Various – nuMusic: Deep House Vol 4

December 12, 2014 in Singles

NuMusic Deep House Vol 4 UM RecordsAs it’s Friday night, gonna keep things fairly upbeat this evening but we still kick off on a deep house tip, with this latest V/A offering from the always on-point UM Records.

It’s a four-track affair. Soul Academy’s Is It Maybe is chunky, chuggy and a bit floaty around the edges, and comes topped with dreamy female vocal snips. Alex M.I.F’s Golden Skyline then takes us into blissed-out, prog-tinged 5am territory, while Meloder’s Helios is a crunchier, more driving cut but still with a Balearic kinda feel, not least in the fluttering Spanish guitar sounds in the mid-section. Xavier Arak’s 99 Problems then closes the EP on a slightly lower-tempo, more meandering note, again with something of a proggy feel to the synth sounds.

All good, but Is It Maybe is the killer.

Out: This week

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