Various – Best Of Innocent Music Limited Vol 2

January 24, 2016 in Albums

Best Of Innocent Music Limited Vol 2As regular readers will be aware, Slovenia’s Innocent Music and their sub-labels Innocent Music Deep and Innocent Music Limited are among this blog’s favourite purveyors of deep techno and minimal grooves. So while it’s barely a month since the label’s last compilation offering (December’s, er, December Sampler Vol 4, as reviewed by yours truly for iDJ), this latest collection was a very welcome arrival in the inbox all the same.

It’s gotta be said, though… when a label has such a recognisable sound, and turns out so much of the stuff, it’s hard to keep thinking of anything new to say about it! So all I can really do is reiterate what I said about the last one… you won’t find too many huge surprises here, but if twitchy, crunchy beats, industrial FX, dub basslines, haunting disembodied vocal fragments and production so sparse you could drive a truck through it sound like your idea of a good time then this album, which features cuts from the likes of F.eht, Diwex, Aney F and Vagabundo as well as a host of lesser-known names, should be right up your street.

As is fitting for a Sunday night review, it also comes particularly recommended to all the sofa-surfers and midnight tokers out there…

Out: This week

About: Find the Innocent Music label family herehere and here.

Various – Best Of Innocent Music Vol 2

September 28, 2015 in Albums

Best Of Innocent Music Vol 2Regular readers will know I’m generally a fan of Innocent Music’s take on deep techno and minimal anyway, but with this second ‘best of’ comp the Slovenian label have excelled themselves.

There are 14 tracks in total, from a mix of names both familiar (Gaetano C, Rodrigo DP, Aney F, White Brothers) and less so – and not a duff cut in sight. Be warned, this album isn’t for the faint-hearted – listening to it in, ahem, an ‘altered’ frame of mind could seriously mess with your head and general sense of well-being! But if cavernous beats, distorted vox, twitchy snares, white noise, industrial FX, dystopian soundscapes and an overall air of brooding menace and paranoia sound like your idea of a good time, then step right on in, because if you like it deep, dark and techy you’re gonna love this…

Out: Now

About: You can find Innocent Music on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Aney F – Story Of My Life EP

January 18, 2015 in Singles

Aney F Story Of My Life EP Innocent MusicMore quality deep techno bizniss next tonight courtesy of those ever-reliable purveyors thereof, Innocent Music.

The title track features a downpitched spoken male vocal (“If you listen to my beat, I’ll tell you the story of my soul”) sitting atop almost militantly stripped-down beats, with cavernous bass at bottom and intricate shakers/hi-hats at the top. Escape is in a similar vein but with more of a musical lilt, and with almost a progressive-style pulsing, surging feel in parts, while finally City Of Detroit has more sampled, doomy vox and, as it builds to its climax, an insistent four-note synth motif.

Taken as a whole, the EP’s something of red-eyed, slightly paranoid headnodder’s delight… Beatport have just named Innocent as one of their “labels to watch for 2015” and when they keep coming up with goods like this, it’s an accolade that’s well deserved.

Out: This week

About: Find Innocent Music here, here and here.