RazChriz Ginitri – Leaves Of Autumn EP

July 20, 2013 in Singles

RazChriz Ginitri Leaves Of Autumn Black VinylIt’s early on Saturday morning as I write this, so let’s start things off nice and gently this four-track EP of mellow, jazz-tinged deep house from young African producer Thabo Kalabe, AKA RazChriz Ginitri.

Heart Of Love opens proceedings, a laidback instrumental groove based around an understated but insistent bass riff, lingering pads and lush, reverberating strings. Kids Of Heaven features slightly more driving percussion but is otherwise in a similarly mellow vein, while Leaves Of Autumn itself leans towards broken beat territory and has some gorgeously mournful sax to the fore. And then finally there’s the Spoken Remix of the title track, which strips things back musically and adds some multi-tracked, heavily reverb’d and, as result, indecipherable spoken vox.

Peaktime roof-raising/floor-burning material this is not, but if you’re after some melodic, musical grooves for those lazy afternoon poolside sessions (or perhaps for the afterhours when it’s getting very, very late) then look no further.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Black Vinyl who can mostly be found on Facebook these days.