Various – 4/4 #22

November 15, 2015 in Singles

4/4 #22 1980 RecordingsThe latest here in a long-running series of V/A EPs from Dan McKie’s 1980 Recordings, a label that seems to have moved on from its electrohouse beginnings and is these days serving up some very solid tech-house fare.

Anton Stellz kicks things off with Disco Dancer, a pretty uptempo affair by today’s standards with incessant shakers and what sounds like a chopped-up Middle Eastern/Arabic female vocal. DeSon’s Shakteron follows, a stuttery, bass-y dancefloor workout that to these ears would be better without the increasingly over-familar “the point though, is really about your story” spoken vocal. The brilliantly named JM & Mr Cardboard give us Body Pack, which has an almost UK garage-y feel to its lingering pads, sweet female vocal cut-ups, deep bass and skippy beats, before Sascha Beek’s Revolution sees tech-house getting its disco shimmy on below a spoken “What are you talking about? Talking about a revolution!” vocal sample.

Good stuff all round (sample niggles aside!) but it’s Disco Dancer and Body Pack that stand out for me.

Out: This week

About: You can find 1980 Recordings on Facebook or at their own website.

Anton Stellz – Amazon

November 3, 2014 in Singles

Anton Stellz Amazon DropsA complete change of mood now as we head into deep, dark and driving techno territory in the company of Russian producer Anton Stellz.

Just the two tracks again. Amazon itself, on the A, is the pacier of the two, unsurprisingly sporting rainforest sounds a-plenty to go with its driving, tribal-leaning beats and atmospheric synth washes. Midway through, things take a more sinister turn as growling sub-bass moves to the fore, but thankfully the track remains enough funk in its veins throughout to, y’know, not scare the horses. Flip it over, and the slightly more sedate Zanu forges clappy beats, layered atmospherics and all manner of wonky FX into a heads-down workout for the afterhours floors.

So: deep, dark and driving, yes. But, more importantly, decidedly groovy with it.

Out: Today

About: This is brought to you by Drops, part of Miami’s Liquid Inc stable. Find ’em on Facebook or at their own website. Check Anton’s own Soundcloud page as well where you can download a ton of podcasts/live sets/radio shows/etc.

Anton Stellz – Sophistry

May 31, 2013 in Singles

Anton Stellz Sophistry DropsSome tuffer, techno-fied bizniss now courtesy of a producer who’s previously had stuff out on Baroque, apparently, though that’s about as much as I can tell you about him.

No matter though, what I can tell you is that Sophistry in its original form is a dark and almost frantically driving, pulsing affair that’s nonetheless got da funk for sure, and as such could work on a wide variety of floors in and around the tech-house/prog/techno arena. If you want it a notch or two deeper, then head for the Aerodynamic Xpress Remix, which maintains the high tempo but is a little less paranoia-inducing. I did say ‘a little’, mind you…

But if you can’t have it dark and pounding on a Friday night then when can you, eh?

Out: This week

About: This comes on Drops, which in their own words is the ‘techno and minimal’ arm of the many-tentacled beast that is Miami’s Liquid Inc stable.