Mike Mac & Mark Dickson – Nakoda EP

December 6, 2015 in Singles

Mike Mac & Mark Dickson Nakoda EP Arch44 MusicSome deep tech-house grooves to kick us off tonight courtesy of UK label Arch44 Music.

In its Original form, Nakoda itself is a rolling, 3am kinda groove, with tribal-tinged beats, Middle Eastern-sounding vocal wails and sampled “Did anyone come at you yet… did anyone get to you yet?” spoken male vox. Alex Maxwell’s remix doesn’t flip the script massively but is a little less dark and claustrophobic, while Nunzio Roma’s BK Bounce Remix is a little housier and adds piano. Completing the package is It’s Alright, another chuggy lil’ roller with a female voice intoning the title.

Not picking a fave here – this is good stuff all round!

Out: This week on Traxsource, everywhere else from 14 December

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Alex Maxwell – Enjoy

October 19, 2015 in Singles

Alex Maxwell Enjoy Arch44 MusicDeep tech-house bizniss is the order of the day on this latest offering from Kent’s Arch44 Music label.

In its Original form, Enjoy is all rolling beats, hip-swaying bass and muted synth chords, with an indecipherable male vocal just audible in the background for much of the track before a separate, spoken male “Close your eyes, enjoy the world” vocal comes in at around the three-minute mark. It’d work well in the warm-up, but make sure to flip it over for the M.G.F Project Remix, which is deeper, dubbier, housier… and my pick of the two.

Out: This week on Traxsource, everywhere else from 2 Nov.

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ESTin77 – Heiza EP

July 19, 2015 in Singles

ESTin77 Heiza EP Arch44 MusicWe stay in quite dark n’ moody territory now with this two-track, four-mix EP from Arch44 Music.

Parsee is up first, quite a languid, lazy tech-houser with intricate percussion, fat but not in-your-face bass, treated “hello, hello” vox that fly across the room and a second, slightly odd-sounding voice intoning the title that loops throughout. Arno Brak’s remix then takes us into brooding techno territory, though it maintains the slo-mo pace. The other original cut, Suspect, is in its original form a quirky little cut that draws blends elements from dub techno and house, while the Notrebel Dub thereof ups the pace a little and has busier percussion.

Interesting stuff all round, but it’s the original of Suspect that’s the pick for me.

Out: This week (on general release)

About: Find Arch44 Music here, here and here.

Havisi – Playing With This Feeling

May 30, 2015 in Singles

Havisi Playing With This Feeling Arch44 MusicA two-track, four-mix EP here from Arch44 Music.

In its Original form, Playing With This Feeling itself is quite a driving, energetic tech-houser, but comes topped with garage-y organ chords and soulful vocal snippets. Feft’s Remix and Vox Dub both come from that place where deep, tech and progressive house collide, and as such should work on a range of floors. However, the standout for yours truly is actually bonus cut Feel Fine – a lolloping, gorgeously dubby deep houser that’s purpose-built for 4am floors.

Out: This week, on Traxsource; everywhere else from 8 June

About: Find Arch44 Music here, here and here.

Ecco – Excuse Me

January 19, 2015 in Singles

Ecco Excuse Me Arch44Some uptempo but pleasingly not too in-your-face tech-house vibes here from Arch 44 Music and Belgian producer Ecco.

The original lollops along at 124bpm, its jaunty beats topped with two different vocals, a looped male one saying something indecipherable and a female one interjecing “excuse me?” every now and again. Add snatches of crowd noise, shakers and the occasional horn parp and you have a track that’ll keep floors moving nicely. The deeper Alex Maxwell Remix, meanwhile, drops the tempo to 120bpm and brings some heavyweight bass to the party, with an extended breakdown in middle.

Very solid dancefloor bizniss whichever rub you plump for.

Out: Today on Beatport, everywhere else from 2 Feb.

About: You can find Arch 44 Music here, here and here.

As I Am – Packet Line

September 23, 2014 in Singles

As I Am Packet Line Arch44 MusicTwo very different mixes on this latest offering from the ever-checkable Arch44 Music.

