Cadatta – In House EP

June 30, 2015 in Singles

Cadatta In House EP DeepWit RecordingsMore uber-deep vibes to end on tonight, as Greek producer Cadatta takes the reins for the second in DeepWit’s In House series of EPs.

True (credited to Cadatta feat Din QC) is up first, a mellifluous, dubby late-night jam with spoken, foreign-language female vocals and some lovely gently-tinkling ivories. False is just a tiny bit more floor-friendly (albeit you’d still be talking very late play on specialist floors only) with its nagging filtered chords and more of that live-sounding piano. Osmo is a sparse, languid beauty that’s built strictly with sofa-surfing in mind, while finally The Machine ends up the EP on a more upbeat note, a rolling deep groover with jazzy keys and, by way of a vocal, snatches of what sounds like it might be an interview with Frank Sinatra or Bob Hope or someone.

Very classy stuff, but then we expect no less from DeepWit!

Out: This week

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Cadatta – The Machine

November 8, 2014 in Singles

Cadatta The Machine DeepWit RecordingsMoving into more straight-up house pastures now with this latest from the ever-checkable DeepWit.

In its original form, The Machine is a simply gorgeous deep house groover in the traditional mode, with warm, muted Rhodes chords and gently chugging beats topped with some old dude talking about jazz n’ such… you know the kind of thing! The Soul Minority Remix tuffens up the drums a notch and adds some dreamy fem vox, resulting in a mix that’s perhaps got a little more ‘big room’ appeal, while label boss Alvaro Hylander heads in the opposite direction with a laidback, uber-deep rub for the headnoddin’ crew.

Liking all three but it’s the Original that takes the gold for me.

Out: This week

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Various – Best Of DeepWit Vol 1

May 19, 2013 in Albums

Best Of DeepWit Vol 1Got a few long-players to tell you about tonight, starting with this ‘best of’ collection from Denmark’s DeepWit Recordings. But as this is a ‘best of’ comp, and as it’s quite rare a DeepWit release doesn’t get a glowing review on This Is Why We Dance, I’m gonna keep the review for this one nice and short.

So here goes: if deep house that’s laidback, melodic and atmospheric without ever becoming soporific sounds like your idea of a good way of spending 71 minutes and 47 seconds, then step right this way. Because with cuts from the likes of Deep Spelle, Cadatta, Pablo Fierro, Max Volkholz and of course DeepWit label boss Alvaro Hylander, this is freaking superb, quite frankly.

Out: 27 May (so yeah, this is an earlier review than normal. But that’s for very important, and secret reasons. And not cos I misread the date as 17 May at all).

About: Find DeepWit on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.