O.O.R.S – Les Deux Villes EP

October 3, 2015 in Singles

O.O.R.S Les Deux Villes EP Lucky Sun RecordingsJust looked back and it’s been over a year since London’s O.O.R.S featured on this blog, which is way too long when you remember he makes records as good as this one!

Maule is up first, which starts out in the uber-deep n’ throbby zone then builds slowly for two minutes until some gloriously old skool stabby Balearic synths and tinkling ivories come sweeping in. Howard Sessions then supplies a remix which is fairly faithful to the original, but ups the ‘chunky, chuggy’ factor and adds a dramatic breakdown in the middle followed by some harder-edged bass synth action. Completing the package is Mechelen, a slightly funkier, more rolling deep house groover with yet more old skool keys, this time nodding respectfully to first-wave house outta Chicago.

Not picking a fave here – all three tracks are very, very playable indeed.

Out: This week

About: This is brought to you by Tom Lown’s Lucky Sun Recordings, who you can find floating on a cloud made of sound, or with their noses stuck in a book of faces, or camping with some bands.