On the A, the original of Packet Line is definitely one for the ‘bass house’ crew or whatever we’re calling it. “Treads on dubstep toes” is how the hype sheet has it, and there’s certainly a gnarliness to the bassline that you seldom hear in house records. Tech-house drums and chopped-up male vox complete the equation. However, it’s the B-side’s Mike Mac & Mark Dickson Remix that’s floating my boat more, in which the drums are given a lil’ added swing and the bassline’s swapped out for a nostalgic speed garage one.

The overall effect of the latter rub is not unakin to Ruff Driverz’ Don’t Stop… which before anyone gets all upset, I’ve always thought was a much underrated tune.

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 6 October.

About: You can find Arch44 Music here, here and here.

Francois Le Roy – Cover-Up

August 21, 2014 in Singles

Francois Le Roy Cover-Up Arch44 MusicA nice simple two-tracker to get the ball rolling tonight, coming courtesy of Arch44 Music.

In its Original form, Cover-Up marries contemporary big-room, bass-y house stylings with a more trad-style (albeit chopped-up) female “I need time to move on” vocal, and as such should work on quite a range of floors. However, for the purists I suggest heading straight for the deeper Paul Najera & Jr Quijada Remix on the flip, where elegantly sparse piano chords and skippy drums give the track a feel of the more soulful side of UKG.

Out: This week on Traxsource, everywhere else from 1 September.

About: You can find Arch44 Music herehere and here.

K & K – Get Up EP

August 2, 2014 in Singles

K & K Get Up Arch44 MusicNext tonight we move into struttier, techier house pastures with this latest from London’s Arch44 Music.

Get Up will be instantly recognisable by the spoken “How we ever gonna get up, if that’s how we get down?” sample that K & K (Robin K and Danny K) have chopped up and looped extensively throughout. On the original mix, it’s placed atop a lovely throbbing organ b-line and fierce, vintage-sounding percussion, while the Deepmilo Remix takes us into afterhours territory with its tribal-tinged rhythm, dramatic analogue synths and chunky, full-phat bassline. Rounding out the EP is XXL, an energetic stomper with a neat little flute line nagging away at the top end, and a bassline that’s apparently “a nod to told school drum & bass era”, though a nod towards what exactly, I couldn’t tell you. To me, the overall feel of XXL isn’t that different to the glory days of Brummie bassline… just a little less frantic.

All three cuts will make very reliable floor-movers for sure, but if pushed the original of Get Up takes gold for me.

Out: Monday (just realised it’s been in the wrong folder but hey, the review’s written now)

About: Find Arch44 here, here and here.

Lauro Martins – Studio 54 EP

June 10, 2014 in Singles

Lauro Martins Studio 54 Arch44 MusicUpping the tempo a notch we move into tech-house territory with this latest from the currently v. reliable Arch44 stable.

Martins’ original of Studio 54 itself is a mid-paced cut, with a heavily treated vocal featuring some guy talking about the titular NYC disco atop rolling, understated percussion. The Luka Sambe Remix beefs up the percussion and adds some big, sweeping synths. The other original cut is Feels Good, which in its Original form has more rolling drums (but fiercer this time), layers of atmos and another spoken vocal, while the more stripped-back Monstergetdown Remix uses more of the vocal and heads down a more struttin’, funktified route.

It’s the latter rub that stands out for me here, followed by the Original of the title track.

Out: This week

About: You can find Arch44 Music here, here and here.

The Puffballs – Jewel EP

May 16, 2014 in Singles

The Puffballs Jewel EP Arch44 MusicItalian duo The Puffballs are at the controls for the 29th release from one of TIWWD’s current fave-rave imprints, Kent-based Arch44 Music.

There’s just the two tracks to talk about. On the A-side, Jewel itself starts with a minute of looping, lolloping drums, before a nice chunky b-line, female vocal snips and whooshy synths are added to create a track that’ll take your floor deep into the the the jackin’ zone, with a nice jaunty, shape-throwing synth riff in the mid-section to maintain interest. Over on the B, meanwhile, Followers is a slightly deeper tech-house cut with a neat line in throbbing bass and an extended, tripped-out breakdown in the middle.

You couldn’t claim there was anything massively ground-breaking going on here, admittedly. But both tracks here will shift booties on dancefloors for sure… and it is Friday night, after all!

Out: This week

About: Find Arch44 Music on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.