Various – Platform 18

March 14, 2014 in Singles

Platform Vol 18 1605 Music TherapyGenerally like to end on an upbeat, dancefloor note on a Friday night so I’ll leave you with this latest in 1605 Music Therapy’s long-running V/A series.

The artists in question this time out are Duca, Egoism, Luke Kosmas, Optimuss and Pagano. Since this is number 18 in the series you should have a pretty good idea of the kind of driving tech-house and funk-fuelled techno to expect overall by now, so I’ll just say that those of a house persuasion should head for Duca’s New Rulez with its chopped hip-house vox, heavyweight Sandy B/Camisra-ish b-line and old skool ‘hey DJ!’ shouts, and for Pagano’s Everybody Hip Housin’, a high-octane, strutting affair with (unsurprisingly) another hip-house vocal. The latter cut wouldn’t have sounded remotely out of place in a hardbag set in a northern gay club circa 1995… and you can trust me on that one!

Out: This week

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UMEK & Groovebox – Rock It Out

November 15, 2013 in Singles

Umek & Groovebox Rock It Out 1605 Music TherapyRight then, in case you hadn’t noticed it’s Friday night, so I’m gonna love you and leave you with this one, which is dedicated to all those who (unlike me) are heading out spinnin’ or dancin’…

Rock It Out is served up in just the one mix, but to be honest that’s all you really need. The housiest thing I’ve heard from Umek in a while now, it’s essentially a shuffly tech-house rhythm topped with what’s either an Afrika Bambataa Just Get Up And Dance sample or a very good emulation of one, with the addition of some BIG synth action… risers near the start, then some monster chords/stabs near the end that remind me a little bit of Chris & James’s 90s Stress Records classic Calm Down, though I couldn’t really say why cos to be fair, this doesn’t really sound like that.

But it does, indeed, rock like a motherfucker. Nuff said, really.

Out: This week

About: This comes of course on Umek’s own 1605 Music Therapy… find ’em on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Various – Platform Vol 14

October 8, 2013 in Singles

Platform Vol 14 1605 Music TherapyFinally (and quickly) for tonight, we have the latest in 1605 Music Therapy’s Platform series – number 14 , no less.

With that number of volumes under their belt, you should know what to expect by now. So suffice to say that as ever, tuff, rollicking tech-house and bouncey, house-y techno are the general order of the day, with tracks this time out coming from Dualtik & Schuhmacher, Guille Placencia, Heartik & Mario Ochoa, Michele Pinna & The Southern and Piatto.

And as ever, rocking of bodies will certainly ensue… with Heartik & Ochoa’s Get Thru the best bet for housier floors.

Out: This week

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Various – Platform Vol 13

September 1, 2013 in Singles

Platform Vol 13 1605 Music TherapyDon’t seem to have had much out-and-out tech-house shizzle on here in the past week or so, so while we’re on a V/A tip it’s the least I can do to give a shout to this latest in 1605 Music Therapy’s Platform series.

Usual kinda deal really, with a bunch of new or relatively new artists contributing a track apiece. Alberto Tolo’s Orange Skin is a tech-tribal terrace workout while Kubeck’s Smile and Julio (Italy)’s Cool Dips are also tough, heads-down and driving cuts, but Skymate & Paul Mendez’s Freak Out is a lil’ more funktified and party-hearty with its rave-y synth warps and “go freak out” vocal, while taking top honours for me is Egoism & Bazu’s Played On Your Favorite Radio Station with its marriage of tech-house beats, hip-house vocals, rave sirens and a dark, DARK speed garage bassline.

Only for the headstrong!

Out: This week

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So many tunes, so little time 47

August 11, 2013 in Singles

Another week where 37 million people decided to all release a record at once so this isn’t gonna be as comprehensive as I’d like it to be, but anyway here are SOME of the week’s other goodies for ya…


