Saluda – Galactic Funk City

April 9, 2011 in Singles

Saluda Galactic Funk CityDublin lad Karl Murphy, AKA Saluda, is 20 years old. So this record has absolutely no right sounding as good as it does!

He’s cheated a bit, mind. Dropping that classic Cuba Gooding sample is bound to bring a smile to any old raver’s face, which is the trick he pulls over midtempo deep house beats and plenty of warm, phat bottom-end on Joy. But then Shades, which does the ‘old black dude talking’ thing over handclaps, party sounds, lush pads and simple but insistent percussion, is also very good, without resort to familiar samples.

So Mr Murphy is clearly quite a talented young man. Damn him. He might like to look up ‘EP’ in a dictionary though… with just two tracks, this plays in an ‘extended’ fashion in relation to what, exactly?

Out: This week

About: This is on SP Recordings, who I’ve been asked to point out are nothing to do with the Smartie Party brand (who are also based in Essex and used to have a label of a similar name). Anyway you can find ’em online here

Also, in-between cavilling at the fact they’ve called it an EP, and grumbling about how young Saluda is – there’s a reasonable chance I could actually be OLDER than his dad, which is quite terrifying – did I mention that this really is an excellent record? Just thought I’d better make sure we’re all clear on that!