Wally Stryk – All Night

November 15, 2015 in Singles

Wally Stryk All Night Act Natural RecordsSome very fine deep, techy grooves here courtesy of French producer Wally Stryk and Kent-based label Act Natural Records.

All Night itself opens with intricate percussion, then adds a heavyweight dub bassline, synth FX and a barely-there vocal that slowly reveals itself to be a wonan saying “we’ll be shaking all night”. Miraflores is an uber-deep slow-roller sitting somewhere between deep house, dub techno and minimal, while finally Project, the liveliest cut of the three, is a simple lolloping groove topped with a guy’s voice whispering “the preacher” now and again.

Not picking a favourite here – this is an excellent EP all round, albeit one that’s aimed fair and square at the purists and connoisseurs rather than mass consumption.

Out: This week

About: You can find Act Natural on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Dan Noel & Bunte Bummler – My Libellule EP

February 22, 2015 in Singles

Dan Noel Bunte Bummler My Libellule EP Act NaturalDeeper tech vibes now on this three-tracker from London’s Act Natural, which is a collaborative effort from Switzerland’s Dan Noel and Germany’s Bunte Bummler.

My Libellule itself is up first, an unhurried chugger sitting somewhere between minimal and deep, dubby house. On Alone is a moodier, broodier affair to start with, but gets somewhat mellower once the looped, yearning male vocal (“they hide a city in their hearts” or something like that) comes in. Mellower, but no less trippy! The real gem here for me though is the closing track Cirkon, a twitchy and bubbling deep techno nugget sporting BBC Radiophonic Workshop-like synths/FX and disconcerting, disorienting female vocal snatches.

Out: This week

About: Find Act Natural Records on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

The late lounge…

January 11, 2015 in Singles

Just wanted to tell you quickly about a couple of things that, strictly speaking, missed the boat…

Daylomar Here Under EP Act NaturalFirst up, there’s the Here Under EP from Daylomar, which comes on Bromley-based Act Natural Records. The promo for this landed earlier in the week and I stupidly promised a review without checking the release date… then once I’d downloaded the tracks I realised it actually came out in mid-December. So I’m late, but I did promise, and it is rather good, with five tracks of deep, chunky, bass-driven house music with a dubwise slant to see you through the early hours in style…
More info here.

Secondly, I wanted to introduce y’all to Nightcap Records. They’re a young label based in TIWWD’s hometown of Bristol, and main man Henry Badge recently sent me across some Soundcloud links to check out. After I said I was feeling a couple of the tracks in particular, he then very kindly fired WAVs across. Again, these are out already but I should really have made it clearer that stuff needs to be sent ahead of release… plus, y’know, they’re local and you’ve gotta support those in your own backyard! So if contemporary bass house grooves are your thing, do check out Friend Within’s The Label – a sound palette redolent of early jungle, but with house beats – and Philip George’s garage-leaning Wish You Were Here, an M1-tastic nugget which I can best describe by saying if Brummie bassline house circa ten years ago had ever had a ‘deep’ side, it might’ve sounded like this! Check out their website for more info and a free download of the latter track.

dotSTRIPE – May Makes

December 11, 2013 in Singles

dotSTRIPE Make A Wish Act NaturalSome exceptionally cool deep techno vibes tonight courtesy of daftly-named German producer dotSTRIPE.

There are four tracks on offer, but the essential blueprint is the same for all four: the sparsest of beats, the most unhurried of tempos, the most cavernous production and plenty of strange, disembodied snatches of vocal are the general order of the day all round. There is some variety, of course. The title uses what sounds like sampled 1950s movie dialogue and gets a lil’ bit dubwise round the edges; Then It Happened has some bongos, and sampled female speech about someone dying; Jazz is a little pacier and of course features a throaty ol’ jazz dude talking (albeit one who’s explaining how he “was into that disco thing, working the Bozak and the 1200s back in the day”); and About Mary slams a wee bit harder and features an English guy talking about, well, Mary. And Jesus.

I’m not describing it all very well – I’m tired – but this is ridiculously good, seriously deep shit. Probably not one for that wedding DJ set you’ve got coming up, mind.

Out: This week

About: This comes on a label who’ve only featured on here once before, Act Natural. Headed up by one Jamie Ward and based in the UK, you can find ’em on Facebook , on Soundcloud or at their own website.

Brett Jacobs – Mutra EP

July 28, 2013 in Singles

Brett Jacobs Mutra EP Act NaturalA fine little three-tracker from the UK’s Brett Jacobs here, that you can file under ‘deep house’ or ‘deep techno’ as you see fit. Or perhaps you could call it ‘post-minimal’ or something.

Whichever way you choose to pigeonhole it (or not), Cile is a stripped-down percussive groove laden with a sub-aquatic machine funk all of its own, Mutra comes on like jackin’ Relief-style house dropped to a 2013 (ie, slower) tempo while Simmer Dub is an even sparser cut best suited to those late-night smokin’ sessions.

Raw like sushi but without the nasty sour aftertaste.

Out: This week

About: This comes to you courtesy of UK label Act Natural – find ’em on Facebook or at their own website.

Micha Klang – When We Dance EP

August 8, 2011 in Singles

micha klang when we danceA very solid offering here from newbie label Act Natural – this is just their third release.

When We Dance itself is a midtempo deep houser that builds slowly from a percussion-led intro with some nice warm organ stabs and snatches of vocal; there’s also a breakdown in the middle with faint echoes of Def Touch’s classic Nasty Rhythm, which is certainly never a bad thing. Tsuba boss Kevin Griffiths then ups the dancefloor ante a notch on his Basement Dub of the same, replacing the two-note synth bassline of the original with an altogether funkier and more organic-sounding part.

Rounding out the EP you also have Every Day and My Feet. Both are in a deep, chugging tech-house kinda vein; the latter edges it for me for being just that wee bit funkier, but like I said it’s a strong EP all round.
Out: This week
About: Act Natural is headed up by one Jamie Ward and has been working the likes of Matt Tolfrey and Mic Newman. More info here.