the hype sheet describes the three tracks here, and I’d say that’s about right! A Fading Glance is a gentle, almost amient piece with tinking pianos, Mayflies comes on like a cross between the very deepest of prog and Jah Wobble’s experiments with Oriental music, and finally Whenever I Try To Leave is an atmospheric, cinematic affair with a haunting, drawn-out “you…” vocal.

All three are aimed fair and square at headphones rather than dancefloors, but if it’s late-night, sofa-surfing vibes you’re after then all all three are well worth checking.

Out: This week

About: You can find Falk on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Helly Larson – Star Alliance EP

October 10, 2015 in Singles

Helly Larson Star Alliance EP LucidflowWe kick off in very deep waters today with some typically fine fare from Lucidflow.

Three tracks make up the EP. Spiritual Life is up first, an unhurried little deep tech throbber topped with two competing vocal snips – a chorus’d, soulful one and a rastaman one saying “liberation”. Star Alliance itself is a little more upbeat and houseified, but still with a late-night, dubbed-out kinda feel, while finally Sunset is a deeply chilled groover built for sun-down and sun-up sessions.

Quality stuff that’ll appeal to deep house and deep techno lovers alike.

Out: This week

About: Find Lucidflow here, here and here.

Yush – Mendoza

September 20, 2015 in Singles

Yush Mendoza Faint Frequency RecordsAlways a pleasure to hear from Ayush Sharma’s Faint Frequency label over in Chicago. Here they bring us some superb chilled deep house bizniss from the man himself and assorted playmates.

The original of Mendoza is a lazy, druggy rolling groove that starts out a bit like listening to nu-disco on benzodiazepines (in a good way) then adds some distant-sounding (and equally unhurried) jazz sax to create something quite special for warm-up or post-club play. Damon Lamar’s Late Night Sax Dub operates in more traditional deep house territory and beyond that probably doesn’t require too much explaining, the sparser Luka Dream Rub has a space-y, trippy kinda feel, the Yush & Alexis Remix veers closer to ‘chill-out’ territory and finally the Pheel Remix gets all minimal and experimental.

The original and Late Night Sax Dub take top honours for me but this is interesting, inventive stuff all round. As I said, always a pleasure to hear from Faint Frequency!

Out: This week

About: You can find Faint Frequency Recordings here, here and here.

A0 – Celloism EP

September 20, 2015 in Singles

A0 Celloism Bass9 RecordsThe clue’s in the title with this truly distinctive offering from Bass9 Records, which sees producer A0 teaming up with cellist Illay for some deep-prog-classical fusion bizniss.

The Journey is up first, a midpaced affair with muted beats and an understated bassline topped with fluttering keys and, obviously, cello – both in the form of a single chord/scrape that loops thoughout, and as a melodic, vaguely wistful-sounding topline. The accompanying Late Night Hour Mix isn’t hugely different, but eschews the original’s fairly long beatless section in favour of keeping the groove going throughout. Elsewhere on the EP, The Tall is a downtempo number, Strange Day is a cinematic piece but underpinned by floor-friendly beats and The Path sees us back in chill-out territory. And yes, the eponymous big violin is front and centre on all three.

I’ve just worked out… with an average of 120-150 promo emails a week, I must have been sent somewhere around 5,000 ‘records’ this year. And not one of them sounded like this…

Out: This week

About: Bass9 Records haven’t featured on TIWWD up till now, but they’re French and can be found on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Portofino Sunrise – Variable Geometry EP

September 12, 2015 in Singles

Portofino Sunrise Variable Geometry EP Ready Mix RecordsSome seriously deep house grooves on this three-track EP from rising Italian producer Portofino Sunrise and Canada’s Ready Mix Records.

Zero Support is up first, a dreamy, midtempo affair built for warm-up or post-club play, with pads a-go-go and, in the pulsing synth chords, a nod to vintage Italo house circa 1988-92. Variable Geometry itself follows, which is a tad more upbeat/floor-friendly but still pretty darned deep n’ sumptuous, while completing the EP is Purple, which really ain’t nothin’ but a chunky late-night groove, topped with occasional soulful  male vocal snips and designed to assist your state-transformation as you slowly melt and become one with the sofa…

Excellent stuff as ever from Ready Mix, and a must-check for those that like it ‘proper deep’.

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 21 September

About: Find Ready Mix Records, as ever, on Soundcloud and Facebook.