Karmine Rosciano – Sending My Love Remixes EP

August 26, 2014 in Singles

Karmine Rosciano Sending My Love Remixed Deep Site VinylizedOkay, so I was already digging the original version of this EP when it came out back in November, but this remix EP really is something else.

Whereas the two tracks on the EP originally operated in Balearic/nu-disco territory, we’re firmly in house pastures for the remixes. Rory Cochrange’s rub of With You is redolent of Strobe-style deep garage of the early 90s and really rather lovely, while 2 Billion Beats retain more of the disco feel of the original but strut it right on up. Moving on to the title track, Leach & Lezismo’s Tropical Funk Remix operates at an almost slo-mo tempo and pitches the vocal down to a male register, which is interesting.

But it can’t compete with the Forteba Remix, which like Cochrane’s rub of With You is a deep garage jam of the very highest order. In fact, with its floaty female vocal and lush, languid Rhodes chords, it actually reminds me a bit of a lower-tempo Do It To The Music. Okay, so it’s not quite in the same league as what is Officially The Best Record Ever Made, obviously. But even for coming this close, Krisztian Dobrocsi (that’s Forteba to you) is to be heartily applauded.

Now go buy it, because this really is ridiculously good.

Out: This week

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Al Bradley – Remixed At 3am

October 6, 2013 in Singles

Al Bradley Remixed At 3am 3am RecordingsRegular readers will know I’ve long been a fan of 3am Recordings (it was on my watch at iDJ that we put out this back in 2004, for instance), and of label boss Al Bradley’s ‘3am Deep’ remixes for all and sundry. So this EP is something of a treat, as eight of said mixes for all and sundry, originally released on various other labels, are gathered together in one place.

Given that there are eight of ’em, I’m not going into each track/mix individually. But the original artists involved are 2 Billion Beats, Craig Stewart, Funkdamentalist, Honom, Max Conte & Blackmode, Nick Devon, Paul Hardy & McKai and Tim Wolff, plus Al himself in one instance. And in all eight instances, expect nothing but the finest deep house dancefloor grooves.

Special mention must be made of Craig’s discofied Karman Line and the twisted, druggy afterhours wrongnesss of Nick Devon’s So Addicted, but it’s all good. As they say.

Out: This week

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Leon Sweet/2 Billion Beats – Show You/Noise In Your Eye

July 14, 2013 in Singles

smallsmallManchester’s mighty Paper Recordings celebrate their 150th release with a ‘double EP’… not quite sure how that works to be honest but anyway, what you get are one track from Leon Sweet, in four mixes, and two from 2 Billion Beats.

Starting with Mr Sweet’s offering then, Show You features one Cristabella May on vocals, and is in its original form a mid-paced deep houser with disco leanings that wouldn’t sound out of place on an album by sometime labelmates Crazy P(enis). The Dean ‘Sunshine’ Smith Mix is an anthemic, piano-led rub that’s got ‘Ibeefa’ written all over it, the Ron Basejam Mix is one for sweaty soul basements and features added breathy flute action, while Leon himself supplies a Dub just for good measure. As for the 2 Billion Beats cuts, Noise In Your Eye (described on the hype sheets as “a BIG floor disco track that plugs an LCD Soundsystem-shaped hole”) is a struttin’ nu-disco jam with added hands-in-the-air pianos, while Full Moon Boogie is in a similar vein but kinda bigger and raunchier… and with an epic breakdown just after the four-minute mark.

Out: These have been available for a couple of weeks on Juno but are out everywhere this week.

About: You can find Paper on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

2 Billion Beats – Babylon

March 17, 2012 in Singles

The latest from 3am was intended, says the hype sheet, as a tribute to the sound of vintage UK deep house labels such as Paper, Toko and Pagan. Accordingly, they’ve drafted in the duo of Tom Lonsborough and Col Hamilton, AKA 2 Billion Beats, to do the honours.

In its Original form, Babylon tops off midtempo beats, a throbbing bassline and warm synth washes with trippy, Eastern-sounding synths, making for a track that probably sounds at its best when you’re feeling a little ‘altered’. The Höhle Remix is doing it for me, though, dispensing with the head-frying wibbles and wandering down an altogether more post-club, hazed-out route, while completing the EP is a stripped-down, dubby take from Matt McHenry that’s aimed at very, very late floors, and that brings back the trippy high-end without it being quite as in-your-face as on the Original.

Definitely the Höhle rub for me but if you like it a little more wonky and leftfield, the other two should suit you nicely.
Out: This week on Beatport, 19 April everywhere else.
About: You can find on Facebook and Soundcloud. Oh yeah and before anyone feels neglected, I should mention the hype sheet did namecheck Glasgow Underground and 2020Vision as well… and quite rightly so.