Ozzi – Dis Version

November 29, 2014 in Singles

Ozzi Dis Version Xylo MusicWhen I saw the title of this one, I thought it was gonna be some kind of remix of Mutabaruka’s militant reggae classic Dis Poem.

It’s not, but I wasn’t far off… instead it lifts chunks of reggae toaster vox (a young U-Roy I think, but I wouldn’t put money on it) and places them atop a fat speed garage bassline, complete with sirens, familiar synth wibbles, “all junglist!” shouts and Dee-Klinesque stutter FX on the voc-voc-voc-vocal.

It’s like 1997 all over again, and it’s ace. Just the one mix, so we’re done here.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Xylo Music, who you can find here and here.