Soulight – Just Here [Remixes]

November 7, 2011 in Singles

Some deeper house vibes here, with a little bit of a techy edge. As this is billed as a Remixes EP, I’m guessing the Original has been out before but I can’t honestly remember so we’ll treat the whole package as new for our purposes today…

That Original, then, is deep, driving and techy… and almost a little bit proggy but not quite, if you see what I mean. It’s the slowly building synths that really drive it, but also features some nice solid percussion and some treated vocal snips. Leonardo Tou’s remix brings the vox a little further to the fore and adds a little swing to the percussion for a slightly more garage-y feel, but it’s the Dave James Remix that’s really killing it for me, as is so often the case lately. He strips things RIGHT down, lets a simple filtered kick and aquatic-sounding synth/organ motif take centre stage, and turns the track into a proper minimalist (but not ‘minimal’) delight for the proverbial ‘heads’.

A third remix from James Silk seems to have gotten lost somewhere along the way, but never mind… I’m sure that’s very good too but you need this for the Dave James mix alone anyway. With the emphasis on ‘need’!

Out: This week

About: This is – as you’ve no doubt already deduced from the cover – another killer from those ever-prolific Essex boys Endemic Digital.

PS: By tagging this with Soulight, then clicking on the tag, I have just discovered that the original of Just Here was first out on the City Talk EP back in April. Just so’s we’re clear… and apols to Soulight for not remembering but hey, a lot of tracks pass through these ears!