Sarp Yilmaz – Since You’ve Been Gone Away

April 7, 2015 in Albums

Sarp Yilmaz Since You've Been Gone Away Apparel MusicTen facts about the new Sarp Yilmaz album (his third, if I’m not mistaken):

1. It came out last week, but I’m a bit behind cos of the Bank Holiday.

2. It’s available on vinyl or digitally, but only the title track appears on both versions… so the vinyl release has seven other tracks that aren’t available digitally while the digital version has nine tracks that aren’t on the vinyl.

3. This has confused the hell out of me, which is another reason the review’s a bit late.

4. If you want the vinyl you’d best be quick – there are only 150 copies in the whole wide world.

5. The two albums (cos that’s really what they are, surely?) are quite different… the vinyl mostly operates in jazzy/leftfield/triphop kinda territory, while the digital release is much more dancefloor-oriented and best described overall as ‘deep/tech house with a jazz twist’.

6. There’s a track on the (digital) album called Roll A Big Fag which is, in itself, reason to buy it.

7. Other tracks are called High As A Kite, Smoking Rooms and King Of Skunk. You can draw your own conclusions regarding appropriate states of mind in which to listen.

8. There’s a frankly superb jazzual take on Closer Than Close which also needs to be heard.

9. Don’t Leave Me This Way reinvented as a torch-y lounge number also warrants investigation.

10. Imagine a meeting point between dusty, jazzy hip-hop à la Cold Busted and wonky Leftroom/Freerange-style house and you’re about as close as I can get to describing what is a truly inventive and original long-player. Best check it for yourself then, eh?

Out: Last week

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