Soulight – City Talk EP

April 28, 2011 in Singles

Soulight City Talk EPA four-track EP from the ever-reliable Endemic Digital here. I’m not actually sure who Soulight are cos there’s zero information with the release, and I can’t look ’em up or anything cos I’m writing this on train… but the EP’s quite good whoever they are.

Taking it track by track, City Talk itself is straight-up deep house from the dreamy, drifty end of the spectrum. Soul is, as you might expect, a more soulfully-inclined affair, although still almost totally instrumental (there is a voice intoning the title buried quite deep in the mix but that’s it). Just Here is slightly more unusual/interesting in that it manages to fuse proggy and soulful elements, while House Crisis rounds out the EP with a little dancefloor bump n’ bounce (albeit that’s bump n’ bounce on the very deepest of floors, you understand).

All told, there’s no reinvention of the wheel going on, but it’s a very checkable selection. If I had to pick a fave, it’d be a toss-up between House Crisis and Just Here, but TBH I’m liking all four.

Out: This week

About: Well, as I said before I can’t really tell you anything about Soulight, and I’ve propped Endemic noff times, so here’s their website and we can move on…