Simon Doty – Kids These Days EP

August 1, 2013 in Singles

Simon Doty Kids These Days EP 1605 Music TherapyAs regular readers will know, I’ve long been a fan of 1605 Music Therapy’s particular style of tech-house, which somehow nearly always manages to be tuff n’ techy enough for one set of potential buyers, yet funky and groovy enough for the other set.

And I’m a sucker for space disco stabs, too. So serve up a 1605-style tech-houser with space disco stabs, like the B-side here Block Party, and it’s never gonna fail with yours truly, with the familiar “turn up the treble… turn up the bass” vocal sample merely the icing on the cake.

Over on the A, meanwhile, Kids These Days is another pleasing tech-houser with a nice chunky b-line, orgasmic female gasps and, in the central section, some guy talking about sampling… with another very familiar vocal sample, the “we dance all night… we always gettin’ high” one, thrown in for good measure.

Liking Kids These Days, but loving the b-side… like the man says, “Hey everybody, the block party’s about to start”.

Out: This week

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