Various – DeepWit Collections

February 22, 2013 in Albums

DeepWit Collections Some seriously, SERIOUSLY deep vibes here from Denmark’s DeepWit, as they serve up a limited-edition collection of 10 laidback cuts that they’re describing as “deep house lounge”. Ambient house would be a more old-fashioned way of putting it; either way, the point is that solid (if subdued) 4/4 kicks permeate throughout, which means the 10 cuts on offer (nine of them exclusive to this album), while certainly tending towards the downtempo and mellifluous, never drift into mere arty abstraction.

Andre Detoxx’s Over The Hill opens proceedings, with mournful jazz sax wails and a breathy female voice reciting what appear to be parts of an equation (“big R over little r… divided by… parentheses…”) over a backing consisting of understated 122bpm percussion and live-sounding double bass. Rolling along at the same tempo, David Oniani’s The Journey is all warm piano chords, the gentlest of strings and relaxation tape vocals, before Dallomo’s Floor 12, comprised primarily of long, lingering pads and luxuriant, melted-chocolate bass drops down to 116bpm… and so it goes on, I’m sure you get the idea!

With tracks from familiar names like Harold Heath, Alfred R and Max Volkholz, plus a bunch of newer names, if your late-night sofa-surfing sessions need a fresh soundtrack this is where to head – it’s the aural equivalent of a nice hot bath. With Radox and candles and everything.

Out: This week

About: You can find DeepWit here but as this is a super-limited release, rather than me giving you the usual social media links you might just wanna head straight over to Bandcamp to snap up your copy.

Desos – Deep Dancer

May 15, 2012 in Singles

Regular readers will know that Desos (AKA Danish producer Brian Løgstrup) and his Deso Records label have become firm TIWWD favourites over the past year or so. Suffice to say, this latest from the man himself doesn’t disappoint.

Two tracks and four mixes in total. All Night is a drummy, afterhours kinda groove with a female voice repeating the title, but for me really comes into its own on the Late Night Remix from Andre Detoxx, where the tribal-ish percussion gets replaced by crisp, snapping snares and hi-hats, and where additional pads/chords give the track a suitably dreamy, driftaway kinda quality.

Deep Dancer itself meanwhile is, in its original form, a raw n’ jazzy cut that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on Strictly Rhythm circa 1991-93, with a spoken vocal informing us that “she’s a nightclub dancer”. Remix duties on this one are ably handled by Deep Active Sound, who delivers a superb stripped n’ techy rework that, like the original of All Night, is tailor-made for the afterhours joints.

Overall, then, the remixes just pip the originals this time out for me, but all four tracks are strong and this is definitely one you should be checking!

Out: This week

About: This comes not on Deso Records, I should point out, but on New Zealand’s UM Records, AKA Untitled Music… they’ve got their own very fine blog or you can find ’em on Facebook and Soundcloud

Andre Detoxx – She Believed In Me

November 28, 2011 in Singles

On to the first of this week’s releases then… a cracking EP from a Polish producer who lives in London, via a label based in New Zealand. What a truly international deep house community we are, eh?

Not sure why the EP’s called what it is, cos what you actually get are three mixes of a track called Redeem, plus two of another called Nightchords. The latter comes will satisfy your craving for soothing uber-deepness whether you plump for the Original or the HouseRiders Late Night Remix, while the former is more post-club driftaway bizniss in its Original form, but gets taken to the dancefloor by Jeff Fontaine & Deep Spelle, with a stripped, dubby workout that reminds me a little bit of early Angel Moraes, and by YokoO, who injects some dark, synthy, almost proggy drama.

I think it’s the more horizontally-inclined rubs over the dancefloor mixes for me this time out, but a strong package all round.
Out: This week
About: This come’s on New Zealand’s UM Records, which is run by the same peeps behind the excellent Deep House page on Facebook so they really should know what they’re doing!