Oli Furness – Four 4 The Floor EP

April 6, 2014 in Singles

Oli Furness Four 4 The Floor EP Music Is LoveThe key’s in the title with this outstanding four-track EP from Manchester’s Oli Furness…

Hunger marries now-sounding tech-house kicks with a warping beast of a speed garage bassline, topping the lot with a floaty female vocal saying “hunger” over and over again. Overjack operates in housier territory, boasting a big rave b-line, a ruff n’ raw chopped-up diva vocal and some decidedly mid-90s stabs/FX, while the U Know & The Drill Remix of the same is a slightly deeper variation on the same theme with more SG-ish bass wobble thrown in for good measure. Finally, Creepin’ In The Shadows is a strutty, percussive tech-houser with a female rap vocal.

Blending classic and contemporary influences with aplomb, this is a must-check – not even going to attempt to pick a fave here!

Out: This week

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