Angie Brown teams up with the Sleazy Deep crew to revisit her 90s Bizarre Inc anthem I’m Gonna Get You, which comes in four mixes on new label Square One Digital…  at just about the opposite end of the musical spectrum, Erhan & Kaehne give us Project One, a very deep, moody and atmospheric techno slab on Denmark’s CPH Undersound…  Izabela & Silvio Hrabar take time out from running Croatia’s Family Grooves imprint to serve up the Seven Ate Nine EP for New Era Recordings, which features four original tech-house cuts plus a remix from label boss Tony Thomas… some deeper tech-house grooves come from Jack Steinel in the form of The Islands EP for Hype Muzik… while very contemporary-sounding deep/tech bizniss is the order of the day on Julian M‘s Market Boulevard EP on French label Soleil De Nuit… or if it’s tuffer tech-house/techno you’re after then check for Lino & Manu‘s Molly’s House, coming on Spaceland RecordsSavoir Faire Musique this week give us some typically fine deep house grooves with Lionel Ross‘s Tajinaste, which comes with remixes from Hall North and Tony S… we seem to be on a bit of a ‘labels beginning with S’ tip don’t we? And here’s another one, as the legendary Strictly Rhythm give us Inside My Love, a lovely melodic deep/soulful house take on the Minnie Ripperton classsic by Magic Eye, coming (or at least promo’d) in just the one mix… Markus Homm & Leo Leal‘s three-track Space Cowboy EP for Swiss label Colludo Records is home to some deeper house vibes still… while Misty‘s Make Time on Freaky Vibes is in that ‘big room bizniss that people will try and tell you is deep house but isn’t really’ kinda vein, s’all right all the same though… while also on a more big room tip is Meloder‘s Affection EP, a seven-track affair coming on Cardiff’s Pole Position Recordings…  let’s have some sleeves now seeing as we’re halfway through the alphabet…


…Irish label Mood 24 Records give us some very pleasing deep, chuggy techno in the form of Bacteria by label boss Patrick WeblinRenato Ratier‘s Folk Us is a midtempo, guitar-flecked deep/tech houser sporting what appears to (but may not) be a slowed-down Terence Trent D’Arby sample by way of a vocal, and coming complete with a Luke Solomon remix on Brazil’s D-Edge Records… back in the UK, Beats Me Music boss Rob Clarke digs around on his hard drive to pull out the four bleepy, techy cuts that make up the Unreleased EPUnrivaled Music give us Favela Vida from label regulars Rose Tinted, dancefloor deepness in four mixes of which Feft‘s is particularly worth checking… sister imprint Sounds Of Juan meanwhile are in a boomin’, bouncy acid house/techno mood this week with the Internal Voices EP from Scientific Funk… back on a deep house tip Smok‘s rather fine three-track Serenity EP would probably have got a full review had Phat Elephant not sent it across at the very last minute… and speaking of rather fine deep house, DO check out Souldate‘s Dreaming EP on Depaart, particularly the title track… Sushi Darling from The Cucarachas is a rollin’, tuff-but-funky (tech) houser coming complete with a Honey Dijon remix on Kinetika Records… Kerri Chandler’s Madtech give us the three-track Heaven EP, wherein Walter Ego  serves up some forward-thinking grooves that sit in some hard-to-define place somewhere between tech-house and future garage… and there are more very contemporary, genre-mashing house sounds courtesy of Southern Fried, with the Get Deeper EP from YoungTEE… and finally we come to those pesky “various artists”. Jack Steinel, JP Chronic and Mobius Strum are among those dishing out the chunky, good-time tech-house grooves for Chronovision‘s two-part Ibiza Sampler 2013…  much tuffer tech-house and techno vibes can be found on 1605 Music Therapy‘s Platform Vol 12 EP, with Vlada Asanin‘s Gangsta Shit and Max Bett & Tesla‘s speed garage-y Bassline Heaven the standouts for yours truly… and we play out still on a tuff, rollin’ tech-house tip with the Street’s Stuff Vol 5 EP from the ever-checkable Deeperfect, featuring cuts from Mihalis Safras, Balthazar & Jack Rock and more.


Like I said, that’s just some of this week’s highlights cos if there’d been time I’d also have told you about new releases from Afrobeat, Alias Rhythm, Andrade, Andy Slate, Arjun Vagale, Darko De Jan, Frankyeffe, Grunbox, Jay Riordan, Joelle Atkins, Lissat & Voltax, Mark Holmes & Mindform, Mikee, Pan Demic, PIEK, Rhythm Plate, Ronan Scullion, Roy RosenfelD, Senny Rollings, Serfafimoff, Spettro & Trent Johnson, Spiros Kaloumenos, Sun7, The Deepshakerz, Thomas La Salle and Vincento AKA Synth Project. If there’d been time. But there wasn’t. Sorry.

