Mark Alow – Shaman

December 23, 2015 in Singles

Mark Alow Shaman 2 OwlsSome very fine deep house grooves here courtesy of Frankfurt label 2 Owls Records.

Of course, “deep house” has many different meanings these days, one of which is “not deep house at all”. So just to be clear: we’re talking proper deep house here, of the dubby, uber-deep persuasion… the kind of deep house that lovers of deep/minimal techno will dig too. Shaman itself is particularly rigorous in its application of the ‘less is more’ principle, consisting essentially of just a lolloping, midtempo rhythm, atmospheric synth sweeps and disembodied, treated spoken male vox. But Kiowa, although slightly more uptempo and a bit beefier in the drums department, is no all-out 128-track assault on the senses either, being another pared-back, dubbe-out affair that if pushed is my pick of the two.

File under ‘headnodders’ delight’.

Out: This week

About: You can mostly find 2 Owls Records on Soundcloud.

Nabil CQFD – Zig Zag

December 12, 2015 in Singles

Nabil CQFD Zig Zag 2 Owls RecordsA very fine deep house two-tracker here, coming from German label 2 Owls Records.

On the A, Zig Zag itself is a lively and lightly tech-tinged cut centred around a throbbing, flexing bassline and nagging organ chords. S’good, but B-side Password is even better, a garage-y, organ-driven instrumental that’ll have the proverbial “proper ‘eads” in raptures.

Not much more to say, really – both tracks go for the simple groove, less-is-more formula. But this is definitely one to check, trust me.

Out: This week

About: You can find 2 Owls Records on Soundcloud.

Martin Wunderlich – Double Dip EP

September 27, 2015 in Singles

Martin Wunderlich Double Dip EP 2 Owls LimitedA four-track EP here from 2 Owls Limited that sits right on the tech-house/deep techno cusp.

Double Dip is up first, a dubby, late-night affair with something of an acid house feeling despite the lower tempo. The livelier, bleepier Friday sits more easily under the tech-house umbrella, while the brooding, cinematic Inner Shape with its Carpenter-esque synths leans more to the deep techno side of things. Completing the EP is Seeking, another atmospheric cut which just to confuse matters has a vaguely proggy vibe about it.

A nice range of styles on offer, then, but Double Dip is the clear standout for yours truly.

Out: This week

About: You can find 2 Owls Records on Soundcloud.