John Randle – Walk With Me EP

May 14, 2016 in Singles

John Randle Walk With Me EP Carton-Pâte RecordsA three-track, four-mix EP of tech/bass house goodness here from France’s ever-checkable Carton-Pâte Records.

Walk With Me itself is up first, which is aptly named as it centres around a LARGE, twangy walking bassline which it marries to whooshy reversed synths, otherwordly Theremin-like sounds and female vocal cut-ups. Unorthodox, which follows, is a pacier affair with cleaner, crisper 4/4s, martial arts movie dialogue and another big bass riff placed front and centre. Completing the EP are two mixes of You’ve Got It, which sees plenty more big-bass action. The original’s a stripped-back affair with something of a Detroit house (yes, Detroit house) feel, nostalgic rave-y synth stabs (think Mentasm or Dominator) that are applied quite sparingly and a looping “Good for you, I’m no good for you” vocal, while the Ben Mono Remix takes us into slightly deeper territory.

All good but if pushed the title track nudges it, with the original of You’ve Got It not far behind.

Out: This week

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HDSN – Money, Sex & Cadillacs

February 5, 2016 in Singles

HDSN Money, Sex & Cadillacs Carton-Pâte RecordsFour tracks of funk- and jazz-inflected deep house goodness here from French label Carton-Pâte Records (AKA CP-Rec) and newbie Mancunian producer HDSN.

Funk Ya Daughter is up first, a near-instrumental affair with muted beats, a rolling bassline, funk geetar chops and crowd noise. Jack Taylor, which follows, is of a jazzier bent, building from a filtered intro with tinkling ivories, languid sax doodles, and a sampled, jive-talkin’ vocal that vies for the attention with chopped diva wails. Momma Used To Say has nothing to do with the Junior Giscombe track some may be thinking of; instead, a disco-house-y backing is topped with more diva wails, aquatic sounds and minor-key chords, which are then joined by one of the strangest vocals you’ll hear all month. It starts with some guy waxing lyrical about house music; so far so normal, it’s when he starts describing his clothes that things get a bit odd! And then finally there’s Workin’ (Since 84), a more heads-down house groover with chopped n’ looped male “baby… workin’ all the time” vox and some wukka-wukking guitar action.

All good, but top prize goes to Jack Taylor – those keys are to die for.

Out: This week

About: Find Carton-Pâte Records on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Various – The Christmas Gift LP III

December 29, 2015 in Albums

Various Christmas Gift LP III Carton-Pâte RecordsFrench label Carton-Pâte come with their third annual Christmas compilation, serving up 18 tracks from nearly as many artists.

With 18 tracks on offer, it’d be boring if they all sounded the same – but there’s no danger of that here, as The Christmas Gift LP III stands out for the sheer breadth of music on offer. Where else are you gonna find jazzy, trumpet-tastic deep house (Apollo Powder’s Pont Rouge), deep dark and slightly scary post-dubstep (the JM Remix of Jeanne’s Roma), squelchy Daft Punk-isms (Maxime F’s For You), bumpin’ UKG nouveau (Mr Cardboard’s rave-tinged JSNE) and scratchy minimal techno (Optamystick’s Abyss) all rubbing shoulders on one album – never mind, as here, within the first few tracks!

And the album continues in similarly eclectic fashion, taking in lounge-y/Balearic vibes from Karim Sarahoui, fierce Relief-style jacking house from Pause, euphoric but non-cheesy prog from PNKPHTM and more. The sparse-yet-sumptuous GT246 Garage Edit of Oxxa’s In My Mind and the aforesaid cuts from Apollo Powder, Mr Cardboard and JM/Jeanne come particularly recommended by yours truly, but really, suggesting highlights from an album like this is a bit of pointless exercise – with the variety on offer you’d be better off diving on in and finding your own.

You’ll be glad you did… and you certainly won’t get bored.

Out: Now

About: Find Carton-Pâte Records on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

So many tunes, so little time

October 5, 2015 in Singles

Due to me being ill this week, there were lots of things I wanted to blog about but didn’t get time to. So here’s just a quick round-up now…

Arnold From Mumbai Sonic Excursions EP Soupherb RecordsArnold From Mumbai – Sonic Excursions EP
We start off in deep, dark and groovy techno territory with this six-track EP from Arnold From Mumbai, which is brought to you by New Delhi-based label Soupherb Records. If you like your tech beats lo-slung and sleazy, you’ll find plenty to enjoy here, with Domination a particular standout to these ears.
Out: This week

Tim Andresen Running Around In Circles Savoir Faire MusiqueTim Andresen – Running Around In Circles
My man Tim comes to the ever-checkable Savoir Faire Musique here. His original version of Running Around In Circles is an unhurried, melodic near-instrumental that should work on a range of house floors, but my money’s actually on the B-side’s Angelo Ferreri Remix, which plumps for slightly tuffer beats and a nice squelchy synth riff all of its own.
Out: This week

Martin Waslewski Gerd EP Mother RecordingsMartin Waslewski – Gerd EP
I’ve not come across Martin Waslewski before, and I don’t think the label, Germany’s Mother Recordings, have featured on TIWWD before either. If everything they do is as good as this, though, then I’m very pleased to make both their acquaintance! Gerd itself is a very cool, jazzy affair with rolling drums and some splendid piano and geetar licks, while the B’s Never Leave You is a more straight-up houser topped with Stingily-esque falsetto vox.
Out: This week

Roni Kush Robot Noize Foreign Language RecordsRoni Kush – Robot Noize
Ministry’s Ibiza resident Roni Kush serves up some dark, sleazy house bizniss for newbie Leeds label Foreign Language Records that blend tech, disco and acid influences. Loses a point for the slightly dodgy spoken female vocal (“deep in the discoteca, these beats can make you wetter”), but gains lots for the out-and-out retro acid house vibes of the excellent Scurrilous Remix, which to these ears is easily the standout of the three rubs on offer.
Out: This week

JM The Blank Page Foreign Languag RecordsJM – The Blank Page EP
Contemporary bass-house/UKG vibes in XXL are the order of the day on this offering from French label Carton Pate Records (AKA CP Rec), which was sent to me in two parts (originals, then remixes) but I think now being released as one EP. New rubs from Tru Fonix, Jay Robinson, Nina Wilde & Abeyance and Spoils should broaden the appeal but the killer’s still Careless, an immense, dark slab of contemporary speed garage to die for.
Out: This week