Sergato – Room In Hell EP

April 26, 2014 in Singles

Sergato Room In Hell EP LarinhouseNearly reviewed this earlier in the week, then didn’t when I realised they’d only sent one track from what’s meant to be a two-track ‘EP’.

However… for one thing, time’s tight today and for another, it’s Saturday night and it’s always good to end on a floor-rocking note on a Saturday night, I think. And the track they did send is a nice easy one to review, because it’s actually called It’s All About Tech-House, and there’s not really much I can tell you about the track that the title doesn’t!

With driving beats and some pleasing synth squelch topped with both a deep male voice repeating the title and some sampled psychobabble (“When God gave us the moral law, it was to remind me that my worship was sacred, that my body was sacred, my words were sacred”, blah blah, you know the kind of thing!), this energetic little gem shifts us into the floor-rocking zone for sure. So I think we’ll leave things there.

Out: This week

About: This marks the first appearance on TIWWD from Russian label Larinhouse Records… then again it is only their second release! You can find ’em on Soundcloud and Facebook. Oh yeah, and the other track should be Room In Hell itself but obviously if I can’t tell you anything about that one…