So many tunes, so little time…

November 28, 2011 in Singles

There were a few things I meant to blog about last week but didn’t get around to. So in the interests of trying to cover as much music as possible, and with apologies to the artists/labels that these are such brief nods, here’s some other bits and bobs you might want to check for right now…

Various – Danish Dynamite (What Happens)
Four-track sampler EP from Tim Andresen’s quality label based in Copenhagen, with deep house vibes from Mark Kruse & Thomas Dieckman and Chris Sane, whose You Know Better is the standout for me, plus some tougher tech-house from Desos and Tim himself.
Pretty Criminals – Moustache EP (Hype Muzik)
The Essex boys serve up Nice Tache which is basically out-and-out techno, and Cactus which is slightly glitchy tech-house. But for me the pick here is Savannah, which operates in slightly more familiar deep house territory.

Kinky Movement & Astral T – Hedonistic EP (Bounce House)
Thanks to DK for the Facebook love recently! More quality deep house from the Short Bus Kids’ label here, though the poppy vocal on Hedonistic itself might be a bit much for some – I’d stick to Metafunk personally, which comes with a wickedly deep n’ languid rub from the aforesaid Mr Watts, or check Kinky’s Replay Remix if you need a little more bump.
Nick Robson – Quick Shuffle EP (Sounds Of Juan)
More techno and tech-house grooves here, from the most overtly techno label in the Endemic Digital stable. Round In Circles is a bit too glitchy for me but Tap Dat works a housier groove while Quick Shuffle itself is a fun, quirky number.

Elliot Wright – Maybe Next (Savoir Faire Musique)
Another label who can always be relied on to deliver the goods, and Maybe Next doesn’t disappoint… a quality track for all you deep/tech fiends! Ultra-deep vibes on the Original and the Martijn remix, plus a slightly more floor-friendly rub from Keydin… how’s that for a remix line-up?
Okay, so that’s brought us up to speed (the ever-ongoing issue of album releases aside), so let’s see what THIS week has to offer…