Ozzi – The Others

June 7, 2015 in Singles

Some classically-styled but thoroughly now-sounding house n’ garage vibes straight outta Sheffield on this four-track EP from Ozzi, coming on All Over It Records, the label he  co-owns with one Joe Trotter.

Ozzi The Others All Over It RecordsYou Make The Way is up first, topping energetic, driving beats with garage organs and a diva “you make me wait” vocal, as well as a second, spoken male vocal banging on about “the underground”. Not much too groundbreaking going on here, admittedly, but it can safely be filed under ‘slammin” all the same. Y’All Ready pays homage to vintage hip-house with its Chi-town drums, 303 bassline and looped “y’all ready for this?” vocal, while You Make Me Feel is a more bass house-y affair that sounds like an early draft of You Make The Way – it uses a near-identical vocal sample, while Ozzi himself says modestly in the press release, “don’t really play this one out any more, it’s over a year old [from] when I was going through a donk-y phase.” And then finally Mercy has more than a hint of classic hardcore about it, what with its toppy breakbeats and badman shouts (including a certain very famous one that gives the track its title).

Been hearing not a few people bitching about young producers “recycling the 90s” lately but here, Ozzi’s taken classic tropes and made them well and truly his own, not least because he’s unafraid to mix n’ match styles and sounds with scant regard for what may or may not have gone with what 20 years previously. Big up!

Out: This week

About: You can find All Over It Records on Soundcloud and Facebook.