Rob Clarke – Fall EP

February 1, 2015 in Singles

Rob Clarke Fall EP Beats Me MusicRob Clarke comes with a five-track EP on his own Beats Me Music imprint here.

Fall itself is up first, a melodic, late-night deep house jam with fluttering wah-wah guitars that are not a little reminiscent of Underground Man AKA Raymond Castoldi’s 1992 deep garage classic And God Made A Woman. Up next is Bassick, as remixed by DK Watts and Flo Van O, a slightly more upbeat and prog-tinged deep houser with a cinematic feel. From Scratch is more upbeat again, a chunky, bassy affair with, again, something of a spy movie vibe about it. Guided (presented here in Middle Rhythm’s Re-Rob form) takes us towards more funky/soulful territory, and features some ace M1 bleeps though the male “guiding light… guiding light… your love is my guiding light” vocal is applied just a little too generously for these ears. Finally, Vegas starts out with simple looping drums then gradually adds heavyweight bass, sampled movie dialogue featuring some guy talking about peyote, and technoid synth stabs.

Overall, the EP’s a little more experimental than the trad-style grooves we know Rob best for, but it’s definitely worth checking – for Fall and From Scratch especially.

Out: Yesterday (30 Jan)

About: You can find Beats Me Music on Soundcloud and Facebook

O.O.R.S – Chords From The Underground EP

July 12, 2014 in Singles

O.O.R.S Chords From The Underground Beats Me MusicLast one for today, and we end on a deeper house note (or should that be chord?) with the latest from the ever-checkable Beats Me Music and equally reliable London producer O.O.R.S.

Saint Clement is up first, a fairly laidback (but still floor-friendly), jazz-tinged affair with some lovely looping, yearnsome female yeahs, brushed snares and filtered descending keyboard runs to die for. Rolled Gold keeps things nice n’ deep but is a few notches more upbeat, building on a simple bass n’ handclaps groove to something reminiscent the kind of deep, jazzy garage that was Nice N Ripe’s forte in their earliest days. Harold Heath does the remix honours on the latter, opting for more of a ‘deep space’ vibe, while finally Music Matter is the one to head for if you’re looking for something a little more strutty, topping its firin’ 4/4s with deranged acid squiggles, old skool Rhodes stabs and (presumably sampled?) disco vox.

Not picking a fave here, the whole EP’s a must-check for anyone who actually understands what the words ‘deep house’ really mean!

Out: This week

About: You can find Beats Me Music on Facebook.

Jonny Loves House – Transient Dreams

February 6, 2014 in Singles

Jonny Loves House Transient Dreams EP Beats Me MusicOur boy Jonny comes to Beats Me Music for this nicely varied three-track, four-mix EP.

Acid Dreams is up first, which isn’t the exercise in back-to-Chicago nostalgia you might be expecting; rather, it recalls nothing so much as Star 69-era Fatboy Slim, not that that’s necessarily a bad thing. How Long also draws on the mid-late 90s for inspiration, throwing speed/UK garage elements into the house pot – not just the big basslines that everyone’s doing right now but some very pleasing Smokin’ Beats-esque synthwork too. And then Last Night is a pulsing, shimmering house groover that to these ears has something of an early 00s feel to it, but that really comes into its own on label boss Rob Clarke’s deeper, 3am-friendly refix.

Beats Me Music have always specialised in making classic-style house music as opposed to chasing the zeitgeist; this EP from Jonny with its clear understanding of, and nods to, house history is one more fine example.

Out: Tomorrow (7 Feb)

About: Find Beats Me Music on Facebook and Soundcloud.

DK Watts – I Won’t Let You EP

October 27, 2013 in Singles

DK Watts I Won't Let You EP Beats Me MusicOur last record of the day (and indeed the week) is this two-track, four-mix EP from staunch TIWWD supporter DK Watts, he of Short Bus Kids/Bounce House fame. Today though he’s doing the do not for Bounce House, but for the UK’s own Beats Me Music.

In its original form, I Won’t Let You is a dreamy, late-night deep house groove with long, lingering pads, echo-y female vocal snips and gently meandering keys; label boss Rob Clarke’s BMM Mix then ups the pace and beefs up the kicks a little, making for a more obviously floor-friendly pass. Over on the B, Everyone is a more driving affair with a 3am, heads-down kinda feel to its relentless rolling percussion, which comes topped with ‘everybody… all right!’ vocal snips, resonating piano chords and snatches of jazzy sax. Middle Rhythm, AKA UK producer Tom Pearson who’s featured on here just once before, then comes out of  nowhere with a Middle Rhythm Re-Rub of the same that absolutely kills it, a proper jazz-fuelled slammer that harks back to the deeper side of the UKG canon.

The first three tracks are merely very good; Middle Rhythm’s mix is essential.

Out: This week

About: Find Beats Me Music on Facebook.

