David Grant – Crookies

May 15, 2016 in Singles

David Grant Crookies 18-09 RecordsI did say tonight’s selection was gonna be ‘up’… though billed as tech-house on the hype sheet, this single-track release from Scottish label 18-09 Records is as close to slammin’ techno as TIWWD ever gets! Still good, though.

The key here is that, while Crookies may sport fierce synths straight out of the darkest corners of 1992 rave, and while those synths may build into a full-on acid assault as the track progresses, the BPM count is kept to a sensible 123 and the jaunty bassline that accompanies them has plenty of roll in its hips. The result is a track that’ll do damage on tech-house, techno and tuffer house floors alike.

Out: This week

About: You can find 18-09 Records on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Acid AJ – Housewives On Acid

December 20, 2015 in Singles

Acid AJ Housewives On Acid 18-09 RecordsIt’s been a shoddy week for blogging, I admit. In my defence though, I have been kinda busy bringing iDJ magazine back to life!

Lots to catch up on tonight though, so without further ado, here we have a two-tracker from Scottish label 18-09 Records. On the A, the original version of Housewives On Acid is driven along by pounding technoid kicks and a walking bassline, atop which sit shufflin’ hi-hats, some throbbing rave-y synths and sampled speech taken from what appears to be a public information film about LSD, with a guy explaining about doses and then a woman talking about how she can see air molecules n’ stuff. Over on the flip, meanwhile, the Fake Self Remix opts for a slightly smoother, housier approach centred around a pulsing bass-synth.

Liking both mixes but for sheer jacking energy the Original just nudges it.

Out: This week

About: Find 18-09 Records, who launched just last year, on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.