Simon Doty – Kids These Days EP

August 1, 2013 in Singles

Simon Doty Kids These Days EP 1605 Music TherapyAs regular readers will know, I’ve long been a fan of 1605 Music Therapy’s particular style of tech-house, which somehow nearly always manages to be tuff n’ techy enough for one set of potential buyers, yet funky and groovy enough for the other set.

And I’m a sucker for space disco stabs, too. So serve up a 1605-style tech-houser with space disco stabs, like the B-side here Block Party, and it’s never gonna fail with yours truly, with the familiar “turn up the treble… turn up the bass” vocal sample merely the icing on the cake.

Over on the A, meanwhile, Kids These Days is another pleasing tech-houser with a nice chunky b-line, orgasmic female gasps and, in the central section, some guy talking about sampling… with another very familiar vocal sample, the “we dance all night… we always gettin’ high” one, thrown in for good measure.

Liking Kids These Days, but loving the b-side… like the man says, “Hey everybody, the block party’s about to start”.

Out: This week

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Mario Ochoa – Get Naked EP

July 18, 2013 in Singles

Mario Ochoa Get Naked EP 1605 Music TherapyBOMB ALERT! But don’t worry,  this is the good kind of bomb so you won’t to evacuate the building – just your seats.

It’s a simple enough recipe. Take one perfectly acceptable, but equally fairly standard-issue tech-house chugger from 1605… add a slightly downpitched male vocal that appears to be saying “We’re singing this song” (well, duh)… then stir in one BIG fuck-off speed garage bassline and turn up the heat. What you end up with is Get Naked, and it’s ace, is all I’m gonna say. Like a Gunman having a night out at the Munich Disco Tech.

B-side Overdrive‘s in the ‘perfectly acceptable, but equally fairly standard-issue tech-house chugger’ camp but not to worry, the A-side is all you’re gonna need here.

Out: This week

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Umek – I Need Your Love

January 30, 2013 in Singles

Umek I Need Your Love 1605 Music TherapyNow here’s one that needn’t detain us long. Not because it’s not good, you understand. It is. But because there’s just the one track, in the one mix.

And also because long-term readers of TIWWD (or of iDJ before that) will know that I’ve been a fan of Umek’s groovy, house-leaning take on techno since he first emerged on the scene some ten years ago. And that in recent years I’ve been even more of a fan of the more overtly tech-house path that both Umek himself and his 1605 Music Therapy label have been treading.

Well, continue that trajectory to the Nth degree, and you’d presumably find the Slovakian producer eventually coming up with what’s essentially an out-and-out house record, in the classic/traditional sense of the words. Which you do, here.

Factor in Umek’s exemplary production chops, and classic-style house music has seldom sounded better. Nuff said.

Out: This week

About: This comes of course on the aforesaid 1605 Music Therapy, who you can find here (Soundcloud), here (Facebook) and here (website)

David Amo & Julio Navas – Revolution EP

January 12, 2013 in Singles

David Amo & Julio Navas Revolution EP 1605 Music TherapyWe’ll repeat yesterday’s trick today, and start off with a nice easy tech-house two-tracker – this time, one coming from two respected veterans of Spain’s electronic music scene.

Can U Feel It is a chunky, party-hearty affair with a looping vocal intoning the title atop a walking bassline and rolling, oompah-loompah beats. On the flip, Choripan is a slightly tuffer, darker cut that leans a little more towards the tech, rather than the house side of the equation. Neither is the most devastatingly original or groundbreaking track on the planet, admittedly, but both have plenty of energy and should come in handy for giving the dancefloor an energy injection – Can U Feel It in particular.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Umek’s 1605 Music Therapy, who haven’t featured on here for a while now I come to think of it… no particular reason… anyway, you can find them on Facebook and Soundcloud, or at their own website.

Various – Platform Vol 7

July 25, 2012 in Singles

Platform Vol 7 1605 Music Therapy

The latest installment in 1605 Music Therapy’s excellent Platform series here, with the emphasis as ever on showcasing quality tech-house and techno from up-and-coming producers.

From the complex, multi-layered tech-house grooves of Unique & Adoo’s Duplex to the dark, groovy house of Oscar L & Joseph DL’s Reverse Life to the sinuous, funk-fuelled techno of Hellomonkey’s Sleeping, there’s plenty here for DJs and floors of many persuasions to enjoy. So check it for yourself!

That is all.

Out: This week

About: Find Umek’s 1605 Music Therapy on Facebook, on Soundcloud or at their own website.