So many tunes, so little time 47

August 11, 2013 in Singles

Another week where 37 million people decided to all release a record at once so this isn’t gonna be as comprehensive as I’d like it to be, but anyway here are SOME of the week’s other goodies for ya…


Angie Brown teams up with the Sleazy Deep crew to revisit her 90s Bizarre Inc anthem I’m Gonna Get You, which comes in four mixes on new label Square One Digital…  at just about the opposite end of the musical spectrum, Erhan & Kaehne give us Project One, a very deep, moody and atmospheric techno slab on Denmark’s CPH Undersound…  Izabela & Silvio Hrabar take time out from running Croatia’s Family Grooves imprint to serve up the Seven Ate Nine EP for New Era Recordings, which features four original tech-house cuts plus a remix from label boss Tony Thomas… some deeper tech-house grooves come from Jack Steinel in the form of The Islands EP for Hype Muzik… while very contemporary-sounding deep/tech bizniss is the order of the day on Julian M‘s Market Boulevard EP on French label Soleil De Nuit… or if it’s tuffer tech-house/techno you’re after then check for Lino & Manu‘s Molly’s House, coming on Spaceland RecordsSavoir Faire Musique this week give us some typically fine deep house grooves with Lionel Ross‘s Tajinaste, which comes with remixes from Hall North and Tony S… we seem to be on a bit of a ‘labels beginning with S’ tip don’t we? And here’s another one, as the legendary Strictly Rhythm give us Inside My Love, a lovely melodic deep/soulful house take on the Minnie Ripperton classsic by Magic Eye, coming (or at least promo’d) in just the one mix… Markus Homm & Leo Leal‘s three-track Space Cowboy EP for Swiss label Colludo Records is home to some deeper house vibes still… while Misty‘s Make Time on Freaky Vibes is in that ‘big room bizniss that people will try and tell you is deep house but isn’t really’ kinda vein, s’all right all the same though… while also on a more big room tip is Meloder‘s Affection EP, a seven-track affair coming on Cardiff’s Pole Position Recordings…  let’s have some sleeves now seeing as we’re halfway through the alphabet…


…Irish label Mood 24 Records give us some very pleasing deep, chuggy techno in the form of Bacteria by label boss Patrick WeblinRenato Ratier‘s Folk Us is a midtempo, guitar-flecked deep/tech houser sporting what appears to (but may not) be a slowed-down Terence Trent D’Arby sample by way of a vocal, and coming complete with a Luke Solomon remix on Brazil’s D-Edge Records… back in the UK, Beats Me Music boss Rob Clarke digs around on his hard drive to pull out the four bleepy, techy cuts that make up the Unreleased EPUnrivaled Music give us Favela Vida from label regulars Rose Tinted, dancefloor deepness in four mixes of which Feft‘s is particularly worth checking… sister imprint Sounds Of Juan meanwhile are in a boomin’, bouncy acid house/techno mood this week with the Internal Voices EP from Scientific Funk… back on a deep house tip Smok‘s rather fine three-track Serenity EP would probably have got a full review had Phat Elephant not sent it across at the very last minute… and speaking of rather fine deep house, DO check out Souldate‘s Dreaming EP on Depaart, particularly the title track… Sushi Darling from The Cucarachas is a rollin’, tuff-but-funky (tech) houser coming complete with a Honey Dijon remix on Kinetika Records… Kerri Chandler’s Madtech give us the three-track Heaven EP, wherein Walter Ego  serves up some forward-thinking grooves that sit in some hard-to-define place somewhere between tech-house and future garage… and there are more very contemporary, genre-mashing house sounds courtesy of Southern Fried, with the Get Deeper EP from YoungTEE… and finally we come to those pesky “various artists”. Jack Steinel, JP Chronic and Mobius Strum are among those dishing out the chunky, good-time tech-house grooves for Chronovision‘s two-part Ibiza Sampler 2013…  much tuffer tech-house and techno vibes can be found on 1605 Music Therapy‘s Platform Vol 12 EP, with Vlada Asanin‘s Gangsta Shit and Max Bett & Tesla‘s speed garage-y Bassline Heaven the standouts for yours truly… and we play out still on a tuff, rollin’ tech-house tip with the Street’s Stuff Vol 5 EP from the ever-checkable Deeperfect, featuring cuts from Mihalis Safras, Balthazar & Jack Rock and more.


Like I said, that’s just some of this week’s highlights cos if there’d been time I’d also have told you about new releases from Afrobeat, Alias Rhythm, Andrade, Andy Slate, Arjun Vagale, Darko De Jan, Frankyeffe, Grunbox, Jay Riordan, Joelle Atkins, Lissat & Voltax, Mark Holmes & Mindform, Mikee, Pan Demic, PIEK, Rhythm Plate, Ronan Scullion, Roy RosenfelD, Senny Rollings, Serfafimoff, Spettro & Trent Johnson, Spiros Kaloumenos, Sun7, The Deepshakerz, Thomas La Salle and Vincento AKA Synth Project. If there’d been time. But there wasn’t. Sorry.

Groove Federation – Slipstream EP

April 5, 2013 in Singles

Groove Federation Slipstream EP Beats Me MusicA four-track EP here from Beats Me Music that sees the label taking a slight left turn from its usually garage-y/soulful/jazzy deep house fare, in favour of something a tad more boompty, jackin’ and discofied.

To me, Sequence’s 1979 Sugar Hill classic Funk You Up was always something of an overlooked and underplayed disco/rap gem… so the lead track here, Beans, was never likely to disappoint since it’s essentially a cut-up thereof! Label boss Rob Clarke supplies a deeper, dubbier remix of the same, while elsewhere on the EP, Break Away is discofied deep house aimed at peaktime fun n’ frolics on underground floors, while Slipstream is a techier, drummy thang that’s got ‘Ibiza terraces’ written all over it.

But it’s the A that’s gonna funk you right on up, gonna funk you right on up…

Out: This week

About: You can find Beats Me Music on Facebook or at their own website.

Dylan Debut – Sound System EP

November 26, 2012 in Singles

Dylan Debut Sound System EP Beats Me Music

Couldn’t not show some love for this one, really, seeing as Mr Debut (I suspect that might not actually be his real name, BTW) is based, like TIWWD itself, in sunny Bristol.

That said, there’s really no regionally based favouritism required cos this is a fine slab of floor-friendly deepness, just as we’ve come to expect from Beats Me Music. Sound System itself is a chunky, funky midtempo groover with the lightest of lounge-y overtones, Walki Talki is a deeper ride with sampled black consciousness vocals and a decidedly New York kinda feel, I Need is a more uptempo affair driven by a full-phat funk bassline and finally Pokki Talki is a stripped-down, loopy cut for the afterhours floors.

Another extremely checkable outing from the boys down in Bournemouth.

Out: Friday (30 Nov)

About: You can find Beats Me Music on Facebook or at their own website.

Rob Clarke – Sometimes EP

November 11, 2012 in Singles

Rob Clarke Sometimes EP Bounce House

There’s no stopping the Beats Me Music boss right now, as he follows last week’s Organica EP with a five-tracker on the mighty Bounce House.

The EP’s made up of three mixes of Sometimes itself, plus two bonus cuts. Sometimes is a fairly stripped-down deep house groove in its original form, the sparse production allowing the chiming synths and the hefty sample from Whitney’s classic Love Will Save The Day to really ring out.  Label boss DK Watts supplies a remix that’s a little more chugging and throbby, while a 3am Classic Dub sees Al Bradley in typically fine and very deep, afterhours-friendly form. Elsewhere on the EP, Repeater is a techier, synthier and slightly spooky, ominous kinda joint while Solar is more organic and warm-up friendly.

TIWWD has long believed Beats Me Music deserves a wider audience, and Rob putting out nuggets like this on respected labels like Bounce House certainly won’t harm their cause any!

Out: This week

About: You can find Bounce House Recordings on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Rob Clarke – Organica

November 4, 2012 in Singles

Rob Clarke Organica EP Beats Me Music

A four-track, six-mix EP on Bournemouth’s Beats Me Music courtesy of label boss Rob Clarke.

There are no prizes for guessing which instrument features rather heavily on the title track… the organ lovers will be more than happy with this one, while Vandyman’s Broken Remix of the same does what it says and takes us toward bruk territory. Elsewhere on the EP, Polar is a tuffer, darker, afterhours kinda groove, X Marks The Spot is big n’ bouncy dancefloor deep house, David Moran’s remix thereof is a tuffened-up version aimed at big, dark rooms with an added cheeky vocal sample, and finally Menace To Sobriety brings back the organ sounds but adds lots of FX and distortion and repurposes them within a tough tech-house context.

Some cuts here hit the spot more than others for me but that’s to be expected – this is the sound of a label/producer experimenting with a variety of sounds and moods, and that’s always a good thing. Well no, it’s not, actually – see for instance the umpteen French house producers who’ve insisted on including godawful cod reggae or ‘chilled breaks’ tracks on their albums.

But it’s a good thing here.

Out: This week

About: Find Beats Me Music at their own website or on Facebook.

Deep Shizzol – Carpet Bomb EP

September 25, 2012 in Singles

Deep Shizzol Carpet Bomb EP Beats Me Music

The ever-reliable Beats Me Music reach their 20th release with an EP that’s very aptly named, taking in as it does influences from all over the house spectrum.

The overall feel is definitely deep house, but the five tracks vary quite considerably. The Deep Dub of Boogie With Deep is either very proggy deep house or very deep prog, depending how you look at it…   Golden Age is a proper back-to-the-90s organ tune… Hopscotch has something of a proggy feel again, but this time with soulful male vocals that could see this going down well on the hipster floors… This Is Our Night is a smooth, soulful fem-vocalled groover that recalls the early 00s heyday of the San Francisco scene… and finally Time To Get Busy is a straight-up dancefloor deep houser that reworks the classic vocal from Korda’s Moving Power To The Music.

Golden Age and This Is Our Night stand out for me – hey, I’m old – but it’s a strong EP all round.

Out: This week

About: Deep Shizzol also goes by Spencer T and has been involved in the scene since rave era, though   it’s only recently that he’s stepped back into the studio after a 10-year hiatus. As for Beats Me Music, you can find ’em at their own website or on Facebook.